Friday, August 06, 2010

SL Weekly: Desperately Seeking Sam Granato

Never heard of Sam Granato? Read all about him here

Salt Lake City Weekly provides a highly informative in depth profile of Sam Granato in this week's edition:
Desperately Seeking Sam Granato
Never heard of Sam Granato? He's the Democratic Party stealth candidate running for Bob Bennett's soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat against GOP candidate Mike Lee:
2010 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster
With the 2010 general election approaching in under 90 days, we thought an introduction would be in order.

Angst-filled Utah Democrats and GOP moderates are crossing their fingers he'll be coming out of hiding any day now, yes?


Danny said...

Actually, after the past few weeks, I'm looking forward to supporting Mike Lee.

The guy says he doesn't support federal funding of LOCAL projects. How hard core Constitutionalist is that?

If he can stand up to the local voters and say No to federal money that would have flowed to the State, then he can say No to anybody.

Stick to your guns, Mike.

Run off the parasites, the activist judges, the unthinking statists and liberals, the illegal Mexican immigrants, and tell the rest of the world you work for the US, not for them.

Senator Lee.

President Lee.

I like the sound of it.

googlegirl said...

Rolly: Bennett’s son now working for Democrat Granato

Elder Benson said...

Yeah... President Lee! I like the sound of that too!

And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Keisha said...

Yes, Danny! Let's move back to the original constitution, under which holding human slaves was legal, women had no vote and were additionally burdened in marriage by the doctrine of Coverture

We're living in the 21st Century Danny. Please try to catch up.

backward constitutionalist said...

Don't forget that the original constitution didn't have any amendments. I guess the founders (the ones that agree with me anyway) didn't think we needed a right to bear arms or freedom of speech.


Really...? said...

I love how everyone thinks that the founders were all of one voice and agreed on everything. The constitution and its amendments were the result of a bunch of people with very different opinions getting together and working on the problems they were having. I wish we would all wake up and start doing the same.

Piggy Orwell said...

Danny, Do you think we could get Mr. Lee to sponsor a tax cut? We had a tea party opposing taxes on tea. When I go to the store I have to pay tax on my tea purchase. This gooes against everything this country fought for. Also since originally blacks were only counted as 3/5 of a person can we count white citizens as 7/5 of a citizen in order to keep things in balance? And where is the authority granted in the constitution telling me I have to drive on the right side of the highway.

give me freedom! Let me be free and allow me to drive on whatever side of the road I wish.

Danny said...

Actually women received the vote and the slaves were freed under, and as a result of, the US Constitution.

And you people who are so sure of yourselves, how about persuading others to your viewpoint, instead of forcing your views down others' throats by merely convincing some incompetent judge?

The subsequent amendments, as the Constitution itself, were obtained by consensus and public acceptance. The way it should be done.

Danny said...

Interesting post, Fireman Joe.

Personally, the idea of bicycle parks is one I agree with.

Too bad I don't recall seeing it voted on by the city council.

Well, you people who don't mind "one man (judge) rule" shouldn't mind Godfrey doing whatever he wants as long as it's something you agree with.

Piggy Orwell said...

Danny, I believe that slavery was ended because one man (Abraham Lincoln) went to war to end slavery. The amendment came long after one man (Abraham Lincoln) issued a proclamation endin slavery.

ozboy said...

And speaking about Republicans, I saw this in a Tribune column by Leonard Pitts. The column was titled

"Pulpit politics, 'today, I quit being a Christian'"

and is about the author Anne Rice forsaking her fish eating faith:

"......somehow in the last 30 years, people of faith were hustled and hoodwinked into regarding the GOP platform as a lost gospel. Somehow, low taxes for the wealthy and deregulation of industry became the very message of Christ. Somehow, hostility to science, gays, Muslims and immigrants became the very meaning of faith. And somehow Christianity became — or at least, came to seem — a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.

The whole column can be read here:

Danny said...

In the post above it says that Slavery was ended because Abraham Lincoln went to war to end slavery.

And Oz, somebody already posted the statements of the mentioned author yesterday.

Both comments speak for themselves in the context of the level of what constitutes news, and public discourse, and an understanding of history, in this nation of morons.

It's really no wonder some become elitist, judge their fellows to be little more than cattle, and manipulate the system to enrich themselves with disregard for the common folk.

Used to be common folk, at least, had common sense.

Clearly, no more.

Stephen M. Cook said...

Danny speaks with derision, "It's really no wonder some become elitist, judge their fellows to be little more than cattle, and manipulate the system to enrich themselves with disregard for the common folk".

Hey mate, thats my job description right there, eh?

Fireman Joe said...

Comment bumped to front page

ozboy said...

"Danny" wrote in reference to my Leonard Pitts quote:

"And Oz, somebody already posted the statements of the mentioned author yesterday."

As the only non-moron left on earth, perhaps the very full of himself "Danny" could point out just where this post is? Couldn't find it although there was a post quoting Anne Rice leaving Christianity.

Only a moron would make such a mistake and we know by his own self aggrandizing statements that Danny isn't one, so we know for sure that the Leonard Pitts quote I quoted just has to be in here somewhere.

Danny said...

Oz, I was referring the idiotic Anne Rice quote, of course, and as you yourself, mentioned.

So I'm not sure I see your point.

And what's self aggrandizing about pointing things out, and observing that people seem to be getting stupider all the time? Or pointing out that popular culture, education, media, etc, seem to be getting increasingly inane?

I never said I was the only smart person left. But there seem to be more and more that have no sense at all.

Surely, Oz, you've noticed it yourself.

I seem to be setting people off lately. It doesn't bother me at all. But we should play nice, since Rudi is away.

Danny said...

... and BTW, if I thought I was the only smart person in this room, I would never be here...

Sorry if I left another impression.

blackrulon said...

Danny."I am in the company of Morons. Morons. A sea of morons everywhere. ...Morons. 99%." August 04 2010 5:57pm Yeah, I say everyone is a moron...August 04 2010 6:58pm.

Jenica Jacobsen said...

For your candidate roster, some additional websites:
Dee Smith:
Debbie Hansen:
Teresa Yorgason:
Ben Pales:
Alan Wheelwright:
Neil Hansen:
Randy Rounds:

RudiZink said...

Thanks for the additional contact info, Jenica. I've now updated our candidate roster:

2010 General Election Candidate Roster

Please do a double check to make sure I have it all right.

Thanks again.

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