Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why There Are No Jobs in America

The system's completely stacked against the small-time business sector

By Local Entrepreneur

Speaking of economic development blunders, here's somethin' ya'll ought to be thinkin' about:
This is why there are no jobs in America
The system's completely stacked against the small-time business sector, those of us who've traditionally provided 80% of the jobs in America.


Nicely Done said...

Excellent article! Refreshing to see it here on the WCF...I've posted similar things here and got lamblasted for being some kind of capitalist pig.

Thanks for sharing and I could not agree more with the article.

Danny said...


But you didn't mention all the local parasitic bureaucrats that you have to ask permission of, and climb into bed with, to do just about ANYTHING in Ogden.

(But you can leave your building vacant. Then nobody bothers you. So guess what a lot of people do?)

Architect of Worlds said...

I don't blame the government for anything, really. The government is simply the all-rolled-into-one character of all the various citizens of a nation, over time.
In a time of unprecidented scientific advancement, freedoms, prosperity, and hot chicks, it would seem foolish to point fingers at the institution that allowed all this to occur, and say sour grapes.
The USA rocks, our government is no worse or better than the lot of you, and people need to quit sniveling about the elected government, and look to the real problem: themselves.

Nicely Done said...

Danny...difficult but not impossible... if you are not in the club.

Architect... the government is not what gives us our freedom.

What will it cost us said...

It doesn't mention the jobs big corporations have moved overseas for cheap labor and avoid environmental rules. It is hard to find anything not made in China. It was a huge mistake when Nixon opened the trade door to China. I do take offence on his "Americka" comment which shows his bias.

We all have rules to follow and the insurance lobbies are big on making us pay more with new laws. Look at the car insurance rules in efffect here that raised my insurance rates over $40 a month courtesy of the Utard Legislators, by raising the coverage limits.

I do agree that America will be left with health and service jobs for the middle class. Where we were the best in textile, jean, and hard goods manufactuing, now we only build commercial aircraft and military supplies for the world.

Nicely Done said...

Its talking about being in small business....stay on target.
ever tried that?

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

Anonymous said...

Not gives; rather, allows.
It is a huge difference.

Grumpy said...

Um . . . . no. Not exactly. The estate tax only affects the very very very wealthy. This includes small businesses--most don't fall in the very wealthy category. We are talking 2% maybe 5% wealthiest in the nation. So, no. This article is not really that true.

Small businesses are suffering, but it's not because of the estate tax.

Nut Job said...

The ultra-rich want to keep it that way. Of course. They want cheap labor, hence the shaking down of the wages. They know that Americans and American wages, in a increasingly shrinking world, are an anachronism and unnecessary to support their plans. They want you to believe it is the Government fault that your paycheck has been shrinking even though both parents now work, and all the while they become 10, 20, 100 times as wealthy as they were just a scant generation ago.

And they blame the safety net!

All that banking money went somewhere, and it wasn't into the bank accounts of the working poor.

There is a small cabal of families, only some of who are US citizens, who have the stated goal of enslaving the world. The US government, and a few free nations in Europe and elsewhere, are all that stand in the way of the USA being a place where everyone makes 1.00 a day and glad of it.

This is not "class warfare" as the war was lost during the 1980's.
This is the endgame mop up. And your grandkids will live in a world where all media, books, video, and brain implants, tell them that Corporations are God, and individualism is evil.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents: worm-food for those who live in towering edifices in Heaven/Dubai.

Bet on it.

ozboy said...

Nut Job

As grim a picture as you paint, I fear you may be right.
A nation's might and wealth are a direct result of its work ethic. In our lifetime the work ethic of the American youth has gone down the toilet and I fear the great American empire is going with it.
(Doesn't that sound like our parents!)

I think the real solution is straight from the 60's - eat the rich!

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