Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Suspicious Men at Park: Lewdness Suspected

Front page Ogden crime news... on a slow news day

By: Monotreme

Today's front page (FRONT PAGE!) story by Scott Schwebke tickled me, but not in a good way:
Suspicious men at park: Lewdness suspected, Ogden police increase patrols of Simmons Field
What I liked most was the delicate way he approached the subject matter:
The parking area is the predominant meeting place in Ogden for this type activity, and law officers haven't received a large number of complaints about other locations, said Police Chief Jon Greiner.
Also, while I would likely be offended and maybe even put off my feed by seeing such things, the one thing I would most definitely not be is threatened:
"The suspicious activity creates a perceived threat of their security," [Conley] said.
I'm pretty sure that males engaging in "that type activity" are not in any position -- literally -- to threaten me with a knife or gun.

If this is front page Ogden crime news, then I'm all for it.


Observer said...

For the most part, queer activity is something most people aren't going to want to be around.

Part of what the law does is enforce an environment according to societal norms.

It is appropriate to be sending the queers on their way. There are places they can go other than a public park.

Indeed, sexual activity of any kind in a park would be run off just the same.

Acceptance of type of people is one thing. Acceptance of all behavior in public is completely another.

Anonymous said...

I am more worried about the gang bangers roaming the park and tagging it than a few men trying to get the BJ their wives won't give them.

Besides the wife and I like going over there and playing a bit like we did in our college days on the kid less date nights

whats in a name said...

So, when I have sex in the evening in the Ogden City Cemetery, that also might be considered "lewd"?
What a strange place into which we find ourselves borne.

They will be telling me I cant pee in an alley when no one is looking.


viktor said...

I'm more concerned about the queer little feller in the mayor's office than I am about a few flamers in the bushes.

RockStar75 said...

I know this is rational thinking so it may be hard for some to latch onto, but SLC and other Counties with similiar problems became PROACTIVE. . weird. Anyways, they started a "safety in our parks" campaign and instead of arresting and throwing these people in jail they got them into mental health courts. Stick with me, as I'm not saying that homosexual activity is a mental health issue, but having public sex is. . the trolling and getting it on in a car has been deemed socially unacceptable, whether your gay or straight.

My two cents and that's coming from a law enforcement gal that lives with her girlfriend :)

Monotreme said...

I agree with you 100%, Rockstar75.

Joe Schmo said...

If they wanted to make larger busts for lewdness, then perhaps just spend a few hours with the continual stream of horny young men and women cruising Washington Boulevard. I've seen more than my fair share of boobies and winkies....

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