Saturday, November 20, 2010

WSU Game Day Thread: WSU Goes On The Road Against Texas Tech

There's plenty at stake for both teams this afternoon

The WSU Wildcats are back on the road this afternoon, where they'll face Big 12 Conference opponent Texas Tech in the WSU regular season finale at 1:00 p.m. (MT) at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock. There's plenty at stake for both teams this afternoon, with the Wildcats hoping for a long-shot FCS playoff berth, and the Red Raiders aiming for a sixth season win to become bowl eligible.

The Standard-Examiner offers a couple of pregame stories, to set the stage for today's epic gridiron battle:
WSU hopes for miracle at Texas Tech
College football: WSU says Tech victory no foregone conclusion
And here's a little something from the Dallas Morning News:
Prediction: Texas Tech rolls against FCS opponent Weber State in must-win game for both teams
Although there'll be no video broadcast available, WSU fans can still catch the online audio on WSU Flagship KLO Radio, of course.

We'll leave the lights on for your thoughtful comments as per usual, Wildcat fans.

And repeat after us the magic words for those of us who bleed purple: GO WILDCATS!

Update 11/21/10 8:15 a.m.: Final Score: Texas Tech 64; Weber State 21. The Standard-Examiner provides the post game story here:
That's a wrap: Wildcats torched by Texas Tech in season-finale
Although the 2010 season ends on a slightly sour note, we'd like to thank the Wildcat football team for an exciting season; and we look forward to covering Wildcat football when the season cranks up again in 2011.


Promontory Shower Gurlz 10th Floor said...

The best thing about having the WSU Big Boys out on the road, is the kickin homecoming when they return.

kenneth said...

Tech will lose. Their new coach has run a 16 returning starter program into the ground.

Weber State will have an upset of an FBS opponent.

WSU Fan said...

Ouch! The Red Raiders march the ball down the field for 85 yard to score on their first possession.

Texas Tech 7, WSU ZERO

WSU Fan said...

Tech scores again!

Texas Tech 14; WSU 0!

Double Ouch!

WSU Fan said...

Tech scores again, bringing the score to 21-0!

How embarrassing!

WSU Fan said...

Tech pins back WSU's ears with a safety. Score is now 23-0. We seriously wonder how a crappy Big 12 team can make our Wildcats look so friggin' bad.

WSU Fan said...

Current score in the first minutes of the second quarter:

Red Raiders 30; WSU zip.

What a bummer!

Needless to say, I'm outta here with my play-by-play reports.

Watching the Wildcats said...

The score is now 37-0. I have to say it's painful to see this happening to my Wildcats!

If they eventually get their ass kicked today by a lopsided score however by Texas Tech, that doesn't mean I don't love my Wildcat Football team any the less!

Texas Tech Fan said...

Ahem! The score is now 44-0 at the halftime break.

Cracks Himself Up said...

Great victory for the Red Raiders, indeed! Soon this magnificent team will be playing in the Toilet Bowl, in Flushing, New York!

I crack myself up!

Curmudgeon said...

Damn! But for one bad call by a zebra....

10th floor ptsg said...

Damn it.

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