Sunday, August 29, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Two Ogden Homes Torched for Firefighter Training

Just like his Boss, it appears that Chief Mathieu's word is no good

If you've been hacking, coughing and wheezing since yesterday morning, this morning's Standard-Examiner story provides the likely cause:
Two Ogden homes torched for firefighter training
This brings to mind this July 7, 2010 Std-Ex story, in which Ogden Fire Chief Mike Mathieu first publicly proposed torching Gadi Leshem's 40 derelict Ogden Riverfront properties. Among Chief Mathieu's assurances set forth within his initial 7/7/10 proposal:
Mathieu said multiple homes could be burned at once. Burning would take place when smoke would dissipate properly. Area residents would be notified in advance of the fires, he said [presumably while his lips were moving].
Just like his constantly dissembling Boss, it's evident that Chief Mathieu's word is no good, either.

We received the following missive from one of our gentle readers earlier this morning, in reference to Jessica Miller's above-linked morning story (among other reader complaints):
What sort of deal if any was struck with the mayor?
What sort of notification occurred for area residents?
What pollutants were monitored and by what method?
Is risk management personnel qualified to conduct environmental testing and monitoring?
What funds are going to be used to finish the demolition?
When are other homes going to be burned?
What were the costs associated with additional fire department and risk management staffing?
When can the Council expect a copy of the press release?
Can you tell I am livid???
So many questions... so few answers.

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godfrey henchman said...


Anonymous said...

Matthiew Godfrey thinks he does whatever he Will.
This flaw is what allows him his propensity toward acting as an immature bully.

When someone actually does as they Will, all humanity reaps the benefits of the far-seeing, star-following, balanced and kind actions.

Matt Godfrey' heart and mind and spirit mistakes simple human greed and religious selfishness for Will.
And as a result, we all suffer from his ugly commonness and trite scheming. Ultimately, he suffers for his dissembling ineptitude.
Poor fool.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, let's see: I took the promise of city-wide notification to apply to the massive burning of forty or so houses, or numbers of them at a time. The OFD I understand burns [and has permission to burn] two derelict structures under safe conditions [wind, etc.] each year for training purposes. This is not, I think, new permission but has been standing policy for some time. And as someone on WCF noted last week, the city had crews removing asbestos from the buildings last week, so some safety procedures regarding burning toxics seem to have been followed.

Were there a lot complaints yesterday about bad air/smoke in Ogden related to the training burn? I don't know of any. Does anyone? Did the OFD follow its usual procedures to determine the safety of a training burn? Does it normally notify near neighbors of such training burns and did it in this instance? I don't know. Doesn't seem [so far] anyone posting here knows either. Probably worth finding out the answers to such questions before jumping to conclusions.

OneWhoKnows said...

3 AM planned burn, little resistence, little media......any questions? If you can't trust Mayor Weiner Boy, who can we trust. What a scumbag!

mushroom said...

Mathieus' word is as good as Godfreys' word, nothing.
They used gas and diesel to ignite those houses. There is absolutely no training involved watching two fully involved structures burn to the ground. This was nothing more than a demo project for Mayor and his criminal, low life friend at the taxpayers expense.
There was no air monitoring from Rick Management, they werent even there.

Watch for more of the same false lies.

ozboy said...


Are "false lies" any different than true lies? Does that mean that there actually wasn't any, or won't be any, lies from city hall?
Perhaps we should consult with the mayor on this matter, after all he is Ogden's true authority on lies of all types. Not sure however how much trust we can put in his answer.

julia said...

Perhaps the poster above has a good point on just what kind of training exercise this was. Did any one here actually witness the fires? Did the firemen try to put the fires out once they were lit? What kind of actual training really took place with this burn?

mushroom said...


A slip of the old key board, a lie is a lie is a lie, and it was Risk Management who wan not there monitoring air.

Tired said...

Who made sure the asbestos was removed?

Ernest T. said...


Good point!

Of all the female body parts, I like the asbestos!

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