Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UEG Press Conference Tomorrow @ 12:00 p.m.

Tantalizing news from the the Utahns for Ethical Government facebook wall:
Join UEG at a press conference at noon, Thursday, August 12th, in the rotunda of the state capitol for the encouraging results of our year-long signature gathering effort. Please show up at this important event and share your enthusiasm!
Whoa! Do you think UEG is calling a press conference tomorrow to annoumce they didn't collect the requisite signatures by the August 12, 2010 deadline?

Do you think they're calling a press conference so they can kiss Lt. Governor Bell's right wing socialist butt?

We don't think so!

And what about you?

Update 8/12/10 7:00 a.m.: Here's the latest good news from UEG's Facebook wall:
Our goal was to get 95,000 signatures from registered voters in 26/29 Utah Senate districts, to be able to get the Ethics Initiative on the ballot in 2012. As of midnight last night, we have carried 26 of the 29 counties with a 20% buffer. We may make it in another district (St George) by tomorrow. This has been an amazing effort by a small dedicated group of volunteers. Utahns overwhelmingly want ethics reform!
Next up... the noon press conference in the state capitol rotunda, where we presume UEG organizers will be running a very well deserved victory lap.


Ray said...

I'm hoping all the hard work of the petition gatherers pays off. Truly a grassroots effort. It would fire a shot across the bow of the our esteemed politicians "gravy boat" if it were to pass. If it does make the ballet expect new bills in 2011 to further dampen the initiative process in Utah.

Curmudgeon said...

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