Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sandstrom v. Saltas: An Invitation For WCF Debate

Another GOP neoCON tilts the Utah political landscape against politico-economic reality

In the midst of the news that neoCON wingnut State Rep. Stephen Sandstrom is "formally introducing his controversial immigration legislation Wednesday to colleagues on Capitol Hill"...
Sandstrom formally introduces immigration bill to Legislature
We're delighted to offer this savvy counter-point from one-of-a-kind Utah journalistic legend John Saltas...
Rep. Scapegoat: Stephen Sandstrom
Let's abide by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, people, even though we believe Mr. Saltas has already delivered to Mr. Sandstrom the "knockout punch."

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.

As always, we at WCF always like to incite a good political scrap.

Update 8/19/10 7:00 p.m.: For our readers' convenience, we link the following supporting documents here:
Sandstrom Bill Summary
Bill: Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act
Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


Tom said...

Saltas is hands down one of the best newspaper guys and writers in Zion. He nails it at least 90% of the time. In an era where newspapers are going the way of the long knives with regularity, his City Weekly seems to be thriving. Ya gotta love dem Greeks!

All warm an fuzzy aside said...

With reportedly 150,000 Illegals from where ever living in Utah, why is it that every day the majority of violent crimes (stabbings, beatings, gangs, drugs, robberies,...) are being committed by people who look "Hispanic" and have Spanish names?

Why is it that the hospital folks complain about how many Hispanics are treated for free (to them) but cost the rest of us in medical costs?

Why is it that my grandson has to pay more than $900 in fees in his High School and his pal, Gomez, pays nothing?

Why must my grand daughter pay thousands in tuition at a public College, yet the kids of illegal immigrants get large subsidies?

Don't get me wrong. I love the Mexican people specifically and have many Mexican friends going back multiple decades. But it seems to me that discrimination in any form is just wrong. And making special rules for different skin colors or for people from different places is just Wrong!

Equality = Fairness; Fairness = Equality... And this La Raza (the race) with its demeaning/disrespecting our laws and our flag (which they fly upside down or beneath the Mexican Flag) and the circular arguments with outrageous demands for their "rights" does little to help either cause.

OK, there I said it. Now have at calling me names.

RudiZink said...

Emotion aside, it seems to me, awafa, that rather than approach the immigration problem Arizona-style (identifying and deporting illegals one by one,) the more sensible and effective approach would be to deny illegals government benefits across the board, and to aggressively prosecute American employers who hire undocumented workers. The illegal immigration problem will only be solved by attacking the economic cause of the problem, rather than going after the symptom, in my never humble belief.

So what say our other gentle readers about all this?

curious 1 said...

As a liberal democrate I agree with you Rudi. Fine or jail those that hire undocumented or pay cash under the table. Need to stop those that only profit from someone elses fears.

All warm and fuzzy said...

Agree. We have to stop the handouts in every form. Allow illegals a pathway to citizenship with the illegals placed a the back of the line and back in Mexico or where ever they came from.

And aggressive heavy fines for those who hire illegals also would help.

A heavy duty review of how the 14th amendment is being misapplied to non citizens who drop babies also definitely needs to be done at a Supreme Court level.

Finally, sanctuary cities need to have their Mayors and Police Chiefs prosecuted for malfeasance and whatever else is available to put them away. Selectable enforcement of Federal or State Law is a pathway to anarchy.

Lest in my ever so humble opinion.

The thought just occurred to me, How pissed off are the libs/Dems going to be if and when it comes out that Obama was socially promoted in school. Recruited to fill racial quotas. Is not even a US citizen. And is Islamic and not what he claimed to be?

Just trying to spice up this thread...

Tired said...

The whole "anchor baby" thing is a right wing distraction/fear tactic. People aren't running over border in droves just to have a baby in order that they can have citizenship. Some are. But very few. This way is, in fact, one of the slowest ways a person can achieve citizenship.

googlegirl said...

Are Americans total numbskulls?

ozboy said...

All warm and fuzzy

Morons like you are incapable of having "humble opinions". Your 1st post almost made some sense for a minute and for a change - until your idiotic little rant on Obama pretty much proved you to be petty, stupid and bigoted. There is absolutely no proof any where to support everything you said about the President. On your very best day in your whole miserable life you could not hold Obama's jock strap in any contest mental or physical. You are a washed up loser who has no credibility or redeeming value.

Your stupid scriblings are a dead give away to your true identity so why don't you crawl back into your miserable little world, or better yet go back to Arkansas.

Uncle bob said...

Fuzzy is Bill Clinton?

Monica said...

1. moron
2. incapable of being humble
3. idiot
4. petty
5. stupid (2)
6. bigoted
7. miserable (2)
8. lower
9. no credibility

WOW! Must be crazed left wing nut who got all that in one paragraph? I wanta meet you big fella...

RudiZink said...

LOL, Monica! That "big fella" you refer to would be our own ozboy, who's been posting on this blog since literally DAY ONE.

A coupla things we've learnt about oz over the course of the past 5+ years:

1) He never minces words.
2) He's usually right.

ozboy said...


Sorry to insult your delicate sensibilities but I do get riled up a bit when I encounter these ridiculous, completely untrue and unfounded attacks on President Obama. And yes, I do consider those who propagate such drivel as morons.

As to me being a "crazed left wing nut" sorry to disappoint you but until recently I was a Republican delegate and have been involved with the party in one way or another since my first campaign for Mr. Conservative himself - Barry Goldwater back when Christ was a only a corporal.

If it is any consolation, I did reconsider the post after I made it and sent an email to Rudi asking him to review it and delete it if he felt it was to aggressive. Unfortunately he did not see my email until around 1PM today so the post remained up.

As to meeting me, well that's easy, Rudi could arrange it, drop him a line.

Hindman said...

Hey Fuzzy - "Why is it that the hospital folks complain about how many Hispanics are treated for free (to them) but cost the rest of us in medical costs?"

Living in central Ogden I have found many times poor white people abusing (in my opinion) the hosptial emergency room for free medical care - well, free to them.

"Why is it that my grandson has to pay more than $900 in fees in his High School and his pal, Gomez, pays nothing?"

Well because your grandson does not qualify for fee waivers. $900! sounds like he signed up for a lot of extracurricular activities also.

"Why must my grand daughter pay thousands in tuition at a public College, yet the kids of illegal immigrants get large subsidies?"

Perhaps she should have applied for scholarships.

JMO said...

WHY is it my 25 year old son cannot get any help to fix his back problems? The local emergency rooms will not help. He has applied for ssdi 2 years ado and still no answer. It seems young white males cannot qualify for any help. All it would take is a fairly simple back surgery to qualify him to resume work. It jusy seems to me illegal aliens can get all the help. JMO

RJ S said...

"On your very best day in your whole miserable life you could not hold Obama's jock strap in any contest mental or..."

This goes for about half of the loudmouths in this country, regarding any and all of our recent presidents.
Persons with out the wit, wisdom, intelligence, or leadership skills, bashing away at our various presidents.

I disagreed with President Bush's command decisions, did not care for President Clinton personally, and did not trust Bush v1.0 CIA background.

But disparage with ill-thought out garbage while they were sitting at the big desk? Never. Not unless I thought I could do better, or unless I thought they were committing treason.

Our country is full of barely high school graduated blowhards being led by pundits who could use them for firewood, intellectually. And usually morally, as well. As with many situations, the loudest complainers are often the biggest perpetrators.

RJS said...

Funny, in Europe they complain about the slavs coming and stealing the jobs, wives, and housing of the Romanians. Or the Spaniards coming and doing similar to the French. Or, insert any 2nd word country that sits next to a developed country here.
Bigotry, insular misinformed nonsense, and fear of the other.
Cept those damn Canadians; they are too damn pretty for their own good.

ozboy said...


Great two posts, very insightful - thanks.

In the advertising business the conventional wisdom is that the mass American audience operates on a 5th to 8th grade level, and as a consequence almost all advertising is produced to resonate with them.

I believe that all of the loud mouthed propagators of misinformation in this country - ie Limpaw, Hannity, Beck, etc - also have this as their guiding principles.

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