Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Emerald City News Roundup - Updated

Chime in on either of the two suggested topics below... or feel free to consider this an open topic thread

Just to get the conversation moving this morning, we'll focus on a couple of news items arising in the Standard-Examiner since our last WCF post:

1) The Standard reports this morning that the 2011 Ogden Municipal election is already heating up, with one prospective mayoral candidate, Ogden City Community Development Manager Johnny Ballard, already announcing his candidacy, and a second possible candidate, Godfrey sock puppet Councilman Brandon Stephenson weighing his options:
One candidate to run for Ogden mayor, another considers it
So what about it, WCF readers? Are there any redeeming virtues which might make either of these prospective candidates worthy of Weber County Forum reader support at this still early juncture?

2) The Standard reported yesterday that "Easton Sports Development Foundation is continuing to work with the city to find a suitable site to construct a $2 million archery facility," although that company "has has abandoned plans for the field house because there would not be enough room for an outdoor archery range":
Foundation targets Ogden for archery facility
Our initial gut reaction is that it seems odd that Boss Godfrey's field house plans would squeeze Easton out, inasmuch as this company appears to be the single identifiable private entity which actually did seriously hint at a substantial commitment of non-public funds to this project.

So what about it, gentle readers? Wouldn't it make more sense to locate the field house facility (if there is to be a field house at all) on a site more compatible with Easton's needs? Or should the lumpen taxpayers of Ogden (and Weber County) just grin and bear it, as the burden of funding this knuckleheaded project is heaped on the taxpayers' backs? We took the opportunity to walk the rumored field house site between 24th and 25th streets along Grant Avenue yesterday, by the way; and in our opinion, even a velodrome would be a "tight" fit.

Have at it WCF readers.

The world-wide blogosphere awaits your comments on either of the above two suggested topics... or feel free to consider this an open topic thread.

Update 11/22/10 10:30 a.m.: Thanks to the diligent googling of another sharp-eyed and alert WCF reader, we just now learn that Jonny (not "Johnny") Ballard is already running a rather unconventional 2011 campaign website:
Jonny Ballard for Ogden City Mayor 2011
As fifties/sixties R&R legend Chuck Berry used to say, Go Johnny Go.


Keisha said...

Our petulant little mayor has his heart set on a velodrome, so that's all that really matters, isn't it?

Curmudgeon said...

Keisha, Keish, Keisha, the velodrome is so last summer. Hizzonah has explained that what he wants is not a velodrome, but a field house containing many wonders therein [soccer field, tennis courts, bike racking track, jogging track, swimming pool, water park and who knows what else]. I have it on good authority that only naysayers continue to speak of velodromes.

But Hizzonah's nomenclature can be confusing, since it changes with his staff's latest report on how hard people are laughing at what he's calling it, so I propose we settle on a one-size-fits-all name for whatever it is Hizzonah wants to call the thing this month.

I propose naming it "The Matthew Godfrey Wonder Dome." If it turns out next week that the water park and tennis courts are out, and pickle-ball and shuffle board courts are in, the name will still fit.

Biker Babe said...


He wants a velodrome AND to get rid of the Lighthouse Lounge ...

... all in one whack ...

just sayin

Mark J. said...

What is the deal with this administration building more stuff? How about the city pays for what it has already built, and then move on to essential services?

I seriously do not understand this need of Godfrey to create more public debt when the whole country is bankrupt.

googlegirl said...

Indoor Water Park


Build it and they will come.............the new "business model" for city and state entities is to be able to document a need (proof of dire straits) so the federal government will feel obligated to help. Two recent examples are Utah school districts and the state of California. Both have realized benefit of "free money" from above. Fiscal responsibility no longer applies. Leaders are hypocrites. When will it end?

RBW said...

A grown man named Johnnie? What is he, the villain from the original Karate Kid? Come on. If you want to be taken seriously as an adult, you can't go by a name like Johnnie. I used to work for an older guy who chose to go by Danny. I never respected the guy. If you don't have the good sense to go by a socially respectable name, what other, larger problems are you dealing with? I have never heard of Johnnie Ballard before, but has already lost my vote. So sad that a few letters can destroy a campaign. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

have two and then adopt said...

Who has 6-kids these days?! O' forget the planet has limited natural resources - it's all about you and your right to multiply and "replenish." I don't know if I can seriously support a political candidate who has such short term ego-centric thinking!

Don't Mormons realize that the reason family sizes used to be so large is because 1. That was the physical labor needed to run the family farm/ranch. and 2. The statistical chances of every child surviving to adulthood in harsh western life necessitated having more kids just in case!

Now that we live in a civilized world with limited resources - please have two of your own and then adopt!

RudiZink said...

Here's something even more interesting. Jonny has an "under constuction" campaign site, where he's featured the Republican GOP logo at the top right of his website header.

Jonny Ballard for Ogden City Mayor 2011

What's up with this guy? Is he clueless? Does he fail to realize that Ogden City Municipal elections are party non-partisan? Does he want to convert the 2011 Ogden Elections into a party partisan race, and bring the nazi Hatch Act federal prosecuters down on his own apparently inattentive ass?

AWM said...

RBW: C' saying you wouldn't vote for Johnnie if his last name was "Walker"?

DR. OPPOSITE said...

"Here is a link to Jonny's still "under construction" REAL campaign website"

One thing I'll say, Rudi. Ballard's wife is really hot. No wonder he has six kids.

I'm actually not at all startled that even an effeminate complete Mormon dork like Ballard can "keep it up," so to speak.

Power to the Mormon penis, right on!

Sad Day, sad day said...

Another carpet baggier from California and one that has no Idea what Ogden is all about.

ozboy said...

Johnny Ballard - Hmmmm

Considering that Johnny Boy is the City Community Development manager he automatically is a dyed in the wool Godfreyite insider - therefore several possibilities come to mind:

1. Godfrey is not going to run again and has given his OK for his sycophants and court jesters to start testing the political winds with their own exporatory efforts.

2. Johnny boy is insane, or doesn't give a squat about keeping his job in the Godfreyite intersanctum.


3. Johnny Boy is a political plant working closely with the Dark Lord Mayor on what they think is a cleaver campaign ploy of having a healthy political debate with a "worthy" opponent. (The Mayor already said that it would be peachy keen to have a neet debate and fair, fun contest with Johnny Boy - or his own sock puppet Brandon).

One reason for this scheme (and the Lord Mayor does love his political schemes dontchaknow!) could be to placate other potential competitors and dissuade them from throwing their own hats into the ring.

Another potential motive could be to split the anti Godfrey vote and either win in a three way race or have Johnny Boy throw in behind the mayor at the eleventh hour.

If Johnny Boy is a truly independent, honest and well intentioned political comer, then he will tell the truth about Godfrey and his many many capers and blunders. He will tell us about dishonesty and incompetence and how the citizens of Ogden deserve better from their city government. He will give us a real true look at what is going on and what he will do about it. To do this he almost certainly would have to resign from his high position in the Godfreyite empire.

If he and Godfrey engage each other with big fluffy pillows then we will know his candidacy is a sham created by the two of them. If they come out bare fisted and talk about real shit then maybe Johnny Boy could just be Ogden's new Boy Mayor.

On the other hand If Godfrey ever actually sees this guy as a potential threat he will ban him from the inner circle and squash him. Johnny Boy will become a bug on Lord Mayor Godfrey's political windshield!

Brandon on the other hand is a complete and clueless dunce. He has had his head so far up Godfrey's butt for so long that he couldn't operate without close direction from the wizard hisself. The Wizard, with his magic, achieves this feat by highly practiced bowel contractions. Brandon only holds office because nobody has run against him since his massive dunceness has become widely known throughout the community. He has less personality and charisma than Sam Grenado. There is no way in hell, or zion, that this boring dood could get elected Mayor. Hey, inspite of all that has happened here in Emerald City over the last few decades it is still OGDEN and a lot of true Ogdenites can still recognize and call bull shit when they see it. Brandon Stevenson for Godfrey Sycophant number One - sure I can see that, but mayor? Ya gotta be kidding!!!

RudiZink said...

I just got off the phone with Jonny B., after a fairly "deep" Ogden City policy discussion.

All I can say at this juncture: Don't write "Jonny's" candidacy off.

50's Rocker said...

Great cameo from the late-great Rickie Valens, Rudi! Thanks!

straight up play said...

Ogden deserves a Mayor with a smokin' hot wife.

straight up play said...

Speaking of which, does anyone have a link to a picture of our current Mayors wife? In a bikini?

Ballard 4 Mayor said...

Ballard's wife is definitely a HOTTIE!

Therefore, vote Ballard for mayor in 2011!

What Ogden has needed for a long time is a truly hot mayoral first lady.


Ogden Dem said...

Ballard was hired just last year as the Recreation Director he didn't even last a year and Boss Godfrey promoted him to community econ dev (or whatever the title is)- what a joke. Now he thinks he should 'run' the city! Please, he is a Godfrey servant.

Stephenson - he is and has been in Godfrey's backpocket for years - we do not need another Godfrey running this city(into the ground financially).

Stephen M. Cook said...

If being tolerated by an outrageously beautiful wife is a prime criterion for the 2011 Mayoral race, I will be your New Evil Overlord.

First order of business: repeal and demolish nearly everything Godfrey`esque.
Except Poppin' Johnny's. That place has great ice cream.

lesterthemolester said...

Stephen, I would like to get a look at your wife before I accept you as my new evil overlord - thank you very much.

It sounds like you might be a lucky guy!

Danny said...

My guess is Godfrey wants to flood the field so he and one of his hacks will be in the final race. That way, Godfrey is mayor, or Godfrey is a high paid city bureaucrat. Anyway that's the plan.

(Or read Ozboys' post above - pretty well nails it.)

And the sole purpose of the velodrome study is to elicit salivation on the part of Godfrey's contractor crony campaign contributors and assorted dunces who want to see "something happening", even if it is stupid, so they will kick in. Time to fire up the political machine again.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

I think Godfrey is taking as a model what recently happened in Russia -- the new guy (forget his name) is Fearless Leader, but Putin is still calling the shots.

Maybe if either Jonny or Stephensen win, we'll [[ shudder !! ]] have the mini-Putin already in place ...

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