Friday, July 02, 2010

Life In The Nanny State of Zion

By: Curmudgeon

There's a story up in the SL Trib describing yet another of the joys of life in the Nanny State of Zion:
Utahns busted for buying Wyoming fireworks, beer
From the story:
On Thursday and part of Friday, the Utah Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies used undercover cars to catch people bringing out-of-state fireworks and alcohol into Utah.
In Evanston, Utah police watched the parking lots of fireworks and liquor stores for customers with Utah license plates.
Josh Peters, of Salt Lake City, was one of them. On Thursday, he and his brother bought four cases of beer, some mortars, bottle rockets, a fountain and firecrackers at Porter’s Fireworks and Firewater. A dark blue car with tinted windows and Nevada license plates followed them onto Interstate 80. When they crossed into Utah, an undercover officer turned on flashing lights and pulled over the brothers.
“He admitted to sitting in the parking lot [at the store] in his Nevada-plated car, watching us loading it in,” Peters said.
The officer confiscated their beer and fireworks and cited Peters with two misdemeanors.

The story went on to note that UHP officers generally confiscate only fireworks that are illegal in Utah --- i.e. that shoot sparks 15 feet or more into the air or 10 feet or more horizontally. I'm fine with that. We live in forest and brush fire country and mentally challenged knuckle-draggers set of such fires practically every year. The UHP said they've confiscated people bringing in fireworks that shoot a hundred feet in the air. No problem with those confiscations and citations for me.

But confiscating beer? On 4th of July weekend? Because it's not taxed in Utah? Damn, that's just plain un-American.


Slice of Life said...

And, they celebrate the 4th on the 3rd if the 4th falls on a Sunday, but will watch Coliseum Games on any old Sunday of the year.

A Sunday in the park with family, celebrating our bright white city on the hill = bad.
A Sunday on the couch, telling the kids to keep it down over a blaring TV = good.

Mormons. What a weird cult.

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wish Brigham would have said, "This ain't the place, let's keep going." Grouse Creek, Elko, even Sparks would have been better. Then all the weirdos could mate and worship in the desert and covet their brother's wives while lying to and cheating one another in the name of etenal salvation.
If that would have happened, Utah would have alcohol, fireworks, better people and Sunday holidays and Val Southwick would be selling them an oasies on which to build their temples. Amen.

Daryl said...


The beer is most likely illegal because it is real beer with around twice as much alcohol as Utah beer.
Back in the 80's in Ogden we used to ditch school and make occasional runs to Evanston for kick ass beer and other stuff best not mentioned on a family site like this.

That and the tax issue is probably the main reason the cops took the beer. Second might have something to do with the police picnic and beer fest next weekend.

Speaking of cops, one of Farmington's finest was busted for solicitation of prostitution out in Layton! Flushed his whole 18 year cop career down the shitter with one stupid, compulsive & horny moment. You would think a cop would be smart enough to make sure his buddies in the neighboring town were not running a sting before you hooked up with a hooker in their jurisdiction.

Tired Of Your Bellyachin' said...

Anonymous, remember the Mormans were here first. No one is forcing you to stay in this awful place with no alcohol and fireworks. You are free to move to Nevada or Wyoming where anything goes. Just why do you stay in Utah if you dislike it and the people so much?

Your just like the illegals! Move to a place and try to make it over to be like the hell hole you just moved from, and lower it to your standards so you fit in.

Curmudgeon said...


Well, some folks can't simply pack up and move. Their jobs are here. That's one possibility for why folks who are critical of Life in Zion don't leave.

Another is that the critics may think Utah is a nice place to live, but that despite that, there are things about life here that bear some critiquing. Have to admit, it does get a little annoying now and then when you find you can't do things here that you can do without a second thought most other places.

Example: Mrs. C. and I enjoy when out walking downtown in a city getting off our feet for a glass of wine at a local drinkery without having to buy something to eat. Just sit, cool off, chat for a bit and then go on. Until recently, we couldn't do that, and even now, it's still often tough since restaurant bars generally have food-and-drink permits, not drink only licenses. We can do that in Denver, Seattle, Portland, Durango, San Francisco, DC and New Orleans and have. But generally it's often difficult to do here. Not a huge thing, certainly, but it wrankles a bit. Can't buy wine conveniently at the supermarket either. Can do that most places we've lived. Again, a relatively small thing, but now and then it wrankles to drive out of the way to buy a bottle of wine.

And the little occasional irritants like that, mostly attributable to legislators wanting us to abide by their [mostly] religious preferences, grate the wrong way.

One more thing: the "love it or leave it" advice generally indicates the person giving it has not much solid ground to stand on in his argument.

Anonymous said...

TOYB.....For your information, the Mormons were not here first. Study early history of this area called Utah and you may find the answers to your incorrect claim. I would also like to tell you that I was born and raised here, I was once LDS and fully agree with Curm that most of us cannot do things here that we could do elsewhere. As for standards, I won't look down at your religion, only the people that do not recognize true Christianity that should be living it.

blackrulon said...

I wonder about the intelligence level of people who willingly allow their names and photos to be printed in a newspaper(SL Tribune) while they are busy breaking the law.

Satan said...

Religion, ptah!

One who left Zion said...

Tired: as one who could move after retirement from a good job and pension I took my family and left Utah. I also took my money and pay taxes in another state. In fact I know a few who have condos in Nevada just to avoid tax in Utah. America First in Mesquite isn't by chance.

I do miss hiking in the desert but plan on flying into Las Vegas and renting a car there and drive to Zion. I'll buy my beer before I get there since now I'm acustomed to better brew.

Now lets talk about Ogden and the mayor trying to make it Provo. Kiddie adventures at the Junction, how is that working out, it would of closed long ago if it didn't have lease agreements that costs the taxpayers of Ogden plenty. Friends of the administration getting back room deals and promises if they come to Ogden. Building permits if the mayor likes you. Isn't the Jibyard a fire trap, and Leshamville when are the fines for weeds and health hazards going to happen. Parking garage giveaways, and now the city needs to buy and build more parking. How is the Winsor Hotel or Star Noodle coming along? Taking away the street festival which showed Ogden as a blue collar town. Adults spend money on adult items, restaurants and fun.

Also the "don't like it here leave" attitude. Eventually those that can leave will. Tired of paying for large families that brag they don't pay taxes because of the deductions. Gentile kids that can't have Mormon friends beacuse they are the true beleivers. Most corrupt politicians in the United States, no ethics reform, lobbyists with offices in the capitol building.

I lived in Utah over 26 years, learned how to get served a drink without a meal, just keep looking at the menu and change your mind about eating. I watched LDS promoted because they were LDS, yes it does happen.

Nice to see Utah supporting Nevada car registration for their under cover sting. Just as Idaho likes Utah money for Lottery, Wy and NV likes the liquor revenue.

I still read the WCF and Tribune, old habits die hard. I could add more but need to enloy the 4th, my flag is out front, beer in the cooler and BBQ planned. Yes fireworks this evening on the real 4th even on a Sunday. Nice to live in an adult state when I can decide when to celibrate.

doubt said...

I was born and raised Mormon, in the most liberal community in the nation, during the most liberal time frame in US history.
I am not Mormon, but am sympathetic to all religions.

I moved to Utah as an adult to raise my family, because we all like it here. I dislike all of the same things listed in the above letter, the insular closet-bigotry, the holier than thou crap, the rampant back-slap business fraud and prescription medicine abuse, the silly laws that feel good if you are an idiot, and moving the holidays when the majority, by far, of citizens are nowhere near a Mormon church today.

Watching humans over the last 50 years, I am of the mind that the last thing they need is more freedom. What humans seem to need is a father figure to reinforce their fear-based delusions. Most people cannot handle a weekend off work, let alone true freedom. Thats Freedom with a capital F, not church-directed shame induced lies and hypocrisy.

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