Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pathetic Grousing from the Boss Godfrey Fringe

More evidence that Weber County Forum will happily print even semi-reasonable pro-Godfrey rants

By: Fox Fan

Oh my, as I didn't read anything about the ICE raids that arrested a bunch of illegal alien criminals, along with some local riff-raff, I don't quite know where to put this. So I'll post it here:
Gang members arrested: Immigration nabs 15, 'mostly from Ogden'
Apparently, Greiner has a fan in Kris Line, resident ICE agent in charge. He had some nice words to say about the Chief and it looks like they have hauled off some 15 "hardened" criminals from our city streets. Maybe there is a reduction in crime in Ogden, even though that contention is usually met with skepticism on the WCF. I wonder why today's banner headline story wasn't even mentioned here?

Also, I received a nice mailer from WinCo yesterday, announcing its Grand Opening, etc., and it's nice to see that that store is now up and running. Again, NO fanfare from the WCF, even though WinCo going into operation is good for Ogden and its coffers.

It's remarkable how ALL of the negatives are reported on the WCF but the positives are not. Maybe a thought from FOX about being "fair and balanced" would serve everyone better.


FOX fan said...

Whoops--my mistake AND apologies. Like is FOX, this is not a journalistic medium, it's a blog and a well run blog. It's the anti-Godfrey voice of dissatisfaction and dissent, and it has its place.

I'll just be around to occassionally remind the gentle readers of some of the successes that go unprinted here.

FOX fan said...

I do take issue with the adjective "pathetic." "Grousing is OK.

tax guy said...

WinCo is only taking money from already established stores in that area of town, there aren any more people to buy from more stores.It isnt new tax revenue, it's called trading dollars, other than the property taxes collected from the building.

RudiZink said...

"I'll just be around to occasionally remind the gentle readers of some of the successes that go unprinted here."

That's good, imasmuch as we've learned the hard way, that most Godfreyites barely have the capacity to read and write.

Welcome aboard Fox Fan.

Robust discussion is our bread and butter here at Weber County Forum.

Once again... welcome aboard!

Hoping you won't be a stranger.

Monotreme said...

A model for us all.

ozboy said...

Typical Godfreyite blather! No specifics, just a blanket statement meant to gloss over the multitude of mayoral idiocy and dishonor!

I encourage "Foxfan" to post here all the time. Hopefully there will be more substance in the future. It is always fun to shoot down the inanities put forth by intellectually and morally challenged gang.

Godfrey - Successes The ultimate oxymoron. For every success that could be listed for this loser gang, there are at least ten total cluster phuqs that can be countered with.

Monotreme said...

Since some of this seems to be a sideways swipe at me, I'll respond.

I'd be the first to whoop and holler if there actually is a reduction in crime in Ogden.

The problem is, we'll never know, because of the manipulation of crime statistics by the Ogden Police Department.

Further, when asked about the apparent discrepancy in crime statistics, Chief Greiner stonewalled and attacked the messenger.

If the requests for information -- heck, if any requests for information -- were met with openness and transparency, then we wouldn't be here griping about the Mayor and his winged monkeys.

In short, it's the process that's the problem. We can discuss outcomes another day, unless you really want to argue here that the means justify the end.

ozboy said...

Mr. Monotreme

I loved the "Stupid, sanctimonious dwarf" comment in the article!

I guess this type of politician is a plague around the world - short, arrogant, stupid, dishonest, incompetent - AND SANCTIMONIOUS! That is unless the speaker over there in merry old England knows and was thinking of Godfrey.

Monotreme said...

Since you liked the first one, Oz, here's a followup I just found.

It contains this gem:

One Labour MP reminds me that George Foulkes once described Douglas Hogg as an "arrogant little s**t". When challenged by the Speaker to withdraw his remark, Foulkes is said to have replied: "Which word would you wish me to withdraw? 'Arrogant', 'little' or 's**t'?"...

RudiZink said...

"I do take issue with the adjective "pathetic." "Grousing is OK."

Trust me. right wing corporatists like you are indeed pathetic.

Curmudgeon said...

Fox Fan:

First let me congratulate you on bringing to peoples attention the most recent example of the Obama administration's vigorous and successful attempts via ICE and other federal law enforcement agencies to get criminal gang members off our streets and to deport those here illegally after they've served their sentences. Not many Fox fans, I've noticed, point out vigorous actions by the administration in that direction, or even notice them.

Second: I don't know how long you've been reading WCF, which as Rudi notes, is not a general news source like the SE, but I can recall many occasions on which the opening of a news business in Ogden has been noted here, and noted as a good thing. I've posted some of those notices myself.

Of course, there have also been lots of notices here of Godfrey-announced businesses coming to Ogden! which business have, then, not showed. The outlet mall stores that were coming in time for last Christmas to the Washington Blvd rehab properties, for example. The Grand Hotel that was coming to the Junction some years ago but didn't. The indoor water park ditto. The Chinese jewelry importers we were told were eager to locate here. No shows, the lot of 'em. The "high end Mexican goods" importers who were coming. Nary a sign of them yet.

So if you think WCF only notes bad news, you haven't been reading it very long or very carefully.

PS Hope you'll send the White House an email congratulating the administration on the gang-criminal busts and on its successful working in concert with state and local authorities to make it a success. I'm sure you will.

Danny said...


I have no beef with Griener's anti gang attitude, some of his related legislation, nor with shipping out Mexicans.

What I have a problem with is forking over $500 grand to pay for Griener's arrogant lawlessness. He ain't bad, but he ain't worth that much by a long shot.

As far as Winco, I haven't made it there myself yet, but the wife likes it. And so she spends some money there instead of at other Ogden area grocers. Net effect to the economy: zero. And how much did Godfrey pay to get the net effect of zero? Do you even know?

Cripes, Fox fan, there's a vacant Fred Meyer grocery building right across the street from Winco. If your are unwilling to analyze crime statistics to the degree Monotreme does, or finanace to the degree I do, can you at least turn your head and open your eyes?

If Godfrey was "all that", I'd love him. My issue, is he is a bad mayor, and a fraud too.

Biker Babe said...


Dude, I think all the rest of us received a nice mailer from WinCo a few weeks back - when they Opened!

Coupons for free stuff and everything ... w00t

Where were you then?


freebies to the big boys said...

I think the City coughed up around a million to clean up the property for the developer of the WinCo lot. So he did pay for them to come in, and the little guys will suffer, like little old Stop and Shop, Wangsgards, and Harmons, who havent been on the government teat like many of the Mayors so called accomplishments. It's robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

By the way I wont shop at those big boys who get subsidies from my government, I like to throw my money at the guys who earned it bu operating a successful business without the handouts. I also wont shop at local businesses who support Godfrey in his re-elections.

Fargo said...

Glad to see a grocer open up down by the city center, and I noticed the other stores scrambling to catch up in spirited competition.
and yes, they are less expensive by double digits.

Smiths and the other asleep at the wheels have poor customer service; except Wangsgards gets props for having a hardware store inside.

WalMart will be closer, but that place is fugly, and their meat section looks diseased.

Regardless, Harmons does have the best produce selections.


PPK said...

Where's our riverside campground???? It's summer, I'm ready to camp locally..close to home so I can party loud and hard and not have far to walk home....maybe a yard or two. Where's MY campground that had around $10-15k already spent on it? I heard utility connections are there, tables, fire pits, all on order. Where is all this?? A success failed? Or a FAILURE failed??


Hey, hey, it's a good thing to have Little Boy Weasel Mayor Godfrey supporters posting here.

Provides the forum with an element of humor.

Dan S. said...


If Winco is in the "city center", then so is Stop-N-Shop. Anyone wanna bet on whether the latter will still be in business a year from now?

blackrulon said...

Others nave mentioned that Winco is not actually generating new tax dollors only shifting them from other established business in Ogden. To honestly know the amount of tax revenue generated money spent by the city to establish the store must be compiled. How much tax revenue did Ogden lose when Big Bubbas trailer manufacturing and sales was forced to relocate outside of Ogden city limits. The city paid cost of environmental cleanup must also be included. It is a true example of a shell game. No more money generated, only the same amount shifted to a different source.

Dan S. said...


Although property tax revenue is a matter of public record, sales tax revenue from businesses is almost always kept secret. So unfortunately, there's almost no way for the public to do the kinds of calculations you're suggesting.

get er' done said...

Ok, If I had my way I would fire Greiner, and when I run for mayor that will be my Issue, vote for me, I'll fire the Chief senator braking the law, Greiner. I will also expose crap that is hanging off the mayors poo-pie diaper. I can't stand the thought that the peoples office of the mayor stinks so bad, and that we all have to put up with this crap.

get er' done said...

And By the way all of you on this blog know who I am.

FOXfan said...

Curmudgeon, wasn't it me, in the first post on this thread, who realized that the WCF was not a journalistic medium and made mention of that--not Rudi? A big difference here, in that to get on the WCF it takes a computer and to get in the newspaper it usually takes TWO sources. I understand that difference and acknowledged it.

Danny seems to forget that the City receives a share of sales tax AND property tax, so I'm wondering how this guy came up with his "net effect zero" calculation? And go look at the Fred Meyer store. It's old, in a state of disrepair and would take more dollars to fix it than it's worth. You're rational that because it's there the City should do nothing is what's "pathetic" here. I'm tossing about opinion, not analyzing statistics, which is something maybe you should do with your "net effect zero" and do nothing until Fred Meyer reopens mentality.

Ozboy, there COULD be some good debate in our future, if you'd use your obvious intelligence instead of your obvious hatred of Godfrey in the discussions that may lay ahead.

And then there's Biker Babe--"Dude." Is that it? Is that all the substance? Is the fact that you, like most of us, received a previous mailer announcing WinCo's opening the only thing in your arsenal? Time to get on your Honda and ride. Come back when you has something to contribute.

And Freebies: are you the same person who ridiculed the owners of Roosters for supporting Godfrey and vowed to boycott them then? What an attitude. Again, a better definition of "pathetic" than my piece.

No sideswipe Monotreme. In fact, I must have missed reading your words. I wonder though, could Greiner mislead the feds like most claim (and I'm no fan of the Chief)?

Fargo, ya got it right.

Boy, so much energy and attitude for such a little post. This could be fun, eh? Thanks for the welcome Rudi. As Arnold says, "I'll be back."

Biker Babe said...

LOL, FOXfan!

I haven't ridden a honda since I was in didies! ROTFLSHIPMP

I thought this was a toss around the fun retort sort of post that really needed no substance (given that the original *Lead* post had none).

You want me to "has something to contribute" ? OK

It wasn't hiney-kissin Greiner who nabbed the illegal-trespassing-gangbanger-high-crime-folks from across the border --> it was the METRO GANG UNIT, and they deserve a raise and proper recognition for all their hard work!


Curmudgeon said...


Yeah, well... I am not a particular fan of Ol' Double Dip either, BB, but he is Police Chief of Ogden City [and simultaneously Retired Police Chief of Ogden City --- where does he find the time?]. So when a unit of the OPD does good work, Ol' Double Dip's entitled claim a little credit. They're his people.

Just as, when ICE criminal enforcement helps pull off a nationwide sting to get criminal fugitive gang members off the street, the Obama administration gets to claim a little credit too. They're his people.

Jennifer said...


in re: your comment to BB,

I believe it's a question of balance and in the end [may be judgment day, or may be incumbent ouster day], it will all come out in the wash. Too bad historians record the names of the people in leadership roles (I was going to put *leaders*, but that title needs to be earned) and not the ones who did the real work ... [unless of course you're making a John Wayne movie].


ozboy said...


If Godfrey wasn't such a pig headed punk I wouldn't have the opinion of him that I do. He has earned it over the six or so years I have been observing his bungling idiocy.

He could start by hiring some decent and intelligent people for his administration instead of his know nothing cronies.

On the rare occasion he does hire someone who knows what the hell they are doing, they invariably leave in short order. Case in point is Glassman. In spite of the brouhaha surrounding his leaving the council to take a position in the evil empire, he at least knew what he was doing in the position he was hired in. That made him a rare exception in the Godfreyite cabal.

blogger guy said...

This has proven to be an interesting thread, with some deserved criticisms of FOXFAN and some comments that come straight out of left field. Reading FOXFAN's original jump to comment article, I took it not to mean he was praising Greiner but wondering why the ICE story was overlooked here on the blog. The disdain for Godfrey is so pervasive that Biker Babe doesn't seem to get what FOXFAN was saying.

I'm also wondering about this Fred Meyer situation. Am I to believe that until the Fred Meyerbuilding has been occupied, as Danny puts it, that there should be no other growth in the downtown area. The priority is the old, 1070s Fred Meyer building and until that's resolved, we should sit idly by and wait? Absurdity. Danny probably has shag carpet in his house.

And, FOXFAN admitted his mistake in comparing this blog to a news medium.

All in all, some lively discussion and pretty good debate, exceptfrom those whose views are so tainted by their dispisment of the Mayor that they can't get by that and present the logic.

Biker Babe said...

Blogger Guy:

Where in my comments did I say anything about disdain for Godfrey? I got FOXfan ... until he invited me to come back when I "has something to contribute" - then I went: *HUH?*

Did I miss that he wanted Greiner to be recognized for the hero of the day for busting the gangbangers? Or that the ICE person praised Greiner for the busting of the gangstas? No, I don't think so.

As I stated in my previous comment:
I thought this was a toss around the fun retort sort of post that really needed no substance (given that the original *Lead* post had none). And after reading subsequent comments throughout the thread, I played along.

Now you guys are getting serial and ganging up on a poor edumacated Biker Babe for trying to play with the boys. Same thing happened to me when I got my first Harley, so I'm used to it. I can hold my own, thank you very much.

I've wondered about the Fred Meyer building since it was vacated: other vacated FM buildings began to be occupied around the region right away and ours sat empty - and sat empty - and sat empty, taking up space and not contributing to the tax base, while others being built and taking from the tax base until they can afford to contribute to the tax base ...

O - and don't knock shag carpet; I have some and I would replace it with a nice burber, but they keep raising my property taxes for ___________, __________, and _________ .



Blogger guy said...

"I haven't ridden a honda since I was in didies!"

Must be a Schwynn,then.

As you say, most of this is fun and you can come out to play with the boys. Easy does it.

What are these initialed computer language abreviations you use and where does one find the glossary for them?

Biker Babe said...

Blogger guy: you seem to be new to the blogosphere/modern-tech/twitter/facebook/blackberry world, so I found this for you:

They are not computer language abbreviations, they are texting abbreviations - and you can find them if you click here, you might find what you're looking for.

I googled "texting abbreviations" and found the link for you.

JS = just sayin'
BB = Biker Babe
ROTFLSHIPMP = rolling on the floor laughing so hard I peed my pants

and so on.


p.s. I went from a Honda to a Harley, which you would have caught had you read my previous post more carefully.
And thank you for letting me play. =)

Curmudgeon said...



Never seen that one before.


Learn somethin' on this blog every day....

Biker Babe said...

np, yw.


FOXFAN said...

I think Bubba's moving to Slatterville cost the City a chunk--but the move was in the works for some time as he and a partner owned some land there that they planned to put the trailor business on. It is too bad Bubba left town, but that will happen every now and then.

Wasn't the Farmer's of America site clean up costing the City around 800K? Not a bad contribution for the return. And I believe there's an agreement, either being worked on or in place, that calls for the FA to pay back some of those funds. If you look at the big picture down there, the WinCo campus is a terrific replacement for what was there in the past--nothing but vacant, dilapidated buildings generating nothing but the lowest level of property tax. Now, things have a chance to move forward. Also, my sense is that the Wrights came to Ogden with this concept, having secured much of the necessary property prior to meeting with the appropriate people. Godfrey did not go to them with offers and money; and it is they, the Wrights, who are taking the risk as developers, not the taxpayers through the Administration. Good old Blackrulon's analogy of the shell game really does not apply here. Nor does those of the Stop & Shop/Fred Meyers gang. If that were the case, there would never be growth in this city or any other.

And BB, I did read your response and see where you claim to ride a Harley. By using "Schwynn," I was playing and pulling your chain. You need to understand that as well as instructing others to do the same, old girl.

It is nice to have a forum where, like FOX news, one doesn't have to be "fair and balanced." It makes for good reading, interest, and good debate when someone of sense and practicality catches on and responds or originally posts.

Right on, Dudes & Dudettes!

FOXFAN said...

First sentence of the last paragraph should read "UNLIKE FOX NEWS."


Major Monogram said...

Hardley any of the little people notices the slow shift over the last few decades, from businesses coming to town on their own dime, to tax payers being told that the business coming to town was actually doing the tax payer a favor and that it was of course going to cost the taxpayer some money; you gotta pay to play, we are told.What it really is is being bought and sold by the businesses, and they are laughing about it in the board rooms.

Its called eventual slavery if its allowed to continue.

Try this on: "you moving your business to Ogden is doing you a favor, because of the positive city rankings, great local employees, etc. We might give you this permit, but this is what the city wants in return for allowing you to locate here."

That sounds a lot more fair and balanced; it also seems a lot less Shame-Faced, something business leaders are trying to get Americans to forget: a sense of shame.

FOXFAN said...

Major, you absolutely lost me. Who are the little people and what's your frame of reference that hardly any of them notice the slow shift of businesses coming to town on their own dime, over the last few decades. Hell, just read the WCF and you'll see where most on this blog recognize what you claim is unrecognizable.

I would think that many a business would look at a city's ranking, which is a result of demographics, to what it has to offer a business as it serves for a location. Quality Bike comes to mind, and the fact that Ogden was moving towards establishing itself as an outdoor mecca, complete with walking and bike trails, along with other sports facilities and the like, was a major reason it decided to expand its production/shipping facilities here rather than somewhere else.

As for shame, shame doesn't enter into the equation. Just go ask those golden parachutists who bailed out of the Wall St/banking bail out. There is no shame in business, only the bottom line.

Otherwise, an interesting post, I guess?!?

Hindman said...

Off topic. June 27th there was discussion on WCF about the $50K for a study for the Mt Ogden Golf Course winter uses. My neighbor contacted the city council about a financial disclosure and she received a call from another city office telling her they would reply within 10 days (I assume business days) and there may be a cost involved.
WHAT!? So, to find out what the city 'leaders' did with MOGC funds she may have to pay - absurd.

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