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Salt Lake Tribune: More Evidence to Confirm There Are Big Changes Coming to the DNews

Yea, yea, I know... Std-Ex local sports and garage sale info is important

By Ozboy

There are two articles in today's SLTrib (18Aug) that seem to confirm there are big changes of some sort coming to the DNews. "The times they are a changin":
What's the future of the Deseret News?
Days of ‘disruption’ coming to Deseret News
Too bad the Standard doesn't bite the dust instead. Yea, yea, I know Mr. Curmudgeon, local sports and garage sale info is important, but considering that the Standard has been a co-conspirator with Godfrey in the rape of the Ogden tax payers, and in fact has really made it possible by giving the Little Lord a free ride, earns them a shot in the head as far as I'm concerned. If it were not for Trentelman, Gibson and the cartoon guy they wouldn't be worth a tinkers dam.


Curmudgeon said...


There's an old joke about a gambler who arrives one evening in a one horse town, and asks around if there's a poker game he can get into. He's told there is a pokjer game run in the back room of the town's only bar, but, he's warned, it's a crooked game.

Couple of hours later, the gambler is found playing poker in the back room of the bar. The guy who told him about the game asks "Why are you playing? I warned you the game was crooked."

And the gambler replies: "I know it's a crooked game. But it's the only game in town."

The SE is the only game in town for Ogden news. The only game in town.

We are in the news shadow of Salt Lake for all else, and the TV stations there generally report only Ogden murders, rapes and fires [with very rare exceptions].

Losing the SE would be a disaster for people in Ogden who hopes to keep up on Ogden public affairs and who thinks it's important to keep up on Ogden public affairs. There is no other consistent daily news source for that.

I agree, it's not the paper it should be on local public affairs, or the paper that it could be, or the paper its readers should expect it to be. But losing it would be a disaster.

It's the only game in town.

Hunter S. Thompson said...

If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.

blackrulon said...

I don't understand why the Standard does not do more local scandal stories. The circulatiion boost would be immediate. People seems to love scandal and conflict. With the current mood that all politicans are crooked the Standard should jump on the bandwagon. If local bloggers,like the WCF forum, can uncover shady aand unethical deals the paper, with its trained staff of professional journalists should be able to overwhelm subscribers with corruption stories.

RudiZink said...


The Standard-Examiner will never editorialize against Boss Godfrey, because their whole advertising base supports the slimy little shit.

Curmudgeon said...


Aw, c'mon. Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think....

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

Thanks, I won a two buck bet that I could get a response out of you in defense of the indefensible Sub-Standard Examiner. I guess to be fair I ought to at least buy you a beer at the Lighthouse.

And speaking of female body parts, I do believe that if the Standard did go tits up, as they certainly deserve to do, that the Trib and or DNews would fill the void with an Ogden edition.

Concerning the DNews, the Publisher just released a response to the rumors of their demise in which he guaranteed that the DNews was going to be publishing a strong daily edition far into the future. So perhaps the rumors of their death are premature as Mark Twain was reported to have said about like rumors concerning his demise.
Of course the publisher doood may have been playing word games with the "publish" thing. He might consider a daily web site as "publishing".

Old Joe said...

The "Deseret (sic) News has always been the news-propaganda arm of the LDS cult.
There is no way it is going tits up, unless it brings it's wayward sister/wife, the Tribune, down with it.

Curmudgeon said...


A few points to keep in mind:

(1)I've been a critic of the SE's tip-toeing around Hizzonah here just as you have. [Latest example: the SE editorial denouncing UTA for changing the downtown 25th Street bus routes with no notice it was considering doing that and no attempt to gather public input, particularly from those who ride those buses, but which managed to so much as mention the name of the Mayor, who asked UTA to change those routes without telling the Council he was doing that, and without seeking any general public input at all.]

2. Nevertheless, if you'll go back over WCF main entries, you'll note that very many of them are based on articles or op eds or editorials that appeared in the SE... and not always to criticize those articles, op eds, or editorials. Straight news stories and sound editorials and good op eds or letters to the editor have often been the basis of some WCF main threads because they contained news. Readers of WCF might well have learned of that news via WCF otherwise, but most SE readers are not daily readers of WCF. And so the SE plays an important role in providing information to the general Ogden population, yes, even about civic affairs in Ogden, however short of excellent you and I might think that coverage falls.

3. Oz, sorry to tell you that most Ogden residents are not the policy wonks that you and I are, and that most WCF folk seem to be. And many Ogden residents read the SE for reasons other than a burning desire to keep tabs on the Mayor and Council. Many people do read the paper for local sports news, or for its feature stories or for HS news on the TX pages, news of upcoming events over the next week, movies reviews, humor columns, letters to the editor on a variety of topics, state government news, and so on . [Look at the stories that generate the most comments on line at the SE, Oz. They're not Ogden City government stories.] And so, as I noted earlier, any local urban daily that did not cover such matters would go out of business lickity-split. Whether you or I think those stories significant is beside the point. The SE doesn't publish just for city administration policy wonks like us. If it did, it'd have folded long ago.

4. None of which means you or I or the rest of WCF's readers/posters should stop criticizing the SE when it fails to do the job on city government it ought to be doing. But wishing the whole paper would collapse because its Ogden City government coverage isn't what is should be is a classic instance of wanting to throw the baby out with the bathwater, seems to me.

Ciao, paisan.

PS: I'd add Mark Saal to the list of people who make the SE worth reading.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon

All you wrote about the SE is most likely true, however I believe they are committing a capital offense in not giving the public a true picture of the criminal doings of the mayor which have such a big negative impact on the citizens of Ogden. This is especially true because they are fully aware of the skullduggery of the Godfreyites, and their is plenty of evidence to indicate they profit from it as well.

It seems like our society still executes baby killers, even if they were Eagle scouts and were kind to their mothers and little dogs. (ie Gary Bishop) So should these spineless weenies that own and run the Standard get a free pass because they do movie reviews? Not in this old soldiers book they don't!

I say let those bastards of Sandusky die a thousand horrible deaths for enabling Godfrey and gang to rape the citizens. Besides, they are easy and fun to hate!

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