Saturday, July 03, 2010

Why We Celebrate the 4th of July

It's the 4th of July; and everyone's celebrating... But what the heck ARE they celebrating...?

It seems to be a mystery to some...

Sad... very sad.

God bless America!


Curmudgeon said...

Thanks a bunch, Rudi. Start this American history professor's Independence Day holiday off with deep depression by posting that clip. Now I know why there are so many Republicans.

Weep for the Republic.

But tomorrow is the 4th and my family will be celebrating the way Ben Franklin ["“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”] and Thomas Jefferson [who was talking about grape vines when he wrote that "“the greatest service which can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture”] and Washington [who founded a distillery at Mt. Vernon to produce hooch for sale --- a mix of rye and corn liquor --- after he left the Presidency] intended: we'll hold a backyard barbecue and raise our cups in a toast straight from the rebels themselves: "Perpetual itching without benefit of scratching to the enemies of American liberty!" [I suspect that particular toast came fairly late in a long evening that included more than fifty toasts overall.]

Up the rebels!

George III was a limey!

No truce with kings!

Vive la difference! [I know, I know, but France was our ally against Perfidious Albion back then, so what the hell, why not?]

Have a happy 4th, folks, and at some point, raise a glass to the founders and the republic as they did, often, and would want us to as well.

Opra's "pychic Friends Network said...

My sympathy goes out to you, Curmudgeon.

Your experience as a college prof certainly demonstrates the evil of the GOP's plan to "dumb down America."

You'll most certainly be attacked by the "fascist" GOP neoCONS due to your last post.

ozboy said...

It is understood in the Ad Industry that the average audience member (i.e.-the US population) operates and comprehends on a 5th to 8th grade level. Most successful ad campaigns target that level and most successful politicians do as well.

To demonstrate that point just check out the vast and vapid volumes of reader comments on any political or economic subject on KSL, Tribune, Standard, etc

The Captains of Corporatism are masters at using the knowledge of just how smart, or not, the great masses are. They are very successful at pumping a lot of crazy notions into the heads of the folk. It is amazing how many otherwise normal people buy into the Republican (Corporatist) causes and who slurp up the incredible and endless amounts of inane and insane attacks on all things Obama.

Can you imagine how it would be here in the good old USofA if we were not "educated"?

Monotreme said...

Presenting: your host, Mark Dice.

Danny said...

The US, once free, now a doomed oligarchy, teeters on the abyss of history.

Enjoy the second to last 4th of July as we have known them.

Afganistan, the Graveyard of Nations, is now our graveyard too.

"The tragedy of this reality is that it would have taken no highly classified intelligence data or deeply penetrating brain power to predict its occurrence. A week’s reading at the local library about the occupations of Afghanistan by Alexander the Great, the British Empire and the Soviet Union shows each empire was sooner or later defeated and evicted—Alexander lasted longest because he built Greek colonies—by the most basic Afghan trait which has been transparently and overwhelmingly dominant since the 4th century B.C.: Afghans refuse to tolerate foreign occupation and rule.

"Reading history’s lessons also would have shown that the one foreigner who had the most successful strategy for Afghanistan was Genghis Khan. He killed all the Afghan fighters and their families he encountered, built mountains of their skulls to remind Afghans that Mongols are not to be trifled with and then got his army out of the country to India as quickly as possible. George W. Bush had the chance to play Genghis for about a year but didn’t. Instead, he and his clone Obama defied history to try to win the love of Afghans and international applause. In the end, both men earned and richly merited what we see today—abject Western defeat."

Curmudgeon said...

Ah... guys... the 4th is supposed to be, like, you know... a celebration? I think our Cassandras can safely take the weekend off. There'll still be Tuesday to espy doom on the horizon.

Fear said...

I can't wait for a good old fashioned New World Order Day. I am guessing everyone will roast weenies and shoot of pyrotechnics on that day as well. 4th of July is a lot like spirit week at high school. Stupid, immature, and the school you thought was so great was actually kind of a dump;

Danny said...

I've been having a nice day . . . usually do. I liked my High School. And I like fireworks and the 4th of July.

BTW, don't buy stuff from Bingham's Cyclery. I bought many tubes there - about half leak right off - very thin, cheesy, and expensive.

I bought one recently at WalMart for less than half the price of Bingham's. It was a much better tube. Then I needed another for a different bike - also went to WalMart - also a good tube.

They have other tubes at WalMart that are very heavy duty and already filled with Slime - still cheaper than Bingham's.

People mourn the loss of local business. If Bingham's is an example of local business, who needs it?

On the other hand we have Roosters, Sonora Grill, Two Bit Street Cafe. These are good places.

But I'm done with Bingham's.

Critic said...

Two Bit is nice. As is the City Club.
Rainbow Gardens has great food, as does Tonas.

Roosters is slop you would not feed to your pig. I have no idea what anyone sees in that swill peddler.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, Critic, tastes differ in most things. Food too.

Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, I figure.

googleboy said...

Happy Insurrection Day!

Got tenure? said...

Here we go with the GOP crap again. Give it a rest...idiots on both sides....starting right at the top.

End Prohibition said...

Stop the Drug War Now!

Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, independents, and Freethinkers can agree: you can be anti drug-war and anti-drug use.

We are just calling for a more sane, more humane, less costly and less politically toxic solution.

It would cut the drug cartels off at the knees, save money on prisons, and reduce drug crime.

People, both free and slaves, have modified their brain chemistry for at least 10,000 years. It is fascist and wasteful to arrest and imprison someone for something so personal. Or, go turn 2/5ths of your immediate family in for their occasional drug use.
Stop violent crime; legalize ALL drugs.

Here are what sensible Law Enforcement Officers have to say
about the waste of officer resources

Unbelievable said...

This reminds me of some of those TV shows, Jay Leno, Showbiz Today, etc., where they ask today's teens some really simple questions. The answers they give are supposed to be funny but are so full of ignorance, or come from so deep in left field, that theey are actually sad.

What has happened to today's youth? Ever since those idiots in D.C. abolished the draft, things have gone downhill as no more does one have to show a responsibility to serve one's country or give back to the country, or the like.

Again--a sad state of affairs.

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