Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: UTA Misses the Bus

Crony government conducted in the dark: it's how we do things here in Boss Godfrey's Ogden

Fine editorial in this morning's Standard-Examiner, lambasting Utah Transit Authority (UTA) officials for their secretive rerouting of Ogden's downtown bus routes. Here's the lede:
This week the Utah Transit Authority rerouted bus service that used to travel and stop along Historic 25th Street.
And how did UTA notify the public of this change? By posting flyers on the buses and at the affected stops.
That may be a good way to advertise for a lost pet, but not for a transit organization to notify the public of a change in service.
Read the full editorial here:
OUR VIEW: UTA misses the bus
And the SE editorial board hits the nail squarely on the head, we believe, with this:
Considering the bad publicity UTA has received of late regarding executive pay, you would think the agency might want to bend over backwards to improve its public relations. A simple meeting to give people the opportunity to raise their concerns could have gone a long way. Such a meeting could have brought up issues that UTA, the city and the merchants hadn't even considered. Even if no one showed up, UTA would have shown they were willing to do more than what was required.
As SE reader Bob Becker aptly notes in a comment beneath todays SE story, "Crony government conducted in the dark: it's how we do things here in Matt Godfrey's Ogden. And, apparently, at UTA too."

Have at it, O Gentle Ones...


Knock Off the Socialist Idiots said...
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Bob Becker said...

Knock off:

And this comment --- "This bitch is an embarrassment to sensible and prudent Ogden City Government." --- is an embarrassment to sensible and prudent Ogden city residents who think the city's problems, and the solutions proposed, need to be discussed sensibly and prudently in the cold light of reason based on evidence.

Not to mention that, if you hope to have an impact on the Council on public matters, if you hope to affect opinions on the Council, starting by addressing the Council Chair as "you bitch" is not an intelligent way to go about things.

gunning for change said...

Truncheon writes, "...the city's problems, and the solutions proposed, need to be discussed sensibly and prudently in the cold light of reason based on evidence."

Perhaps parlour discussions have need of proceeding thus, but Ogden citizen action going forth sorely requires verbal dynamite with crack shot marksman aim, aimed right at the heart of the problem.

Godfrey needs to be squarely in the high-powered sights of those sport- gunning for libertarian change in the up coming elections. As for stalking the election chances of Caitlan G, she can be snared by traps of her device, brought up on a short rope by her own big spending leavings.

Either way, when citizens go to poll, Godfrey Republicans are dead meat. Electorally speaking.

Dan S. said...

It's always easier to be against someone than for someone. Please tell me who else plans to run for city council (or mayor, for that matter), and then we can discuss whom we're going to vote against.

Danny said...

Realistically, the city council did not fund the asinine velodrome, and has not funded the motel, nor Godfrey's parking garages, at least not yet.

But Gochnour does try too hard to appear to be getting along with our abysmal mayor.

Garcia's assertions that he agreed with Godfrey 99% of the time is what caused the low voter turnout in his district and lost him the election.

VanHooser and Blair ran against Godfrey, and won.

They need to remember that, and stop acting like his suck ups, whether they are or not.

Bob Becker said...


You wrote: "Either way, when citizens go to poll, Godfrey Republicans are dead meat. Electorally speaking."

Yeah, well, we heard the same confident predictions that Godfrey was toast last mayoral election too. And he won. He's a seasoned campaigner with a sting of successes behind him, and his business cronies have made sure he's well-funded, and as we know from past experience as well, those funds can be made available to council candidates he favors.

Happily, he's got a tin ear, often, for PR, and has shown little ability to pick viable candidates for his ticket. But it would be a mistake to underestimate him and his cronies this coming November as it was a mistake [by some] to underestimate him and his cronies in the last Mayoral election.

And if you think referring to the Council Chair [or any Council member] as "that bitch" constitutes "verbal dynamite with crack shot marksman aim," then I'm beginning to understand why Hizzonah, even with his ham-fisted approach to management and his tin ear keeps winning.

Biker Babe said...

Steve Conlin President of 25th St. Merchant Assoc. was quoted in the artickle:

"Concerns include the diesel fumes spewed out on merchant customers as they walk down the sidewalks, noise pollution, litter strewn from ridership and mass gatherings that occur in front of businesses due to transfer or stops ..."

Diesel Fumes: lots of cars and trucks run on diesel and drive up & down 25th street.
Noise Pollution: lots of cars and trucks instead of public transportation will very possibly cause more noise, especially if they are large diesel trucks or hotshots in little foreign cars.
Mass gatherings: do you know the difference between people milling/walking around waiting for the bus or pedestrians milling/walking around looking for a business to patronize? I don't. Could be they are one and the same.
Litter strewn from ridership: how do you know it's the folks that ride the bus who litter? It could very well be the rich snobs in town for the sushi and antiques who leave their cappuccino cups to roll around in the wind or their to-go sushi trays that didn't quite make it to the hard to find trash receptacles and they didn't bother to pick up.

just sayin'


Ray said...

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