Friday, July 02, 2010

KSL Radio Dumps Sean Hannity From Their Radio Lineup

Where will the tin hat crowd get their anti-Obama fix if this trend continues?

By: Marvin

Just saw on the KSL site that they are dropping the Hannity echo chamber from their lineup:
KSL Newsradio severs ties with talk show host Sean Hannity
Could it be that even the Mormons are getting tired of these moronic rantings of the far right fringe? Their stated reasons for dumping him is "to have more local programming." It seems to me that as financially astute as the Mormons are, they would not get rid of someone who was making them money. This follows on the heels of an other babbling fool - Lonsberry - who got dumped last week. Is sanity creeping back into radio in Utah? Where will the tin hat crowd get their anti-Obama fix if this trend continues?

Editor's addendum:

The war-horse Utah blog Utah Amicus has a particularly perceptive take on the topic this morning. It's all about civility. Read up:
KSL, Sean Hannity and the Mormon Ethic of Civility
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Just Checking said...


I've never listened to Lonsberry. But correct me if I'm wrong. Wasn't Lonsberry actually canned by KNRS radio, because of some kind of weird beef over Lonsberry's endorsement of Tim Bridgewater??

Just checking!

OgdenLover said...

I had never heard Shaun Hannity until I was driving across Wyoming on the day tornadoes were hitting Laramie and points south. The station listed on the side of I-80 for severe weather alerts unfortunately inserted weather information into Mr. Hannity's program.

I couldn't believe the hate and vitriol spewing from my radio. He had no interest in truth, just winding his audience up into a dangerous frenzy. It's no wonder death threats against President Obama were/are 4X the number against Bush the Younger.

I don't see where his kind of rhetoric is any different from inciting violence. Kudos to KSL for doing the right thing.

Curmudgeon said...

SLC Republican Wing-nut can relax. The SL Trib reports that Hannity will instantly be picked up by another SL station that broadcasts Rush Limpaw and Beck. Station manager says Hannity will a "nice fit" with them. The man speaks the truth.

OgdenLover said...

It seems to me that removing Hannity from KSL removes the implication that he is church-sponsored or approved.

Elder Benson said...

"It seems to me that removing Hannity from KSL removes the implication that he is church-sponsored or approved."

Yes. That's obviously the whole point.

Danny said...

A great disappointment is that in a land where solutions are obvious (less government, yes, everywhere) there is really nobody espousing that position.

Hannity is a anti democrat pit bull who supports anybody who will cut his taxes, even the free spending george bush.

Clinton was the only true economic conservative we have had in 100 years - and those policies unleashed a decade of creativity and economic well being. None of these guys can even see that. So then, what good are they?

And to Jennifer, I don't read Krugman. He is a neo-Keynesian clown. He is right rarely, and only then by luck.

Here is another useful article.

ECRI Indicator falls like a rock

Make sure and click on the chart.

blackrulon said...

Gee Danny, you will not get a gig on KSL radio anytime soon will your uncivil speech and name calling.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, now, Danny, I don't know. Krugman was warning about the housing bubble many months before it collapsed; he warned the administration that its stimulus package was only half what it needed to be to jump start a recovery, that at best it would slow the rate of job loss but not significantly reverse it, that it would have to come back to ask for more a year down the road or so and it would difficult to get it. He was right about that.

He criticized the President's selection of Tim Gaither and warned TG was far too cozy with Wall Street and the Big Banks for his liking. Right about that.

And since January he's been warning that the greater danger to the world economy and the US economy is deflation, not inflation, and it seems he may have been right about that too.

Not a bad record, seems to me. Particularly for someone working in a field of which it truly is said "If you laid all the economists in the world end to end they wouldn't reach a conclusion."

Curmudgeon said...

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slice of life said...

Sean Hannity is a liar, an ill-informed hypocrite, and a blow-hard.

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