Sunday, July 18, 2010

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: Burn Vacant Homes

It's time to move it forward, Ogden Council
Our suggestion to Boss Godfrey: Put those worthless drones in the overly-bloated economic Development Department to work on this right now. Tell 'em to drag out their calculators, get together with OFD and City Engineers and Public Works and crunch the numbers. We're sure the city council will be delighted to allocate the funds to complete this long overdue project post-haste, once relatively firm numbers have been ascertained. It's time to quit shooting the bull on this. It's time to accomplish something useful for once.

Weber County Forum
Fire Chief Proposes Burning Vacant Ogden Homes
July 9, 2010

The Ogden Fire Department's request to burn the vacant homes in the Ogden River Project area for firefighters' training purposes is a great idea that Junction City leaders should fund as soon as possible.[...]
The city council needs to take charge and get the homes demolished to move the river project ahead.

OUR VIEW: Burn Vacant Homes
July 18, 2010

Another straight-to-the-point editorial this morning from the Standard-Examiner, following up in tandem on our earlier WCF commentary, and making another strong case for the immediate commencement of Ogden Fire Chief Mike Mathieu's proposed Leshemville fire demolition project:
OUR VIEW: Burn vacant homes
We're mystified that the Administration and Council are not already aggressively moving forward on this. What are they waiting for? Warmer weather?

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althepal said...

I believe they're all waiting for Mary Mancuso to come out of retirement, Rudi.

OneWho Knows said...

I'm not going to tell them how to do this, they should know by now! Money talks and bull shit walks...

Anonymous said...

Burn to the ground 40 houses? What a mess this free-spending and irresponsible administration and its faux-gilded cronies have gotten Ogden taxpayers into. As a firefighter retired, I am all for live training on structures: but, 40 houses?
What a loop-hole pocked, slush money paved, Republican In Name Only mess of an ill-planned and ill-managed bright idea.
Never elect a mayor with lofty plans higher than his intelligence, who lacks the basic scruples and management skills to pursue his glassy-eyed pipe-dreams.
If one is going to bond a city 3/4th of the way into the poorhouse in order to "attract businesses", one better elect a mayor who, in the private sector, has a lengthy record of success as a project developer.
Otherwise you might end up with a sneaky kid in shoes way to big, trying to keep up with those who pull his strings and make him dance.
So yeah, burn the houses; just do it in an environmentally responsible manner. And get this boy-mayor out of office and into the private sector, where he can drive some private money into a ditch, instead of the savings of retired home owners.

ozboy said...

I swear that Scott Adams, creator of "Dilbert", has a plant in the inner sanctum of the Godfreyite empire. It seems rather uncanny that he can pin point the idiocy of the mayor and his cronies with such consistency.

Sad Day, sad day said...

So, If i remember, there was a woman that went to jail for arson of burning down the vacant houses. Now the fire chief and the mayor and the Standard ex. wants to burn them down.
Let the woman out of jail and then the work will get done and we all can call it community service.

What a messed up Ogden city we have.
If the woman would only have said, I have a vision of cleaning up the town, like the mayor has a vision, then we could have elected her our mayor.

Sad Day

Mel said...

There is a huge difference between arson and a training exercise for firefighters. One carries a severe penalty, and rightly so.

Curmudgeon said...


Yup. Exactly.

AWM said...

Training exercise??? Fourty houses?. What are they training for, the Apocolypse? That's not a training exercise buddy, that's recreating the night Chicago died.

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