Friday, August 27, 2010

Standard-Examiner: 46 Acre Bike Park Suddenly Pops Up Along the East Bench

Looks like another classic Boss Godfrey "stealth maneuver"

Earlier in the month gentle reader Fireman Joe submitted a query about a new bike park which was apparently being constructed by Ogden City at the top of 9th street. The Standard-Examiner now offers more info on this heretofore mysterious 46 acre project this morning, including the revelation that Ogden City "will lease the property for a nominal fee":
Come On, Take a Freeride
Looks like another classic Boss Godfrey "stealth maneuver."

Further queries:

1) Have either the City Council or the planning commission been notified of this?
2) If not; why not?

Who will be the first to chime in?


South Bench said...

Who is responsible for the inevitable 5 + life flights a year from this paralysis zone?

Tom said...

"Extreme mountain bikers will .........learn new skills" Do you suppose that these "new skills" learned on the tax payer's dime will be relative in the job market?

"The park will be built .........said Josh Jones, the city's bicycle coordinator."
Ogden has "a bicycle coordinator"? How much does this cost the city tax payers, and what does this say about Ogden's administration?

"Costs to build the first phase of the park should be minimal because they city has agreed to donate the use of construction equipment, Jones said."
Doesn't city equipment cost the tax payers anything to man and operate?

""The whole idea of the park is to provide skill progression,"
Skill progression for what purpose? To be better at playing? Skills that can't be learned by just riding through the foothills and mountains as they are? It is called "Extreme Mountain Biking" after all.

Sheesh, no wonder there are so many jobs available to attract the Mexican illegals to Ogden, our young people are being groomed, with tax payer bucks, to polish their bicycling skills!

cadel evans said...

Not sure this is a bad thing. The city provides numerous recreational opportunities to its citizens -- golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields, hiking and running trails and so on. Why not a mtn bike park?

Cadel is a Moron said...

Another "query" about this for dumbass Cadel:

Now that the city's picking up the lease payments on this invitation for serious spinal injury... who'll be on the hook the first time some extreme bicyclist breaks his friggin' neck? The Emerald City taxpayers, that's who.

The city is sponsoring this; and the council should look into this right away.

Looks like a giant lawsuit waiting to happen.

Danny said...

I don't disagree with the above comments, but on the whole I'm excited about this new bike park and look forward to trying it out.

Public parks are one of the very few legitimate functions of government, in my opinion.

And while I think the economic "draw" from this park will be nil, I think there are quality of life aspects that make it worthwhile.

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