Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Standard-Examiner National Commentary: Obama, Talk Radio and Road Rage, Sort Of

Ahah! The ubiquitous Obama bumper sticker... a sure fire way to spontaneously spark lively but uncomfortable confrontations with members of the talk radio set

Offbeat Standard-Examiner editorial piece by Los Angeles Times columnist Peter Mehlman this morning, which leads off thusly:

My mother doesn't like to talk to me on the phone when I'm driving, so she made her point that the world is in worse shape than she'd ever seen it in her 80-plus years, then hung up. I diluted her grim words with rock radio and was thoroughly enjoying an Eagles' song I'd hated in 1975 when a man in a Dodge Caravan honked and motioned for me to roll down my window.Actually, for the sake of accuracy, I didn't notice he drove a Caravan until later, when I was homicidally tailing him up and down side streets.Anyway, my window down, the 60(ish)-year-old man said, "So, you're listening to music, huh?"
My eyelids crinkled: Excuse me?
Then he said: "You should listen to talk radio so you can hear how Obama is ruining the country."
The light turned green. My lane was slow enough for me to pull my jangled faculties together and remember the Obama sticker on my rear bumper. There are roughly 9 trillion Obama stickers in L.A., so right off I knew I wasn't dealing with a novice maniac...
Ahah! The ubiquitous Obama bumper sticker... a sure fire way to spontaneously spark lively but uncomfortable confrontations with members of the talk radio set.

Happily, we came upon a solution to Mr. Mehlman's problem this morning whilst Googling... the Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit:

And yes, gentle readers. This promotion is for real (we checked.)

Chalk this up as a blatently transparent attempt to keep the WCF discussion purring along during yet another aggravating Pioneer Days Holiday red meat news lull.

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Curmudgeon said...

Of course, many Americans --- meaning me --- remove campaign bumper stickers two weeks after the votes are counted. All candidates, all elections, all the time. So my removing my Obama/Biden bumper sticker carried with it no political meaning at all.

Between elections I prefer affinity group stickers. Our old and limping 1994 Ford Aerostar Van currently sports two stickers. One declares "I'm A Constitution Voter" followed by the ACLU website address. The other celebrates "Fifty Years of Defending Our Rights: ACLU of Utah."

I figure that'll annoy the Utah knuckle-draggers as much as an Obama sticker would anyway. Maybe more.

Dan S. said...

But surely, Curm, you wish you'd kept that McGovern '72 sticker!

Tired of Pioneer Days said...

Pioneer days OH MY.
Left Ogden for Portland, 4 day Brew Festival July 22-25 shorter hours on Sunday. Over 80 brewers attract 70,000 people for the four day event.
Smaller parade and the Mayor taps the first keg along a real riverfront.
I can't even dream of the Mayor of Ogden welcoming 70,000 adults to spend money in Ogden. Nice to be in a place were you are allowed to make decisions as an adult.

Curmudgeon said...


There's a four day brewers' fest in Portland in late July?

Why wasn't I told!!!

Now I have a business commitment and can't go.

Tired, next year I expect 60 days notice. Consider this an assignment. Sixty days. Minimum. Do not fail.

Monotreme said...

The best bumper sticker I've seen in Ogden was a car parked at The Pie:

"Kick their Ass and Take their Gas"

Gramatically incorrect, and try as I might, I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Somehow "Kick their Asses and Take their Gasses" just doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Using a plural pronoun such as "their" is accepted usage in these post gender-specific times.

Or, one would hope.

OgdenLover said...

Curm, Dan,
I actually have a McGovern '72 bumper sticker. For sale to the highest bidder!

Smudge said...

Had someone not already removed my Obama sticker (definitely without my permission) I would still be proudly displaying it. I know someone who still has his John Kerry sticker, right next to his Obama sticker. If other people don't like it, well, they can suck it.

tired said...

Curm: I forgot to mention these craft brews have alcohol content from 4.3% to 11.6%. Event is free but you buy a mug and tokens for a taste for 1 and a full cup for 4. Well need to go parade starts in an hour. And 81 brewers are here.

Utah knuckle-dragger said...

I would have removed an Obama sticker from my car too once I realized that he is not the save all that I thought he was. He is just another politician that will say anything in vogue at the time to get elected. Obama will go down as one of the worst president that we have ever had.

Utah knuckle-dragger said...

Don’t know if anyone saw where Obama’s pay czar is not going to even put an effort into trying to recoup any of the $1.6 billion paid the executives of the bankers that were bailed out by the government. Per the pay czar, “shaming them was punishment enough”.

Remember Obama on TV assuring us that he would not let those responsible for the collapse walk away with their pockets full of money. Guess what, just another sound bite.

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