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2010 General Election Day Thread - UPDATED

Follow our hot links to Federal, State and County real-time results
Update: Check out this morning's official interim Weber County vote tallies

The Polls are open, Weber County Forum readers, and will remain open today until 8:00 p.m.

The Standard-Examiner reports that 7,804 ballots have already been cast through the Weber County early voting process; but needless to say, for those voters who waited for today's traditional polling place process, today is your last chance to vote.

And be sure to check out this morning's Standard-Examiner editorial, with its own last-chance-to-vote reminder:
OUR VIEW: Remember to vote
For those readers who are unsure of their polling places, here's a link to the Weber County Government website, which provides several different online resources to help you find your 11/2/10 precinct polling place:
Where Do I Vote?
Update 11/2/10 2:40 p.m.: If you'd like to follow real-time election results as they roll in this evening, click the link below, which will take you to the Utah Lieutenant Governors website. Navigate the main menu in the left sidebar to view real-time tallies in every race from US Senate to local school board:
Utah Election Results - 2010 General Election Preliminary Results
And for the convenience of our Weber County Forum readers, we've broken out direct links to the results in these select Weber County races which have received particular attention within our WCF comments sections, over the course of the 2010 General Election runup:
US Senate - Bradley/Granato/Lee
Governor/Lt Governor - Anderson/Corroon/Herbert/McCullough, et al.
State Senate 18 - Reid/Sawyer
Weber County Offices - All Races
Grab your popcorn and pull up your barcaloungers after 8:00 p.m., folks, as the Lt. Guv's website "scoreboard" begins to light up!

The floor is open. Let's talk about the election, O Gentle Ones.

Update 11/3/10 8:00 a.m.: To save our readers the hassle of plowing through the Lieutenant Governor's Election results menus this morning, here are the interim Weber County vote tallies, via the Standard-Examiner:
Official Weber County Interim Tallies
Examining the results of election contests all across the U.S.A., this morning's Weber County results fall in line with what appears to be a complete national GOP rout:
GOP soars in House, state races; Democrats expected to keep Senate
If there's a single lesson to be learned this election cycle, we suppose it's this: The lumpencitizens are sick and tired of BIG SPENDING elected officials (or candidates perceived to be potential BIG SPENDERS.)

With an Ogden Municipal Election coming up in a little less than a year, we hope our BIG SPENDING Boss Godfrey is taking careful note.

Please feel free to chime in with your post-election comments, folks.


Anti Christ said...

Obama 2012

scarecrow said...

OBAMA/PALIN 2012 = Unity

Curmudgeon said...

My polling place on Harrison reported this morning that there were no lines, but business was "steady". Short wait to pick up voting card at table, but machines immediately available once you got your card.

It's a long ballot this time, stuffed with const. amendments and lots of judges. Takes a while for the printed ballot to print after you hit the "Cast ballot" button. So things may jam up a bit if it gets crowded over the lunch hour or after work.

ozboy said...

I suggest that folks vote against all incumbents, against all amendments and against all sitting judges.

Nothing would send a bigger jolt through the established theocracy/plutocracy we have here in Utah than the hoi polloi calling bull shit on the way they govern.

Tired said...

I've seen zero advertising/signage from Amy Wicks for this election. I hope she's elected based on her reputation because she's put in zero effort to promote herself.

Curmudgeon said...


There are Wicks yard signs. I have one up. But no big ad or poster campaign. It takes money to mount that, and the big money comes more or less inevitably with strings. Her opponent for example is on campaign-donation retainer to the Utah Association of Realtors.

Whether you can win a county wide campaign on a shoestring if you don't take corporate campaign-donation retainers is doubtful. But I consider her lack of cash from those sources a recommendation.

Look into who bought all those big signs said...

I had a piece from the Wicks campaign that arrived as an insert in my Standard Examiner over the weekend and have seen signs placed at homes and businesses, not just thrown on vacant lots, Board of Realtor holdings and public right of ways.

I'm personally not a fan of signs they do nothing to improve the aesthetics of our community.

Anyone want to place bets on how long all of those ugly pieces of plastic will stick around after the election.

american democrat said...

screw mid-terms

Sad Day said...

Well, what a headline it has been today. I woke up to, "it's a fantastic day to be a republican". So what does that mean...it s a horrible day to be a Democrat?

I was disgusted to see that every Republican in Davis County ran unopposed. I just moved into this area and just realized that Rep. Neil Hansen was beat last night, by someone who doesn't know politics, have an idea how the game is played and lastly, I saw some of Peterson's mailers and thought it was full of lies. Anyway, sad to say, there is not a Democrat elected north of Salt Lake. Congrats to the Republican Party...however, I'm sure the this state is ripening for destruction and the only precursor to that is having the GOP run our state.

I'm sure next elections I will be considering to put my name on the ballot just so the Republicans have to fight for what they should earn.

Vote one day, complain the next.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, let's see, Rudi: national exit polls indicate most voters thought "the economy" was the most important issue, and of voters who did think that, the majority voter R in congressional races. Only 18% of voters said "health care" was the most important issue, and a majority of them vote D in congressional races. Nothing like a majority said "federal spending" was the most important issue.

And I wouldn't be too worried if I was the Mayor. FOM and Democrat-until-the-last-day-to-file Reid won election to the Utah State Senate yesterday with 54% of the votes from Weber County [and 70% of the votes from Davis County].

Lots of single issue constituencies are going to claim this morning that their issue was the one that made the difference. [Doug seems to think health care is what did it for example.] You offer excessive govt spending, etc. What the polls suggest is that it was, overwhelmingly the economy. Voters punish the party in power, whichever it is, for a bad economy, and it seems that's what happened yesterday for the most part.

Left of Left said...

Black man gets elected, the aging white hippy-haters go to the poll, one more time.

I better got to the laundry, look s like brown shirts are back in style.

More Prisons, more War, more giveaways to the rich; all on the backs of the working poor.

At least I had the opportunity to see how the Business Interests would react to a populist democrat in office.

They went ape shit.

Curmudgeon said...

Sorry, Left of Left, but the Congressional Democrats deserved the pounding they got. Every bit of it. So did the Administration.

When you win a huge victory in the House, Senate and Presidency by promising change --- and then what you provide is business as usual, just with a wee little tilt to the left of top dead center, you can expect the voters to turn on you. And they did.

President Obama and the congress last time was elected in the midst of what both parties agreed was a national crisis. Obama and the Dems won promising change from the way the Republicans had governed. What the situation required was bold leadership. [Think FDR.] What we got instead was cheese-paring timidity and a broad retreat from the campaign themes.

The President and Congress caved on don't ask, don't tell. They caved on public-option health care. They caved on closing Gitmo. They caved on going after the bonus baby crooks who tanked AIG, Chase, etc. They caved on substantial Wall Street reform and regulation. They lowered middle class taxes a little [though the majority of the electorate polled yesterday thinks their taxes went up in the last two years] and it did them absolutely no good. They caved on eliminating earmarks [though they did reduce them from 11K per budget under bush to 3K per budget under Obama.] They caved on a national public works program to restore the transportation infrastructure [bridges, highway, rail] and create jobs. They caved on rolling back the Bush era warrant-less wire taps etc. They claimed the same power to arrest and imprison even American citizens without trail that Bush claimed, and the Obama administration is going to court now to defend that power.

And they started blowing smoke on the economy the day they got into office, minimizing the size of the disaster inherited from the Bush years, and talking about quick recovery. I know of no economist --- left or right, liberal or conservative or libertarian --- who thought then or thinks now that any government action or policy would or could bring the economy and unemployment back to their old levels or anything close to it in two years. But we got sunshine and smoke instead of cold honesty in the administration's first months. When you raise expectations like that, you damn well better fulfill them, and that was an impossibility no matter what they chose to do or not do.

So, from this card-carrying Yellow Dog Democrat, the congressional party asked for exactly what it got, and it got exactly what it asked for.

Whether the incompetents leading [you should excuse that term] the party in Congress and out learned anything from yesterday remains to be seen. Myself, I doubt it.

voter said...

Amy is a very nice person and has done a commendable job on the City Council. She has experience with budgets, inner circle politics (something she avoids like the plaugue), planning and development, bonding, initiatives and proposals. She was a virtual unknown when she ran for her Seat the first time out, beating one of Godfrey's hand picked lackeys most likely because I think she was the only woman on the ballot and would replace Councilmember Bonnie McDonald (think I have the time and names right). She then slipped by Royal Eccles, in the last election, basically because he did nothing but run on his name.

I think that "campaigning," or in this case the lack of, was the major factor in not only her defeat, but her literal "thrashing" of some 13,000 to 14,000 votes. I don't think she, or her people, were prepared for this "next level" of politics. Her campaign signs were suspect and barely visible, her appearance on TV was somewhat sad, actually, reminiscent to Nixon sitting next to Kennedy back in the 60s, and apparently the county folk found her standoff with the Mayor not to be as important as some thinks it is.

Whatever it was, it was a political disater. I have grave concerns about what once appeared to be a formidable political force in Ogden politics' to now have been reduced to an "also ran" by this election. Her political future doesn't seem as bright as it did.

The experience that was alleged Ms. Wicks by her years on the city council seems to have been nulified in the campaign field. This is a shame, for her continance toward transparent government is something we could use. The problem here is that in order to incorporate her positions, she has to get over the first hurdle, and that is to win the seat.

Anonymous said...

I generally vote for third-party candidates because both of the major parties are corrupt beyond belief (and there is little difference between either party anyway).

However, in this election, I was hoping to see Amy Wicks pull off a victory. She has been the one bright spot on the Ogden City Council and I thought she would have been a great addition to the County Commission.

However, as others have noted, I did not see much advertising and what I did see was sparse.

My hope is that she will not fade into the background. We need more individuals like her in public office.

Phil A. Buster said...

@curmudgeon: you're right about the broken promises that could have been accomplished administratively. But you're being a little unfair on legislation where the real blame lies on the Republicans and conservative Dems who filibustered anything remotely progressive. Hard to blame the liberals for not having 60 votes in the senate.

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