Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah’s Transit-funding Train May Run Out of Track

The way Republican Senate candidate Mike Lee sees it, Congress shouldn’t spend a dime on local transit or road projects

By Dan S.

Here's an interesting article from the Trib that says Mike Lee is totally opposed to bringing any more federal transit (or highway) funding to Utah:
Utah's transit-funding train may run out of track
Does this mean the Ogden streetcar is dead for the next six years?


Really? said...

Sounds like corporate welfare to me.

Utah Republican Mike Lee thinks taxpayers should be on the 'hook' for BP's oil disaster

How did this guy get out of the primary, let alone beat bennett and bridgewater? Are Utahns really that retarded?

Bill the Gentile said...

No worries. Like every other senator or congressman we send to Washington, Lee will functionally abandon his ideology to get reelected ("Where's our share of the pork, Senator?") while the teabaggers look the other way.

stan said...

What a long disastrous 6 years these could be for Utah, hopefully Lee's colleagues in D.C. will see through his stupidity and shun him (and not Utah).

Curmudgeon said...

Since lobbying is involved in all of this, another interesting story just up over at the SL Trib site,"Lawmakers Free Lunch Ticket Expires" : lobbyists are no long springing for pricey dinners for legislators now that the lads all have to report any "gifts" over ten bucks. One lobbyist moaned that the new law is bad for lobbysits' health:

“Access hasn’t changed. You’re just not doing it around lunch,” Stokes [previously one of Utah's top spending lobbyists] said. “You eat hamburgers instead of steaks if you do it during lunch. … I’m just eating less healthy now.”

We are, I am sure, all sympathetic to his plight. Taking up a collection to buy Mr. Stokes a bottle of Pepto.

ozboy said...

Speaking of political Hubris, did you see where our esteemed Lt. Governor, Greg (Honest Abe) Bell ruled that electronic signatures are perfectly legal now in Utah for petition drives - as long as the person circulating the petition witnesses said electronic signature.

A total down the rabbit hole bit of political rational if I have ever seen it.

The simple concept of having every one who signs a petition from their home computer requiring a live witness is totally off the common sense charts.

Presumably Lt. Gov Bell delivered this edict with a complete straight face and the proper GOP/LDS decorum.

Pretty sad that Utah can't do any better than this for political leadership.

Danny said...

. . . . so Mike Lee believes in limited gummint . . . . good, good.

And the way he will show that is to tell the gummint, "Hey, you took our money, but don't send any back. Give it to somebody else. We'll pay for everything ourselves, plus the taxes to build transit elsewhere."

He seems like an articulate boob.

I will be voting for "the other guy". Thank you Republicans for giving me no choice again.

Danny said...


and this quote:

"Congress shouldn’t spend a dime on local transit or road projects."

Road projects? No money for the interstate highways? No money for federal roads in the state?

This guy gives limited gummint people a bad name.

Cut the giveaways, the wars, the welfare for Mexicans. But not the roads, jackass.

I figured the Ogden streetcar is dead as long as Godfrey is in office. But I did look forward to the Frontrunner going to Provo.

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