Monday, November 15, 2010

Standard-Examiner: New IRS Facility Still a Go

Poor old Gadi Leshem suffers a "bad news double whammy"

Bad news for poor old Gadi Leshem this morning, as the Standard-Examiner reports that Leshem is experiencing serious blowback from his Cover-All Inc. company's felony conviction, and that the IRS has now pulled the plug on its plan to remodel his historic Denver & Rio Grande Building to construct a new $21 million IRS facility downtown. Seems that "California's State Compensation Insurance Fund has placed a $6.3 million lien against [Gadi's] Denver & Rio Grande Building, according to records filed with the Weber County Recorder's Office." Adding insult to injury, the Standard reports that "in addition to the lien, Bank of the West filed a notice of default last week for $445,541 against the Denver & Rio Grande Building with the recorder's office. The building could be sold to satisfy the debt, the notice states."

Here's the full SE story:
New IRS facility still a go
Looking at the bright side, the revised IRS plan to build its new facility at the site formerly occupied by Wonder Bread Inc. and Ogden Blue looks like a real boon to downtown Ogden. We're sure that restaurateurs and shopkeepers along Ogden's Historic 25th Street are downright "ecstatic," just as Ogden business development manager Tom Christopulos suggests.


Moroni McConkie said...

May we now affirm with impunity that everything Gadi touches in Ogden turns to shit?

California Governator said...

We Will NOT release any Gadi Leshem liens, until Leshem's entire $6.3 million debt is paid in full.

This kinda puts you Ogden saps who failed to properly vet this Leshem fellow at the outset into a serious dilemma, doesn't it?

Think about it. My State of Cahlifornia has you Ogden Godfreyites over a serious barrel.

You can't free up ANY property that "Ogden savior" Leshem owns, until you put together a plan to pay off Gadi's entire $6.3 million debt.

Check! Knight takes queen.


Ryno said...

Too bad the historic building can't be reused, it would have been a nicer project and complemented the other IRS projects already in the area. Oh well, guess that's what we get by putting our stock in an unknown outta town developer.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

Hey Ryno:

What's this WE shite?

Curmudgeon said...


We... i.e. the voters of Ogden.. elected the Mayor who had, he told us repeatedly even after Mr. Lesham's legal problems became public, full confidence in Lesham's ability to see his Ogden projects through to completion. So, Bee, uncomfortable as it may be to admit it, "we" --- the voters of Ogden --- are in the end responsible.

We get the government we deserve because, Flying Spaghetti Monster help us, we elect it.

Bee in my Bonnet said...

Mr. Curmudgeon,

rumor has it that only 51% of the voters should be included in your collective WE, and therefore should not be construed in any way as the more dignified royal WE.

Curmudgeon said...

50% plus 1 is all it takes....

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