Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift For Our Weak Ogden City Council

As Christmas approaches, we know everyone wants to buy the perfect gifts for those we love

Hey, Weber County Forum readers! Here's something we can give this holiday season to our Ogden City Council, who've recently become sodden and brain-dead clones of the 2004-05 Gang of Six Council, which rubber-stamped every dumbass idea that Boss Godfrey proposed, just before the Emerald City Lumpencitizens sent the same council into political oblivion. Here's a fine x-mas gift for the current council, which seems to have forgotten that they were elected as a bulwark against Boss Godfrey's BIG SPENDING practices. Every current council member except Amy Wicks deserves the "Yes Man" trophy, we believe:
Yes Man Doll
Here's a YouTube sample of this clever battery-powered "political doll" in action:
Yes Man doll
Perhaps the whiny alternative "whipping boy" doll would be an appropriate gift for Ogden CAO John Patterson when Boss Godfrey's grand plans and schemes go awry, as they always do, even though Patterson is also plainly deserving of the "Yes Man" doll award.

Order them up folks, so we can present them to the week-kneed Caitlin Gochnour et al., before Christmas, in time to rustle up a slate of new fiscally prudent city council candidates, well in time for the November 2011 Municipal election.



Promises, grants, guarantees, easy money........they all sound great until it's time to pay the piper. Just ask Blain Johnson and his entourage.

OTown Tea Party Guy said...

Get aboard the bandwagon, tea party folk. Just as we ousted the federal BIG SPENDERS in November, we'll do the same with Godfrey, Gochnour and all the others next year.

fed up with the standard examiner said...

I believe I'll buy a "yes man", and send it to SE managing editor Andy Howell.

disgusted said...

What disappoints me the most is that three of the city council members were elected because they campaigned on the promise that they would represent the residents rather than go along with the administration’s grand visions. Specifically, residents wanted to see the current administration’s activities refocused back on providing city services rather than being in the development business.

Now that these council members are in office they fail to challenge the administration or its staff and allow the administration to set a ridiculous pace on major decisions, thus they never vote on issues from a truly informed position but rather take the path of least resistance. Their own staff is more concerned with marching to the pace set by the administration than they are in independently researching information for the council from sources outside of the city administration. Their staff is more worried about the process than they are in the product and thus are worthless. At a minimum, the role of the council staff needs to be realigned and reorganized. But unfortunately I don’t think the council has the knowledge of how to reorganize it or the intestinal fortitude to do it. As long as the council worries more about getting along with one another than setting the right direction for the city we will never change the course. The city council members that campaigned on getting back to the basics of running a city instead of a development company have failed us.

I don’t think the council members are all that stupid but rather lazy and for that I am extremely disappointed. Some knew how hard the job was from previous involvement, others didn’t, but either way they took on the responsibility and should step up to the responsibility; they’re not school kids anymore. Seems most of the council do not want to put in the personal work required to make a logical argument when they are being spoon feed BS by the administration or its staff (or their staff), nor are they willing to put up with the heat when they differ with the administration or their own staff.

Very disappointing.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

Biker Babe said...

I know a certain prior candidate named Jennifer who would not be afraid to stand up and say:

"With all due respect sir, horse biscuits!" ... or

"Show us the money, give us the names."


ozboy said...

Wellllll "Disgusted"

You'ze pretty much got the City Council figured out! I think your analysis of them is about the best I have seen lately.

Ogden Resident said...

The CIP elephant in room that neither the administration or the city council wants to acknowledge is the $50 million needed water line from the treatment plant at the base of pineview dam to the mouth of Ogden canyon. One of the existing main lines is so deteriorated that it can’t even be worked on for fear that it will collapse. When this thing goes, the resident will be rationing water.
Yet the city wants to spend their time and money on a field house? Way to set your priorities. Such leadership!

ozboy said...

Welllll Ogden resident,

It is obvious that you don't understand the world of high finance very well. This piddling problem with the water line down the canyon will be taken care of in it's own time and place.

First things first, our giant of a financial wizard Godfrey has come up with a brilliant plan to fix all of the city's infrastructure. He is taking the millions generated from BDO, money that was ear marked for city wide infrastructure repair and updating, and he is leveraging it by investing in a wide assortment of incredibly smart biz deals so that when the profit from them role in he can then spend it on the infrastructure every one seems so concerned about. If you were as clever as the mayor, you would see the wisdom in this strategy, but your not so you don't.

I personally think the strategy is so
brilliant that I am going to start practicing it myself. I'm taking all the money I would normally use to pay all my household, auto and other personal expenses and I am going to head on out to Vegas and play the tables to my heart's content. Then I am going to bring back the huge pile of dough I will surely win and then pay those other pesky living expenses with money left over for large ice-cycles and my own private gondola car.

It is really a brilliant strategy, it is known as the Godfrey method.

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