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blackrulon said...

I see that Dave Greiling, the managing editor of the Standard Examiner, is again talking of the LA Times exposing city salaries in Bell California. He only does this to create the fiction that the local paper is a watchdog for the local public. When was the last time the paper did a in depth investigate look at anything to do with the Godfrey administration? When will the local city beat reporter/repeater actually question any of Matthew Godfreys press release claims? When, if ever, will the paper follow up on a story? When will we get a real paper with curious reporters with a healthy skepticism about local government? (Dave Greeiling 801-625-4224,

Curmudgeon said...

Ogden Farmers Market: Seems to be a little more produce available today. Shop prices. Prices varied as much as a buck a pound from one vendor to another. Sweet yellow corn "probably next week" says the only guy we've found there who grows it. Lots of the mixed yellow/white variety available this AM for those who, inexplicably, prefer it.

Non profit row way way down today. Only three, four booths. Crowd seemed lighter this AM than two weeks ago, but was growing as we left. Kiwanis Club booth offering History of the Utah National Guard for only ten bucks per. That's a real deal.

Humane Soc. of N. Utah will have dogs for adoption there this morning. Good people. [Our Tango, aka Stupid Dog, came from the NUHS after the Ogden Pound shipped him down there to avoid having to euthanize a clearly adoptable mutt.] Stop buy the booth, talk with the young man staffing it, pet a pooch, take one home.

Rouge said...

It would be nice if the Farmers Market had a kissing booth; hell, it would be nice if we had a 6 day a week kissing booth.

Cousin said...

Dood, if Lyin Little Matty got wind of a kissing booth, even at a county fair, he and his sycophant city council would have them shuttled off to the industrial area, faster than you can say, "lost temple recommend for wife beating, lying to the citizens of Ogden about important matters, pride greed and avarice, wasting money on ill conceived boondoggles, slushing money to his cronies, cheating in elections, and not being forthright on his real reasons for travelling abroad on the taxpayer dime". Well, perhaps even faster than that. I on the other hand, would welcome a good old fashioned dunking booth. Fill the tub with pork and pork by-products, and put Little Banana Nose on the dunking stool, and give the bowling ball projectiles to the various REAL PUBLIC SERVANTS OF OGDEN (tm) I am sure they would not miss. Hell, they might even hit the dunking target, instead of the clothes-less emperors head.

OneWhoKnows said...

It sounds that the natives are finally arising up against Matty and his chances are slim that he will get elected again. I hope he declines the chance of ruining our city further and comes out publically and tells the fine folks that he's done all he can do for Ogden and move on. He should realize that if he runs yet again for a fourth term, the real truth (secret stuff that nobody knows about yet) will come out once and for all. We've had enough of you Godfrey, move to Provo!

SpeedyGonzalez said...

Should it take 25 minutes for the ambulance crew to get from Gold's Gym to someone's home in Ogden when they are paged?
I thought the tax payers just helped pay for a brand new building for this fine crew we sincerely appreciate, including a nice new workout facility in it. Why Gold's Gym? Nothing against Gold's, mind you.

But if it truly does take that long to get from Gold's to wherever, is it wise to explain to the distraught family that the delay in arrival was because of being at Gold's Gym?

blackrulon said...

Rogue, Ogden has a full time kissing booth located on the 9th floor of the city municapal building. That is where friends of Matty line up to kiss his posterior and receice sweetheart deals and special favors. It operates 24/7. It costs a substantial campaign donation.

Questioner said...

Blackrulon, you seem to be a dark, sinister old timer who is spending his golden years so immersed in this Godfrey stuff and jousting with the windmills he's built that you can't enjoy the time you have left.

What is it with some of you guys and why such an obsession that eats up your most precious resource....the breaths you have left?

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