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Standard-Examiner: Ethics Drive Scrambling to Meet Ballot Signature Requirements

Meet and greet your blogmeister this weekend, down on lower 25th

It's now down to the wire with the UEG Ethics Petition , as both the Standard-Examiner and the Deseret News now report that UEG ethics petition sponsors are now resigned to "put up or shuddup," with one week left to qualify the citizens' ethics petition for the 2012 ballot.

Here's the latest from the Standard-Examiner:
Ethics drive scrambling to meet ballot signature requirements
And here's a similar story from the Deseret News:
Utahns for Ethical Government pushes for place on 2012 ballot
Despite the signup problems in other counties, like right-wing wingnut Utah County, Weber County has proudly gathered the minimum requisite signatures to help qualify the citizen initiative measure for the ballot.

Fortunately, UEG sponsors have now mustered an army of volunteers in the lagging districts within the state. In that connection we wish them well over the next week.

As far as Weber County goes however, Weber County UEG volunteers will still be working hard in Weber County during the next week, just to provide a "buffer" for the signatures we've already gathered. Look for UEG petition gatherers throughout Weber County this week at grocery stores and other public gathering places. And if you haven't yet signed the petition, please do so at your most convenient opportunity.

And here's another Ogden UEG petition signature opportunity:

Meet your blogmeister down on lower 25th street this weekend, where in conjunction with the Ogden Farmers' Market event, your blogmeister will be manning a UEG petition signature booth at 201 25th (in front of Bruce Edward's old El Borracho) between 8 am and 1 pm.

Your blogmeister would be delighted to meet you all... especially those of you who haven't signed the UEG petition yet.

I'll be the bulky powerlifter-type guy wearin' a giant and flamboyant Hawaiian shirt... and a pink carnation.

Be sure to step up and say "hello," my WCF friends.


Curmudgeon said...

Way off topic, but we do a lot of SE bashing around here [much of it well deserved, some of it not], so when the paper does something worth applauding, we ought to note it.

And it has.

Last night, news broke nationally that Bristol Palin was not going to marry Levi, that their month-long reconciliation had failed. Much detail on the wire services about why.

Happily, I saw nothing on the SE dead tree edition this morning, but thinking I might have missed it, I just searched the SE's on line site for "Bristol Palin Levi." And what came up? This:

"Sorry! We could not find what you are looking for."

Excellent. Way to go, SE, refusing to wallow in the mire. Good news judgment. Kudoes.

Bruce Butts said...

Here's what Cumudgeon! Let me just say that I'm thoroughly irked that the Standard isn't properly covering the Bristol Palin Levi story.

Here's the bright side! The Standard is all over the Lindsay Lohan story:

Lohan released from jail, headed to rehab

It's distresing to me though that the SE has fallen down on the job of following my favorite, Paris Hilton.

Hopefuly the Standard will get down to business about reporting on the media stars, and clean up its act!

Danny said...

I might drop by to see Rudi getting his petition signed - the guy is a real public citizen.

That is, if I don't take the Husqvarna 350 Conquistador Gold Edition Motocross Especial out to Monte that day instead.

Decisions, decisions.

BAT_girl said...

HOT DAMN! A chance to meet RUDI ZINK! I will stop by, even through I sign this petition in JAN 2010 at PLESANT VALLEY LIBRARY, at a table powered by the Ogden/ Weber League of Women Voters.

(BTW Crum........I tried the same search and I came up with:


A California federal judge strikes down Proposition 8, the state's law that prohibits same-sex marriage.

For more information...

YA!...........NOW watch how much MORMON MAFIA MONEY will take that appeal............ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPREME COURT. I just heard CHRIS BUTTARS say to count him in, all the way up here in OGDEN.

blackrulon said...

Really Curm. Praising the S-E for not covering a story. Using that logic we could praise the S-E for being a great newspaper becaquse they refuse to report on a story. They must be the greatest paper ever since they decline to report on any legal or ethical violations committed by the current Godfrey administratioin. If not honestly or accurately reporting a story is the criteria then Scott Schwebke can begin preparing his Pulitizer acceptance speech.

BAT-girl said...

Reader comment bumped to the front page

Curmudgeon said...


The SE gets credit for not reporting a story that ought not to have been reported by any serious newspaper with standards higher than scandal sheets. [The SLTrib by the way, reported the story --- inside, briefly, back with the girdle ads, but it did report it.]

Ms. Palin's relationships and their status du jour should not be news. She's not a public office holder. She's not put herself up as a candidate for office. She's not been appointed to a position of public trust. Her love life is none of the public's business, and no newspaper that's proud of that title should be reporting it. This is true even if Ms. Palin thinks her love life ought to be news and keeps on issuing press releases about it.

Sometimes, BR, good journalism does consist of not reporting what shouldn't be news.

blackrulon said...

Curm you are full of it.In regards to the story about the Marshall White center 2 days ago you criticized the S-E because readers were "thus not provided with necessary context for understanding the story in full".They were just practicing journalism. If practicing good journalism includes not publishing guest editorials by people like Dan S. critical of the current administration is good journalism then I ignoring contary opinions is also good journalism. The S-E does not practice good joirnalism but just crony reporting and favorable stories to favored subjects.

Dan S. said...

Curm: Actually I think I did see something about whats-her-name in the dead-tree S-E this morning. But don't have it in front of me. Check again when you get a chance.

Hildy Johnson said...

Mr. Curmudgeon. I have the sad duty to inform you that you were in error about the Standard not publishing information about the Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson engagement cancellation. In Wednesdays August 2nd 2010 edition there was a new item on the subject. It was located on page 2A on the right edge below the newspaper fold. I am curious as to why you did not think it newsworthy you searched for it on the Standard website? Does this mean that we are now free to question the Standard again for its news judgement?

ozboy said...

To you bashers of Mr. Curmudgeon I would like to remind you that he has only been wrong once in his life and that was one time he thought he was wrong but turned out to be wrong in thinking he was.

John Adams said...

Any smart polygamy advocate should be getting ready to use the same legal arguments that the Gay advocates used on denial of civil rights. The arguments are exactly the same and cannot be denied by the courts. We can then truly have an open society and who knows what's next?

googlegirl said...

Ex-Congressman Chris Cannon backs ethics initiative

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