Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Important Ogden Press Conference Set for 11/16/10

Mark your calendars, folks!

Here's an important heads-up, concerning a key event which is coming up on Tuesday, November 16. Regular WCF contributor and Ogden political activist, Dan Schroeder and "man of the People" Leg. House District 9 House Rep Neil Hansen will be joining up and holding an important joint press conference this coming Tuesday, 11/16/20.

Here's the gist:
State Representative Neil Hansen and local activist Dan Schroeder will
hold a public meeting on Tuesday, November 16, to discuss the criminal
investigation into the activities of Envision Ogden, a political
action committee connected to Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey.
The meeting will be held on 11/16/10 at 4:00 p.m. in the downstairs auditorium of
the Weber County Main Library, 2464 Jefferson Avenue, in Ogden.

Read all about it here in today's joint press release:
November 10, 2010 Hansen/Schroeder Press Release
Mark your calendars, folks!


BlameJohnssonNotMe said...

Any chance Abe Shreve, Blain Johnson and the Mayor will be attending? Is this a RSVP event? Party favors? Gifts? Will campaign donations be collected? I'll bring a blank check just in case.

got adventure? said...

Now this is a high adventure!

Lubey said...

The AG's office doesn't seem to care. Hansen has sour grapes, and Shroeder should focus on not boring the sh*t out of the students at our beloved WSU.

So who gives a Fu*k. I know I don't, and Godfrey and Shreeve drives me nuts.

Rahe for President

just sayin' said...

"... political action committee connected to Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey."

That's a weak statement of the facts.

Howbout "... hooked up at the hip with Boss Godfrey" (?)

Just sayin'

GiveaF said...

Who give a F? thats what the Germans were saying in the early 30's....if nobody doesnt give a F, you get what you get...

Lubey said...

Howbout hook nut in the bumb

caddyhack said...

I wonder if the Standard Examiner will cover the press conference? It would be appropriate for Andy Howell, the executive editor that failed to do his job, to cover the story.

Off topic:

It's Veteran's Day. I'd like to thank all veterans for their service.

ancientone said...

hey lubey......!

Maybe because Godfrey and Shreeve have driven you "nuts" is why you don't give a F...

Lubey for garbage collector.

Poddage said...

what this about the city spending $20k on a Ipod app??

anon said...

you can bet someone from the mayor's office will be there with a pocket recorder. maybe even in latex disguise complete with lifts in the shoes. this is the kind of event that gets licence numbers written down. be warned. this city has a lot of ways to silence critics. especially if you own a business.


Good. I'll bring along my electronic JAMMER

Biker Babe said...

Heard they Mayor was conspicuously absent from the VA Hospital Clock Tower Dedication yesterday.


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