Thursday, August 12, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune: UEG Says Ethics Code Will Be On Ballot

Time now to fry the imperial legislative right wing socialist foot-draggers in court

Eureka folks! To the complete dismay of the right-wing socialists in the Utah legislature, it looks like massive Utah Legislative Ethics/Campaign Finance Reform will be on the ballot in 2012:
Group says ethics code will be on ballot
Of course there will be many battles ahead, as the UEG Lawyers fight on to place the matter on the ballot in 2012.

Here's just another example of the kind of crap Utah GOP legislators are placing in the path of THE PEOPLE, who are merely trying to clean up the Pay-to-Play Cesspool which currently exists in our Utah Legislature:
UEG’s Creative New Deadline
It'll be a long battle even yet to get this initiative on the ballot, with backguard B.S. like this. Nevertheless we do believe it's time for the lumpencitizens of Utah to take a short pause, at least for the moment for celebration, and then to thereafter gird our loins for the inevitable court fights which will be necessary to bend the backs of our arrogant and fascist GOP dominated legislature to the people's will.

The important thing, Utah Lumpencitizens... we've accomplished the hard part, and gathered the requisite signatures to put the matter on the ballot.

Time now to fry the imperial legislative right wing socialist foot-draggers in court.

Update 8/13/10 7:00 a.m.: Here's a video clip on the subject, courtesy of Fox 13 News:
UEG says it has met requirements for 2012 ballot
David Irvine (UEG Attorney): "They do not want this initiative to be voted on by the people."

Paul Nuenschwantzwanker (Lt. Governor's Chief of Staff): "If he's got some way to prove that, other than just some grandiose statement, I'd like to hear it."



Jim Bridger said...

Wonderful news! This is the first step for the people to hold our legislators accountable for their follies. Next we should include the County and Town elected officials. They abuse their power at times just as much as the state representatives.

Thank you to all you pompus elected officials that helped make this possible with your nefarious antics.

Ruthie said...

My congratulations to all signature gatherers who made this political miracle happen!

Power to the People! said...

Power to the People, Right On!

blackrulon said...

If the UEG petition wins at the ballot box does this mean that Patrick Byrme(CEO of Overstock,com) will reconsider his remarks about Utahns when school vouchers failed. "...a statewide IQ test that Utahns failed..?

Hindman said...

As one of the many signature gatherers, Ruthie, thank you.

blackrulon - I guess I would care if Byrne's comments matter to me, but, alas they don't. And because of his school vouchers comment I have also refused to make any further purchases from I am sure that will mean nothing to him but it gives me personal satisfaction.

Ray said...

Glad to see others holding Patrick Byrme accountable via doing business with I also committed to staying away from his business after his voucher comments.

Curmudgeon said...


Me too.

Curmudgeon said...

I signed the petition and I'm happy the signature requirements were met, but have to tell ya guys, if we were at the track [where a realistic assessment of probability separates those who ride home in cabs from those who have to hitch], I wouldn't credit anything better than a one in five chance that the ethics bill will in fact appear on the ballot and I'd demand at least 5-1 odds if I were putting money down that it would.

This might create some more embarrassment for the Bramble Unethical Junta, but realistically, folks, considering Mr. Bramble and his cronies' legislative history to date, is it even possible to embarrass them? The evidence suggests not.

And if it did appear on the ballot and did pass, the Bramble Unethical Junta would amend it into oblivion in the next following session.

A symbolic victory, but realistically, not much more than that I'm afraid. The plain fact is the solution to Utah's legislative ethics problem lies at the polls. Until a sufficient number of voters state wide are willing to throw the bums out [which will mean in many cases, but not all, voting for Democratic challengers], there are not going to be much more than minor cosmetic changes in the ethical conduct of the Utah Legislature... the kind of changes that are well described by the phrase "putting lipstick on a pig."

Jim Bridger said...

Beware of the powers that be. It may be they will find a way to prevent the people from speaking by ruling the signatures are not valid. The entrenched power structure is reluctant to allow any changes to what they have been doing all these years.

Wade said...


So I was up around Strongs Canyon on a MTB ride last night and there has been more work regarding Peterson's Scar.

There is an obvious line where oak brush and srubs have been poisoned or cut in a straight line at a decent angle going up towards strongs canyon. It appears to be on track to meet up with the clearcut path that is the future road up to Malan's Basin.

This path starts above Weber State at the top of the exercise loop. It goes up what most Moutain bikers call the Ogden Sled - or Bobsled trail. This trail will one day be a nice two lane road.

I'm going to try and hike up there tonight and perhaps take some photo's of this new development.

Really just a FYI for those that are concerned with the continued development of our east bench.

"Saving Our Foothill Property LLC"?!?!?! said...


If you are taking photos to document Peterson's folly I would suggest buzzing by the 29th Street trail head as well. Grading and a fence with a gate on a wide dirt path.

In an ideal/reasonable world we would have forward thinking elected officials who would work to acquire and set aside open space in the foothills. In Ogden we have a mayor who would love to develop/sell it off.

Look on the Ogden Sierra Club website for some history here.

Slash and destroy

Whats in a name?

Spellin' Pohlice said...

"Paul Nuenschwantzwanker", Rudi?

Rolling eyes...

Tea Party Guy said...

Here's another Idea Rudi. Why not force ethics reform onto the front stage as we move forward in the 2010 General Election Cycle? Why not put every 2010 candidate's feet to the fire on this? Why not make every candidate's position on the UEG Petition issue pivotal to their election?

Just a thought, Rudi.

Weber County Precinct chair said...

I'm going to suppose that there are many Utah Republicans who will NOT vote for either Governor Herbert or Lt. Gov. Bell in the next election.

If Utah conservative Utah voters have even a hint of the spirit of democracy, they'll usher out these Utah facsistsw in November 2010.

Look at how these assholes have fought tooth and nail against the UEG Citizens inititive.

Just Axin' said...

If the evil neoCON Curt Bramble opposes this citizen legislation, that's pretty much a strong argument in favor of the UEG petition, isn't it?

Viktor said...

Another off topic topic:

Get ready for the tin hat crowd to erupt tomorrow over Obama supporting the mosque at ground zero. Your emails will over flow with vehement and idiotic blather about the terrorist loving, foreign born president who is in league with the Muslims to destroy Americer. We might even get to once again see the horribly disingenuous and butchered video of Obama praising the Muslim religion as proof positive of the grand conspiracy. You will be able to identify them in the streets by their raving and foaming mouths!

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