Thursday, November 04, 2010

Important City Council Work Session Set For Tonight - UPDATED

The Ogden 25th Street Business Association's proposed Historic 25th Street building height ordinance is on the agenda

Here's a quick reminder of this evening's Ogden City Council work session, where a full public discussion of the Ogden 25th Street Business Association's proposed Historic 25th Street building height ordinance amendment is on the agenda.

Here are the date, time and location particulars:
DATE: November 4, 2010
TIME: Open House 5:30 – 6:00 p.m.; Work Session - 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Director's Suite (2d Floor) Ogden Megaplex Theater
AGENDA: A Collaborative Process to Identify Issues Relating to
the 25th Street Historic District, Including How to Address a
Proposed Height Increase
For the full skinny, check out tonight's council packet:
11/04 City Council Work Session Packet
And here's a link to our Weber County Forum article collection on the topic, for those who may still need to bone up on the isues a little bit:
25th Street Height ordinance Articles
Update 11/4/10 3:00 p.m.: Okay, here's the first draft of the proposed Historic 25th Street height limit ordinance amendment which we're able to furnish, thanks to the inquiry from gentle reader Joseph S, along with the timely help of Ogden City Council staff:
Initial draft of a New 25th Street ordinance amendment
We'll make note of the fact that everybody involved in this issue regards this draft ordinance as some kinda "weird starting point;" and that this proposed ordinance will be heavily revised from here before its finally adopted.

Click the link directly above for the "first draft," nevertheless. Let's just label it "a starting point."

We'll leave the lower comments section open for those readers who'd like to comment before, during or after tonight's event... (or dare we hope?)... for any community-minded soul who might deign to provide a little live blogging.

Update 11/5/10 7:30 a.m.: The Standard-Examiner carries the following report on last night's work session, which was apparently met with pronounced Emerald City lumpencitizen disinterest. According to the SE, only about 30 people, mostly merchants, attended the meeting. Were all sides of the proposed height ordinance amendment presented during the meeting? Sadly, the SE unfortunately doesn't inform us what, if any, concrete evidence was presented to the City Council last night, other than Boss Godfrey's Uncle Greg Montgomery constant unsupported refrain, "[a]ltering height restrictions would not threaten 25th Street's historic registry designation":
Historic heights hit in Ogden 25th Street debate


Joseph S said...

Should be a good meeting tonight. Does anybody know if a draft of this newly proposed ordinance exists? Curious about the language, the devil is in the details. Or is the City waiting before drafting said ordinance?

RudiZink said...

You're right, JS. The proposed ordinance revision is conspicuous in its absence from the council packet, innit?

BudgetGirl said...

Wasn't there a downtown/CBD plan recently (within the past 3 years) developed? If this height ordinance has been/is such an issue why wasn't it raised at that point in time? Or, was it? If it wasn't, what is the point in coming together and creating these plans if they are just going to be ignored and diverted?

What did the downtown CBD group say about this when they met? Anyone part of that group read this forum?

caddyhack said...

It may be a good idea to increase the height ordinance on 25th Street. A new ordinance might allow the owners of the Star Noodle to install more plywood, which would really enhance the look they've been going for. There's not enough exposed plywood on 25th Street.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

and where is the ordinance to run Bruce Edwards out of town?

bruce fan said...

Right alogside the ordinance to run your own broke ass out of town, I guess.

Face it BimB, you poor sadsack, you're not even fit to pick up Bruce Edwards' jock strap

Curmudgeon said...


If any such foolish ordinance were adopted, Mr. Edwards would haul the city into court on Constitutional grounds, and win... again... as he already has.

Upright Citizen said...

"Bruce Edwards Fan"


ozboy said...

You can slam Bruce Edwards all you want, but the fact remains that he has done more than any other citizen in Ogden to throw a wrench into the insatiable appetite of the littlest Tsar on Nine and his incessant attempts to run over the civil rights of Ogden citizens.

Bruce, on his own dime, and in the face of enormous harassment from Godfrey and his henchmen, spent a lot of his own money and vast amounts of time to fight the creeps in court - and won a very important victory that all citizens benefit from.

Smartgrowth said...

It was hot and sweaty creep on creep action.
Either way, the creep won.

The Smartgrowth Ogden tribe did more than Bruce "Stinky" Edwards to save Ogden from Godfrey, and Samrtgrowth had Ogden's best interest at heart. All Edwards wants is a place to play out adolescent emotional daddy issues.

Smartgrowth for the win. Edwards = fail.

Curmudgeon said...

If those who think the height change will endanger downtown's Historic District designation did not show and did not present evidence to support their concerns, then the question goes, by default, to those supporting the change. As it should. To misquote the great civic philosopher Yogi Berra, "half of this game is ninety percent showing up."

My complaint about the SE story is I can't tell from it, really, if either side on the "will/won't endanger the Historic District designation" question presented any evidence at all in support of either position. I should not have to guess about that.

wondering out loud said...

Has anyone thought about placing a call to the National Historical Society's Regional Office in Denver, CO to find out if the addition 10 ft on some buildings would jeopardize the 25th Street designation?

Maybe someone on the City Council should do that, or Rudi (since he runs the blog), or Blackrulon or anyone else on this bandwagon. You can bet that the Standard's beat reporter, whose assigned to this story, won't make a call.

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