Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Morning WCF News Roundup

A woman in the Utah House leadership Good Ole GOP Boyz Club? Go figure!

News is tediously slow in all the Utah media, as we all retreat from the results of Utah's 2010 General Election. Here, however, are a couple of interesting post-election Northern Utah print media stories, which nevertheless caught your blogmeister's attention this morning:

1) The Salt Lake Tribune reports this morning that current House Speaker David Clark has suffered serious blowback from his heavily reported act of cheering on former Utah legislator (and self-admitted child molester) Kevin Garn, and has now been bumped from his House Leadership seat by a more prim and proper Utah County Relief Society Lady:
Lockhart is first woman to become House speaker
A woman in the Utah legislative leadershipGood Ole Boyz Club? Gasp! Go figure.

2) And on the newspaper "sexual titillation front" don't miss today's Standard-Examiner blockbuster story, reporting that government funded scientific research reveals (to our utter amazement) that sexually experimental pre-teens tend to expand their sexual experimentation, as they grow older:
Study: Oral sex makes intercourse likelier for teens
Well... D'oh! And we needed a government-funded scientific study to learn that?

That's it for now gentle readers. It's been a little quiet around here lately... so "don't be strangers" however, capice?

Update 11/5/10 11:00 p.m.: The SLTrib has an informative followup story on House Speaker Clark's ouster:
Lockhart united legislators fed up with Clark’s heavy hand, insiders say


Danny said...

From the SE site:

BobBecker ... Or a national study done a long while ago that concluded that children who did homework after school tended to do better in school than children who did not.

Wangsgard ... I hope they didnt spend too much to find such profound results.

MacDaddy .... We can thank slick willie for this one.

... and as for me? I have nothing to add, other than to say this is what we get for deficit spending.

But now that the Federal Reserve is providing instantly created money to the US Treasury to finance 100% of the deficits at 0% interest, why cut the deficit?

All you Tea Partiers, there, you see, they had it figured out all along. The oligarchs will not give up so easily.

Try to go to the polls and vote against "free money for the gummint." Go ahead, just try.

Nicely Done said...

Send $29.95 for my new book titled..

"How to lose wieght by eating less food".....

ozboy said...

According to the Standard web site today that "self-admitted child molester) Kevin Garn" who you wrote about above is now going to be Godfrey's (and Ogden's) great savior in that he is graciously going to let the tax paying citizens of Ogden finance a new hotel that he will own - at the Junktion!

Not only that but the Junktion is going to get two - count em two - stores that are apparently going to trade in tools and "factory outlet" power drills!

Most mega million dollar commercial developments in Utah get Nordstroms, Macys and other high end stores while Godfrey's high adventure hundred dollar folly in the heart of Ogden gets a factory outlet for power drills! High adventure power drills I am sure!

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