Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weber State University Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Northern Arizona

Now that the Wildcats have been knocked out of playoff contention they'll be playing for pride this afternoon

In the wake of last Saturday's disappointing defeat, our Weber State Football squad will be back on the field, facing Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff's J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome today at 3:00 p.m. Now that the Wildcats have been knocked out of contention for a playoff berth, they'll be playing purely for pride this afternoon, of course.

We love our WSU Wildcats however, so even though neither a conference title nor a playoff berth is on the line, we'll once again fire up a game day thread. We'll never be accused of being fair weather fans. (Write that down so you don't forget it).

Check out the Standard's pre-game stories here:
McBride has high hopes for Hoke
Playoffs out, life goes on for WSU, Higgins
Game audio and video webcasts are available here:
KLO Radio
Big Sky TV
We'll leave the comments section open of course, for your ever-savvy remarks before, during and after the game.

And repeat these words over and over, loyal WSU fans: Go Wildcats!

It would be great for WSU to finish the 2010 season with a two-game win streak. No?

Update 11/13/10 6:25 a.m.: Final, final... WSU 27; NAU 26! The Standard-Examiner has the post game story:
Hoke, Wildcats claw out win at NAU


David S said...

Anybody know if the UofU vs. Notre Dame is televised? I haven't watched a football game in a decade. Last week, I watched the U get wiped out by TCU.

It looked like the U was good team. They just couldn't get anything going that game. I'd like to watch them win one.

Are they televised today, and if so, where?

RudiZink said...

Yes, David! The game will be nationally broadcast on NBC.

RudiZink said...

P.S., David... that's Comcast Channel 5 @ 12:30 p.m.!

Promontory Tower Shower Gurlz 10th Floor said...

Suck It, Northern Arizona.

A Utah Man said...

David S

Please turn off the television now!

If the TCU game was the only one you have watched in many a year, then given the result I would strongly urge you to look into your heart for some glimmer of mercy to Utes anywhere and everywhere, and DO NOT watch this game.

WSU Fan said...

WSU 7, NAU 6 at the end of the first quarter!

David S. said...

Utah game is over .... and THAT my friends, is why I stopped watching football!

One person I know said, "It's worse than watching an Ogden High game!"

Disclosure: I've watched many Ogden games in my time. I just quit watching TV games.

Boy, next year in the PAC 12 or whatever it is now, Utah is going to be in a whole new world.

Take it from me. My Dad was an ASU fan when they went from the WAC to the PAC 10.

WSU Fan said...

NAU over WSU 20-10 at the half.

WSU Fan said...

NAU up 26-13 at the end of the third quarter.

WSU Fan said...

In a fantastic come from behind victory, Weber State prevails by a final score of 27-26. Backup WSU quarterback Hoke stood in for injured starter Higgins, adding his extra mobility and awesome field generalship, to eke out a BIG victory, making this observer wonder why Higgins has been the starter in the first place.

Utah Man said...

Rudi: I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching the final two quarters of the WSU-NAU game via your Big Sky TV link. After watching my Utah Utes get handled 28-3 by a 4-5 Notre Dame team, it was wonderful to see the WSU Wildcats pull a gut check, and win the game in the final minutes. On this football Saturday, WSU definitely lifted my sagging football spirits. Thanks for the link.

PTSG 10th said...

You know where we are, winner boyz!

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