Saturday, November 06, 2010

WSU Game Day Thread: Wildcats Go On the Road Against Montana State

Northern Utah Gridiron Double Header: Weber State faces its second straight Top 15 battle to keep its playoff hopes alive; BCS #5 Utah squares off against #3 TCU with a possible BCS national championship game on the line

1) The WSU Wildcats are back on the road this afternoon, where they'll face Montana State University in Bozemen's Bobcat Stadium at high noon. Coach Mac's revamped WSU offense is on a three game winning roll; and today's gridiron contest is another must win situation for our WSU team that's aiming for a third straight Football Championship Subdivision playoff bid.

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner:
Wildcats battling for Big Sky playoff bid
The Bobcats' home town paper, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, has a few words on this topic too:
Surging or sinking?
Once again, audio and video webcasts are available for WSU fans who couldn't travel to Bozeman this weekend:
KLO Radio
Big Sky TV
2) And don't forget this afternoon's other big game, TCU v. Utah, which will be audio broadcasted over the airwaves the old-fashioned way via ESPN700 Radio (formerly KALL 700, and telecast in Weber County on Comcast cable channel 269 (CBS-C):
‘National championship’ atmosphere surrounds Utah-TCU clash
ESPN's College Gameday is in town; and with nationally ranked powerhouse # 3 TCU squaring off against # 5 Utah in Rice-Eccles Stadium @ 1:30 p.m., we're sure even diehard WSU football fans will be flipping back and forth between these two key gridiron battles:

Graphic via the Standard-Examiner

We'll keep the lower comments section open for football fans who'd like to discuss either game.

Update 11/6/10 7:30 p.m.: Final, final... MSU 24, WSU 10... TCU47, Utah 7.

WSU suffered a convincing defeat after a late MSU rally:
Wildcats blow lead in fourth, fall to MSU
Utah got its ass royally kicked from the "get go":
No. 4 TCU blasts No. 6 Utah 47-7


Promontory Shower Girlz 10th said...

Wildcats kill em dead.

David S said...

I remember when I was at ASU, I followed ASU football fairly closely.

When I was at BYU, I did the same for BYU.

For the past few years, I've wondered, "What's the big deal with watching sports on TV? Are people bored, or what?"

But now that someone close to me is in the UofU marching band, and she follows her team, my interest has been growing again.

But I didn't know until just now, that the U is #5. And I just ran downstairs and sure enough, I get channel 269. I didn't even know my channels went that high. I guess I'll be working out a little this afternoon in front of the TV after all. The hike I was toying with going on, will have to wait.

Thanks WCF for this info. And good luck to the Wildcats, although I don't follow them because nobody I love is going there.

I guess it's true what they say. You need to have skin in the game to really care.

10th floor ptsg said...

Oh, we got skin.

ozboy said...


Don't squander too much of your precious bodily fluids on this macho war game nonsense that inflicts a great portion of the American male every fall.

Save a little for that mayoral race so many of us wish you would undertake in the near future!

Football is GOOD said...

A little something special for ozboy:

Is it Low Testosterome

WSU Sucks said...

MSU goes ahead by a field goal, 3-0, just before the half.

WSU is playing like crap, as usual.

WSU Fan said...

TD WSU, with one minute left in the third quarter!

WSU 7; MSU 3.

ozboy said...

Yo "Football is good"

I would much rather have low "T" than be inflicted with the low intellect evidenced by the rabid fans of this bizarre faux war game called football!

I say if you want war, and it is real war I'm talkin about here not this chicken shit banging around on the field with plenty of pads for protection, lets dispense with this phony football crap and bring out the heavy artillery, machine guns, big bombs and hi-tech jets and let's obliterate these pussies from Montana once and for all. Other wise we just have to put up with the pesky bounders next year and the year after and the year after and so on! Why not just eliminate them for good?

10th floor ptsg said...

The big boys went down to defeat.

football fan said...

Every team will get it's clocked cleaned on occassion. Sometimes that happens in a Super Bowl or a Bowl Game; other times it happens with a Conference title and big time implications on the line (like at Rice-Eccles Stadium yesterday); and sometimes it just happens. What is important is how the beaten team responds the rest of the season.

Too bad about WSU in Montana. Seems those 4th quarters are their Achillies heel.

Both teams will be back and nobody cares about BYU.

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