Thursday, July 15, 2010

Former Emerald City Councilman Kent Jorgenson Is In The News

Yes, Kent is moving on... let's wish him well as he helps people in Africa

By Danny

Kent Jorgenson is in the news.
Kent in the news
Remember him? He was part of the Saftsen gang who gave us the black hole Salomon Center that will bleed us all for the rest of our lives.

He was part of the group that trusted the notorious liar, Matt Godfrey, who said no public funds would be used for the Sal Center, then had the fools vote BDO funds to back the loan, while the banksters cheered his acumen at looting the city for them.

Yes, Kent is moving on. Let's wish him well as he helps people in Africa. Since people in Africa can never seem to get their act together, people like Kent will always have something to do.


Curmudgeon said...

Congratulations to Mr. Jorgensen on his becoming head of the Ogden Rotary Club, and I hope he and his organization have great success in their charitable projects. I may spring for a raffle ticket or two since the Legislature, in its wisdom, won't let me spring for a lottery ticket now and then without driving to Malad, ID first.

RudiZink said...

I'm with you Curmudgeon; so I'll join with you in offering my own congratulations to Kent Jorgenson for ascending to the top Ogden Rotary Club post.

The Ogden City Rotary Club is one of the best and most humanitarian in America.

And as an aside, I'll also mention that I've had numerous positive interactions with former Councilman Jorgenson since angry Ogden voters ousted him from his City Council post.

Although I've never broached the question to Kent directly, I nevertheless have the strong feeling that he regrets, that during his council public service infancy, he relied too much on the ever mendacious promises of Boss Godfrey.

Kent's really a genuine "good guy," I believe, even though he was once completely hoodwinked by the lyin' POS Boss Godfrey.

I'll add that I believe Kent Jorgenson has learned much about life from his Council experience.

ozboy said...

Two thoughts on this scoundrel who cost the tax payers of Ogden a Ton-O-Money thanks to his fully participating in the great Junction finance scam and shell game.

He didn't get duped by the little lord, he knew what he was doing, he was a full participant in this illogical and idiotic Junction deal.

He got beat big time by Bill Glassman, a great public service on the part of Bill for which we owe him our thanks.

The Article mentions Jorgensen is involved in getting free Gummint grant money for his latest venture! How appropriate is that for this one trick pony?

Like the rest of the Godfreyite gang, without free money from uncle sam or the RDA shell game, he couldn't put any kind of a real deal together.

Danny said...


You forgot to mention that after Glassman relieved us of the nice, but intellectually weak Jorgenson, Glassman went hard core Godfreyite within weeks of taking office, then quit the city council to go work for Godfrey!

(It's almost creepy, ain't it?)

And am I not correct, that a few years later, Godfrey dumped Glassman, having run out of use for him?

Glassman is now standing on roadsides with a cardboard sign that says, "Sore butt, please help. Bless you."

And when Glassman quit, VanHooser was appointed to the council in his stead, who, having run against Godfrey for mayor, and ran against Godfreyism as a city council member, is now also coming to see the dark shafts of Godfreyism distorting her vision!

Meanwhile, when Jorgenson endorsed VanHooser for mayor, Godfrey tried to get him fired from his job with UTA!

All the while, the public has left the room, assuming that with our current city council in place we are safe and all is well, as Gochnour tries to understand and make peace with the devil!

And so Godfreyism moves forward, as the smart people start looking for places to move to, to be the first out before the debt crushes the city.

History does rhyme.

Bob Becker said...

Being wrong about something, Oz, does not mean someone is a scoundrel for being wrong. It just means they were wrong. [Why' I've been know to be wrong now and then myself. No, really. It's true. Honest.]

At the point at which the Council bought the Mayor's assurances that backing the Junction bonds would not cost the city anything, the depth of the Mayor's poor business sense and abominable business judgment was not yet as apparent as it would soon be. Not too long after, remember, the Council told the Mayor "no" on adding the extra stories to the Junction office block on the SE corner, and Mr. Safsten's vote was the deciding one --- the same Mr. Safsten who is now and then was denounced here as a mindless Godfrey clone. And let's not forget that Mr. Jorgensen did not endorse the Mayor for re-election this last go-round but endorsed his opponent.

He was wrong about the Junction bonds. And the voters went with another candidate in part at least I think because of that. But that's a long way from justifying the epithet "scoundrel."

Quick said...

yadda yadda yadda

Danny said...

Curm is wrong.

The opprobrium that Jorgenson merits, as well as derision, is not based on being wrong, but in being careless in a position of responsibility with the money of innocents, that will cost those innocents millions of dollars collectively.

How long should he draw that derision? As long as the bonds last, as long as the suffering and lost money lasts, which is something he can never repay.

You don't make mistakes like that. You just don't.

Good grief, it's not like he forgot to lick an envelope. He screwed thousands, out of millions.

marko said...

And don't forget that Jorgenson has worked for years as a marketing "guru" for one of the most ethically challenged agencies in Utah government - UTA.

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