Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Standard-Examiner: Pair Voice Concerns About Donations

Added WCF bonus: A press conference PowerPoint presentation and two additional supporting documents

The Standard-Examiner reports this morning on yesterday's press conference, during which Dan Schroeder and Neil Hansen explained "why they believe Envision Ogden engaged in political corruption during the Ogden City Council elections in November 2007":
Pair voice concerns about donations
This morning's SE story focuses on yesterday's PowerPoint presentation, highlighting the recently released Department of Public Safety Crime Report, and showing why Hansen and Schroeder "believe city council candidates Blain Johnson and Royal Eccles received about $20,000 in campaign contributions through illegal means in 2007." For the benefit of WCF readers who were unable to attend yesterday's public information session, we're pleased to present that PowerPoint presentation in PDF form:
Envision Ogden 11/16/10 press conference briefing
To round out their evidentiary presentation, Hansen and Schroeder also prepared and presented two additional supporting documents, which we'll link for our readers' further examination below:
Chronological Summary of Envision Ogden’s Activities
Laws that may have been violated by Envision Ogden and its associates
A Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat this morning to Mssrs. Hansen and Schroeder, for their dogged efforts to lift the Envision Ogden political corruption story from its former news reporting oblivion, and for their persistence in keeping the heat on to ensure that the Envision Ogden Scandal perpetrators may even yet be brought to justice.

The floor's open for discussion, WCF readers.

Who will be the first to throw in their own 2¢?


Dan S. said...

Just for the record, I counted 35 in attendance, including the presenters and the press.

gooby said...

Can't wait to see what will happen with all of this and what/if any charges will be filed.

Uncounted said...


This "count" of yours is more illustrative of your purpose and motives than anything else in your presentation.

get er' done said...

So, my biggest question is, when is the police going to go and arrest all the crooks that have now been exposed?

Monotreme said...


Yes, if by that you mean that Dan is interested in the truth and accuracy.

Apparently, that's a commodity in short supply in Ogden City government.

north ogdener said...

At the last minute I was not able to come, but I want Dan and Neil to now how much their hard work is appreciated, and so very thankful for men like them who find, and make the time, to push for ethics and accountability. Why is honesty so hard?

BlameJohnssonNotMe said...

I agree. The "silent majority" who prefer transparency and accountability will remain anonymous until election day. We will allow our vote to speak for us. Thanks gentlemen!

I sure hope we get to see Blain Johnson frogmarched........

AP said... - AG reopens probe of Envision Ogden

DontBlainMe said...

Check out the front page article in SE today....possible 5 years for a $4.74 corndog? I am certainly not condoning this person's actions but it does seem a bit harsh? That would convert to 2,600+ years for Blain Johnson if found guilty of taking $12,400 in illegal campaign donations. Somehow that seems just about right...The person above is on their third strike but could the investigation of Envision and pile of FNURE uncover more "at bats" for Blain? Stay tuned.

OneWhoKnows said...

My bet is that Utah's Attorney Generals Office will do nothing and issue a statement that no illegal actions were found and tell Godfrey and his friends to go forth and sin no more. Too bad, it's not a good time to be an honest person, but we know who we are and a little crook will not stop us EVER from exposing the truth!

Dorothy Littrell said...

My appreciation to Neil and Dan for their tenacity in pursuing the truth regarding the legality of Matthew Godfrey's manipulation of funds.

Some of us were involved in our own attempt to bring out the truth regarding Ogden City's failure to require proper campaign finance reports during the last mayoral campaign.

Judge Parley Baldwin shot that down with a $17,000.00 fine plus causing the accumulation of rather large attorney's bills to file our protest.

There are certain Utah politicians and non-office holders who do not want the truth about the use of certain funds to be divulged to the public.

Two such funds are those of the Ogden Community Foundation and Envision Ogden which were controlled by Ogden's Mayor Matthew Godfrey.

Conveniently Godfrey manipulated the disappearance of those funds into other entities which he also controlled directly or indirectly.

So I say "More Power to Hansen and Schroeder" - carry on the fight which beat me to a pulp both emotionally and financially.

whatelseisnew? said...

People keep putting Godfrey in their crosshairs and firing blanks. Littrel took a beating trying to get him; Dan S spent more time counting people in the library than putting on a presentation that would go anywhere but in the morning paper; and Neil is a pretty good guy but doesn't quite know where he's going on this one (it ain't Geiger pulling up signs).

That election's over. Johnson won by what, one vote or something like that and Eccles didn't make it, so "move on dot org." That whole council is a thing of the past.

Like onewhoknows wrote, ain't nothing going to happen to the mayor or Shreeve or Conlin (how'd he get in here?) or Eccles or any of them over this thing.

But I do say, it was a bullshit thing to do; but quite crafty. And Godfrey remains on #9.

Monotreme said...


You and Mayor Godfrey just keep believing that.

"The graveyards are full of indispensable men." — Charles deGaulle

Curmudgeon said...

The SE is running a great photo of mountain glow above 25th Street this morning on the front page of the Top Of Utah section. You can find it in small format here. But, you non-subscribing misers, spring for a copy this morning and get a full sized view of it.

If the Ogden Visitors and Convention bureau doesn't grab this to put on some of its "hey, tourists, come here!" propaganda, it'll be missing an opportunity. The picture is just the sort that makes me say "Hey, that looks like an interesting place to go."

Really is one hell of a photo. Don't miss it.

whostealsacorndog said...


$4.74 for a corndog - that is the real crime.

blackrulon said...

whosteals...Steal big. That seems to be overlooked or forgiven.

RudiZink said...

Here's the whole corndog theft story:

High price of corndogs — $4.74, possible five years in prison

This guy Snyder is a three-time loser; and he definitely belongs in the jount!


Meat crimes!

Here's a link to a blog which follows up on "Meat Crimes" in America:

Meat Crimes Blog


Read the last line of this SE corndog story. "Elderly woman tried to get away with an air freshener in her underwear". That stinks!

6FOR$4.74 said...

Just to clear up any controversy about the price of corndogs in the SE article, the aforementioned $4.74 was for the purchase of 6 corndogs. This is .79 each with tax.
FYI, if the total campaign donations received by Blain Johnson from Envision Ogden and FNURE were used to purchase corndogs, it would total 15,696.

Dan S. said...

15,696 corndogs. Yum.

history is true and it can't be changed said...

Just for you info, I just heard that Rep. Neil Hansen father passed away. My heart goes out to him and his big family. What a pillar in the community that family is. It was all because of Neil's Dad. He will be sorely missed. Neil We love you.

onewhoknows said...

Settle down, Monotreme (quoting deGaulle, of all people-hell, he didn't have an answer to le Boche, pal, just like you don't have an answer to MG). Be a good little boy and read all of the words. I doubt Mayor Godfrey thinks the Envision Ogden is a bullshit thing like I do.

Something I've noticed here is that when somebody posts against the grain, someone else is very quick to partially read the message and then throw a bomb.

No wonder Matt's still on #9. Way too excitable and contrary for the sake of being contrary.

Ogden Dem said...

So whatelseisnew thinks this too should be swept under the rug? Sorry but there is already far to much dirt under the rug with this current administration.

Although I do believe that most donors to Envision Ogden had no idea their donations would be used illicitly.

If our own AG doesn't thoroughly investigate are we as city residents allowed to take this to a different level? Such as a district court? Anyone know?

Monotreme said...

I read what you wrote, BlaineCarl onewhoknows whatelseisnew.

The question is, did you read (or even understand) what I wrote, or have written in the past?

Everyone thinks they are indispensible, until they get fired (or don't get re-elected).

Everyone in hospice thought they were gonna live forever.

Everyone in the State Pen thought they weren't gonna get caught.

Now who's excitable and contrary for the sake of being contrary?

Again with the Blain, huh? said...

I suppose I should have put "Some of you guys are" in front of the word way in my last graph.

But even without that caveat, if you think that by my responding to your post has me "excited," then you're living a very boring life.

Monotreme said...


You said:

Way too excitable and contrary for the sake of being contrary.

It's just good manners to stick with one name in the course of the same discussion.

Dave said...


You are just too fast and intelligent for the hapless blaincarl/onewhoknows/glass-man/neverwashasbeen.

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