Friday, July 09, 2010

Eden Liquor Agency Shuts Its Doors

Another example of Utah government's unreasonable hammer on business

By Ray

Same department that closes profitable state liquor stores is shutting down the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) package store in Eden. Note from Eden Liquor Agency:
To whom it may concern:
Due to an unreasonable and un-meetable financial demand by the (DABC), the Eden Liquor Agency has been closed!
We're sorry to see this inconvenience imposed on the residents and visitors to Ogden Valley and hope that the DABC will choose to award another Type-3 Package Agency contract to the valley instead of saving the funding currently allotted.!
And the beat goes on...


Curmudgeon said...


Looks like the Legislature and DABC want to encourage valley residents to drive to drink.

red neck hairball said...

I hope when marijuana becomes legal in Utah, that I don't have to purchase it through the government. I want to be able to purchase my recreational drugs, whether they be farmers grain alcohol or hallucinogenic mushrooms or marijuana, free from government meddling and nose-sticking-in'ing. Nanny State embarrassing.

Tippler said...

Makes you wonder who is calling the shots on liquor. The state recently closed a state liquor store in South Salt Lake that was a gold mine in revenue. Are the elders in the land of OZ worried about their souls or are they too dumb to realize the tax benefits to the state?

bean counter said...

I'd like to know a little more about this. How is it possible, for instance, that a private DABC sub-agency which produces almost $3/4 million in "liquor" sales over a calender year can't stay in business?

Something definitely DOES NOT ADD UP here.

Swearengen said...

Oh dear. I remember the good ole' days back when state governments were democracies, not theocracies.

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