Saturday, August 21, 2010

America Won the Cold War But Now Is Turning Into the USSR, Gerald Celente Says

The "merger of state and corporate interests" (fascism) is mentioned

There's a lot of talk these days about America being an empire in decline. Gerald Celente, director of the Trends Research Institute, goes a step further, arguing America is following a similar path as the former Soviet Union:

The "merger of state and corporate interests" (fascism) is mentioned. Pay especial attention to that.

We'll have more about that here on Weber County Forum in the days to come.

Meanwhile check out the above eye-opening video.

Wake up, people!


ozboy said...

Pretty powerful stuff Rudi. It reminds me of one of the sayings of Gautama Buddha:

"All that lives must die passing through nature to eternity"

That not only goes for individuals, but for empires as well. I do believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for the American Empire. It is being strangled by greed, avarice, incompetence and dishonesty on the part of the "leaders" which is made possible by the mass ignorance of a great percentage of the population. The process is being accelerated by the mass media, especially the internet and the speed in which false rumors can now spread through out the land.

A good example of this is all of the anti Obama crap and the endless conspiracy theories that so many dumb people are believing in because they read it on the net or hear it in the radio echo chambers of low lifes like Limpaw, Hannity, Beck and the like.

As the Mormon's say: "The latter days are upon us"

It would be interesting to see what comes out of the other end of these days as the US experiment collapses. I am hopeful for the future generations that the taste of "freedom and self government" will have wet the appetite for mankind to continue in some way with those ideas.

Danny said...


Whetting appetite is meaningless. You must have leaders who are willing to fight for it. The people, commoners, are bystanders.


Interesting, and ironic, that you are describing a corporate fascist state, overweening government, and yet in the lower thread castigate state leaders and me, for suggesting we say No to another corrupt vote buying scheme from the dying totalitarian core.

Castor Oil said...

The anti Obama rhetoric is well deserved. He is a total failure running this country. The only reason anything has been passed in Congress is the overwhelming majority of the Democrats in Congress. Even with this super majority, he complains about the other, almost helpless party.

Obama is a petty crybaby that does not get the facts before he reacts and then blames everyone else for his administration's failures.

His other lovable tactic is to not accept any responsibility for anything that is negative. He could have removed our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan
the day he was sworn in, but he chickened out and now he has his own Vietnam (Afghanistan) around his neck.

He made a major strategic mistake by not making American jobs his first priority and the democrats may pay a large price for that in November. The people like Ozboy will always blame the right wing when their phony icon falls on his face. He has zero managerial skills and a bunch of cronies around that fail him at every turn.

He is the most divisive president I have seen in my many years following politics and it is not because of race. He turned a highly supportive electorate (black and white) in 2008 into a negative because of his arrogance and poor leadership.

Has anyone noticed that he does not have two way news conferences? He only wants one way conversations because he does not have the answers to reporter's questions and does not like follow up questions.

Marion said...

President Obama inherited a nation and economy that was in total collapse thanks to 8 years of Republican corruption and incompetence, plus many more years of failures by both parties in Congress and the White House.

He has done everything that any reasonable person could expect him to do given the circumstances and his less than two years in office. He is an honorable man, a loyal American and the hardest working President in modern times. Besides that he is a class act with a lot of heart and soul.

It is really sad that there are so many ignorant and classless people with bad and petty intentions, like the poster above "Castor Oil", who sit on the sidelines and cast a huge negative on his valiant attempts to turn the nation around. These people have no valid information to back up their senseless accusations, they only have each other to feed on with their never ending and baseless carping. They lie, distort and manipulate information to fit their sick view of the Presidents actions. If they are not making it up they are buying into it and passing it around pretending they are great thinkers and knowledgeable sages. They are not, in fact they are mindless parrots and purveyors of mean spirited lies and rumors. The best they can come up with is nonsense that has been discredited over and over - examples: "He is not a citizen", "he is a muslim", "he hates America", and on and on and on. Then when someone like Ozboy puts forth some intelligent counter points to the bile they then attack him with the same kind of baseless nonsense.
They never come up with a reasonable debate, just a regurgitation of the same old tired and false talking points.

They are losers plain and simple and are playing their part in the deterioration of America - which is the topic of this thread to begin with.

RudiZink said...

Danny. The State GOP "leaders" whom I castigate (I don't characterise them as leaders; they are merely the people's elected reprsentatives [agents]) are the ones in the legislature who exhibit a distinct corporatist (fascist) bent.

That's why I'm now on the attack.

I know you're an fiscal conservative and free market capitalist, Danny; I merely believe you haven't fine-tuned your attitude about who the real enemy in America is.

Wake up, as I suggested.

Danny said...

No doubt, Rudi, we agree on many things.

I intend to be patient until we agree on them all :)

What I have learned lately on this blog is that while many have their heart in the right place, their thinking is nonetheless poisoned to a greater degree than I could have imagined.

Thus, my thesis is that it is strong leaders that matter who can take us where we need to go. Small fry are just that. The American Revolution happened because of the leaders, not because of the fry that they corralled to their cause.

Grizelda said...

I agree with Castor Oil. Marion is the typical Leftist/Socialist that feels socialism is the way of the future. When a president like Obama forces his ideas on a public that overall rejects them, he becomes a dictator, and no matter what his claims, he is not operating with the consent of the people, only the consent of his party's majority.

I notice Marion never acknowledges all the mistakes that OBama has made, they only can use the old tired mantra that Bush or Reagan or Warren G. Harding made. He is the President now ( for the last 20 months) and he has to take responsibility for his failures, but Marion and others say on no, it is not his fault.

Marion, you must have inside information that Gitmo will be closed on Monday. Obama said the would close it as soon as he took office, but what happened? Yes I know we are only 20 months into his administration and we need to give him some slack.

I can hardly wait until the gutless Obama holds a true two way news conference.

Dave said...

Looks like Grizelda inadvertantly proved Marion's point in an attempt to throw out a smoke screen. I don't recall Marion saying anything about socialism, Reagan, Bush, Warren Harding or Gitmo in the above post. This is so typical of these mental midgets who promote the hate Obama message. They really can't make an intelligent argument with honest proofs, so they throw out smoke screens and put words in their opponent's mouths, real dumb words at that.

Marion actually made some very astute and well stated observations about the lunatic fringe and Grizelda jumped right in and demonstrated the truth of it!


Reba said...

I also agree with Castor Oil, looks like Dave is has his solid double digit IQ on display. I like the Ha Ha Ha Ha. He must be an Obama supporter. The have all kinds of losers in their ranks.

The trouble with Obama is we didn't get Uncle Sam, we got Uncle Tom.

tom said...

"Reba" steps up to the plate and adds further proof that the anti Obama crowd has no intellectual underpinings and in fact are petty and ignorant racists for the most part! No substance at all in these silly retorts of Reba, Grizelda, Castor Oil, etc.

Keep the change said...

A narsacist will NEVER admit they are wrong or ever made a mistake. They are masters at blaming others of thier shortcomings...very thin skinned to any critical questioning and project thier true actions by blaming the other side of what they themselves are actually guilty of.

Look up the defintion of one and there will be a pic of OB.

Carver said...

Tom is ignorant to the top, "Uncle Tom" is not racist, it is used mostly by African Americans regarding other African Americans and everyone knows they cannot be racist! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha shurrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Dorothy Littrell said...

Rudi, I appreciate the time you constantly take in order to post interesting and informative information on this Forum.

What turns me off are the majority of insulting comments made to and about anyone who posts here in response to your excellent information.

I suggest these participants quit making insulting remarks which add nothing and instead that they try enhancing the information you post with some constructive and informative comments of their own....

Better yet, start their own Forum.

David Petersen said...

Although I read the Weber Forum a couple of times a week, I have not commented until now.

I must take exception to the above post and amateur psychological diagnosis of Ozboy as a narcissist. Nothing could be further from the truth than this statement. In the six or seven years I have known him I have seen nothing but the opposite. He is most likely one of the most altruistic individual in the Ogden area. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable causes in that time, much of it to poor people in the Ogden area. He never seeks attention for his generosity, never looks to get his name in the paper or on plaques. Never thumps his chest and looks for praise. He gives because he is generous and has a big heart for the poor and disenfranchised. This is just the opposite of a narcissist.

I will grant that he is sometimes a bit aggressive in his comments toward politicians that he does not like, but that does not make for a psychological disorder. I rather think he is just having fun poking a finger in the eye of dishonest politicians.

The other above comment about the term Uncle Tom not being racist does not align with reality either. Pure rubbish written by a person who is ignorant and or racist themselves. Just because the term is used by African Americans does not mean it is not racist.

And lastly I fully agree with the comment above by Dorthy Littrell.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be better if it was stated as neither a "Republican vs. Democrat" or "Obama vs. Bush" type of issue. Instead, the eventual collapse of the American empire can be placed at the feet of both parties, and with the help of an ignorant public who has discovered the "big government" is OK, so long as it benefits a particular favored group and it isn't OK if it benefits "someone else".

keep the change said...

David...the narrsacist I refered to was Obama not oz...,sorry for the confusion.

ozboy said...

Jeeze thanks David, the check is in the mail!

The trait attributed to narcissists by "keep the change" was accurate, so of course he couldn't have been referring to ever so humble me. Besides, I'm only a little nutso, not full blown crazy.

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