Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday Morning News Roundup

A few non-election news items to chew on, as we await today's election results

While we await the news of final results in today's election, here are a few 11/2/10 news items to chew on, courtesy of gentle reader and regular contributor Dan S.:
Ogden River businesses to form group (to try to get the same free advertising via the city as the Historic 25th Street Association)
20th Street in Ogden to become two-way (to accommodate the new Walmart)
Senator met with feds about Shurtleff fundraising (showing that at least one Utah newspaper can connect the dots in Utah's pay-to-play system)
Who will be the first to throw in their own 2¢?


Curmudgeon said...

Actually, Rudi, you missed one. This morning in the dead tree edition the SE ran a letter link here from Mr. Conlin, head of the Historic 25th Street Association, point man for removing city buses from the Historic District, and defender of private businesses sending coupons out free on the city's dime to every Ogden residence. Mr. Conlin is upset this morning because an SE story said he favored the city using a facilitator to insure that all views on the proposed building height change on 25th Street get a fair chance to be presented at an upcoming Council work session.

Mr. Conlin wants everyone to know thathe absolutely is not in favor of hiring a facilitator to insure that all those who wish to be heard on the matter --- even those who disagree with Mr. Conlin --- have a fair opportunity to present their views to the Council in public session.

Mr. Conlin's reason for opposing hiring a facilitator to make sure all sides are heard is simple. He thinks opinions on the matter that differ from his own are not worth considering, and so it's a waste of money for the Council to take steps to make sure they are heard.

I'm beginning to understand why Mr. Conlin and Hizzonah get along so well. They share the same approach to those who have the temerity to think other than do on a public matter. Those differing opinions are worthless, they think, and so need not be take seriously.

No wonder they get along so well.

Moroni McConkie said...

Excellent deconstruction of the Conlin letter, Curm. Conlin, who has no Ogden roots to restrain his compulsion to plunder, sees no value in maintaing the historical look of 25th Street.

Moroni McConkie said...

Conlin is our new Bob Geiger.

Ozboy said...


"Conlin, who has no Ogden roots to restrain his compulsion to plunder..."

Another good reason that Conlin and Godfrey seem to be in league with each other. Neither one of them have Ogden "roots".

native ogdenite said...

Clearly, anyone who isn't from Ogden originally can't have the best interest of Ogden at heart. i say we pass an ordinance so that only people born in Ogden can hold office in Ogden or address the city council at public meetings. D*** carpetbaggers. Who the heck do they think they are?

Curmudgeon said...


Sarcasm duly noted. And you have a point. But then, not being a native Ogdenite, I'm not much drawn to "if you're not from here originally you opinions don't count" arguments.

Mr. Conlin is coming in for criticism for his actions as head of the Historic 25th Street Association, and for his statements on the SE site, in the SE and I think a while ago here. Regardless of where he's from in the past or lives now, his actions and statements regarding Ogden city policy and his leadership of the Association are fair game.

I'd also agree that since he owns, operates, or works at a business in Ogden, he has sufficient "skin in the game" to warrant his speaking out in the public prints on public matters.

There's more than enough to go after in Mr. Conlin's actions and statements without having to dredge up irrelevant criticisms like "he's not from here."

Provincial Oz said...

Actually Mr. Curmudgeon any one born any where else than Ogden has no right to have an opinion on anything, anywhere, anytime.

It is a well known fact that the corner of 25th and Washington is the geographical center of the known universe and any one not born in very close proximity to that point is incapable of any valid opinion and undeserving of expressing any lame substitute.

That goes double for any one from Harrisville and triple if they are short, have ever run track or ever held elected office in Utah.

The only exceptions to this universally recognized rule is a couple of egg headed perfessers up at Webber College who have achieved honorary status as Ogden home boys.

Curmudgeon said...


You are so wrong. The geographical center of the known universe is of course Brooklyn, NY... and in fact the exact site is the site of the late Ebbitts Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers [If we re-build it, they will come!]. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been badly brought up. That so many apparently do think otherwise is an indictment of the American educational system.

Danny said...

I note Amy Wicks was buried in the election, as was Betty Sawyer.

That means the two Godfreyites were the winners, no doubt swept in by the Republican landslide.

And what a landslide it was. Now, if only, and for once, they will do what they campaigned on.

Nationally, that is. Locally, I was Democrat.

Nice to see the ethics initiative passed, as well as the secret ballot one.

And thank goodness Amy is still on the city council. Run for mayor, Amy. That is where you can win.

Danny said...

Nationally, a right to bear arms passed, and a secret ballot one passed.

But one to curb eminent domain failed and legalizing marijuana failed.

Two good results, and two bad.

Ozboy said...

Well Danny, there ain't nuttin left to do for us left leaners than to twist one up and dream of things that might have been.

Curmudgeon said...

Fraid we disagree about the amendments, Danny.

The Utah Constitution already requires the secret ballot in public elections [another Progressive reform], and the Labor Dept. already requires a secret ballot in votes to determine if workers want to be represented by a union or not. So this will change nothing. Another message bill, that's all. This is one reason why so many state constitutions are hundreds of pages long by now, and so large they're virtually incomprehensible to ordinary folk. But if the Amendment won't change anything for the better, it won't change anything for the worse either. Just more of the Utah right raising a huge hue and cry over... nothing.

As for the ethics amendment, recall this is the one the legislators favored, and it specifically permits lobbyists to sit on the ethics board. Once again, a great deal of sound and fury signifying not nothing, but nearly nothing. It amounts to putting a band aid on a cancer.

I expect next election the Utah Republican Party will propose a constitutional amendment requiring the sun to rise in the east daily, and campaign for it by waring that Congress may pass a law requiring the sun to rise in the west on alternate days.

The amendment will pass.

researcher said...

Once upon a time, two counties, Weber and Carbon, were the democratic strongholds in Utah. It was commonly known that local politics was a far cry from county politics which was a far cry from state politics which was nearly a far cry from the federal level. Rarely, if ever, did a local politician take a shot at a county office; and if one became a county commissioner, that was as high up the political ladder as that individual got.

Other than the Republicans taking over the county from the Democrats, it almost feels as if that same rule of thumb exists today.

Ain't Ogden's politics great?

googlegirl said...

Google sends 700,000 Americans to wrong polling stations

Geolocator said...

The center of the universe is Oswald West State Park.

Two Bit Street fan said...

What makes me smile is the way most of you Steve Conlin critics assume you know the reasons behind his actions. You act as if he consulted with you and told you why he was taking this or that position:

(1) "Conlin, who has no Ogden roots to restrain his compulsion to plunder, sees no value in maintaing the historical look of 25th Street." Moroni wrote this. I wonder, how does he know that Conlin has no value in maintaining 25th's historical look?

(2)From Curmudgeon--"He thinks opinions on the matter that differ from his own are not worth considering, the historical look of 25th St." Professor, really, how the hell do you know that? Did you and steve meet over coffee and discuss his reasoning? Come on.

Damn, I sure would lkie to get a hold of that crystal ball ya'll are using. Think of the money a guy could make betting the NFL games.

Conlin has been in the financial loan business, and I think he might even have a "shutter" real estate license, for over 12 years now. He's a descent guy, he's honest, but some of his views differ from those of the main posters on the WCF, so he's a piraha, a guy with his best interests at heart, and not being a native Ogdenite, could care less about the town. His motive is self serving and that's the reason he's the head of the Historic 25th Street Association. He'll be Council Chair next, followed by being the Mayor.

You need to take a breath people and quit being so assinine over these things, especially when it comes to telling a guy what the reason he thinks about something really is. Conlin's fair game, but go after what he does, not what you think his reasoning behind those actions are.

bobby said...

two bit fan
I judge Steve Conlin by his actions and his words, and for that I think he is an ass. Just my opinion, but based on what he has said.

Two Bit Street fan said...

Atta boy, Bobby. This is just what I mean, regarding the right way to do things. At least you didn't assume how and why Conline chose to use those words. This is the way to present oneself, opinion of the presentation, not of the reason.

sox said...

"Bobby": and i judge you by what you say. you are a misinformed idiot who probably does not even live in ogden.
just my opinion, based on what you said.

ozboy said...

Conlin may or may not be a good guy and he may or may not be right on the height of buildings on 25th.

However, it is my opinion that he has minimal PR skills and he seems to be pretty quick to say stupid and polarizing things. (His comments in this latest news article is a case in point) I definitely get the impression that he is trying to position himself to be Ogden's savior and next mayor. That in itself might be good and it might be bad. His chances are probably tied to if others perceive him to be an arrogant and know it all grand stander - like some folks hereabouts do.

bobby said...

@TBSF - It wasn't based on his presentation, it was based on his reasoning (that he has made known, anyway).

@sox - Misinformed, maybe. Don't live in Ogden, absolutely - I would never allow my children to attend Ogden public schools.

Racist Assholes Suck said...

"I would never allow my children to attend Ogden public schools."

Just another racist jackass, eh "Bobby"?

bobby said...

What does "race" have anything to do with this - funny how your prejudices come out, right? You are the one invoking race. Actually, the only positive Ogden schools have going for them is their diversity.

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