Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Outrage Over Redistricting Senate Seats in Ogden

Is Senator Reid right in this instance? Or is Demo Party Chair Jim Dabakis's concept correct?

Fascinating front page story in this morning's Standard-Examiner, highlighting the latest dust-up in Utah's ongoing legislative redistricting project. With the release of the most recent proposed district maps, the controversy over the majority party's possible gerrymandering of State Senate Districts has now arrived right here in Ogden City's lap, with a Senator Stuart Reid-designed map, which like Caesar's European map of old ("Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres"), would divide our own Emerald City into three parts:
Inasmuch as Ogden City has arguably the the most concentrated Democratic Party demographic in the state, State Democratic Party Jim Dabakis is mad as a wet hen:

The chairman of the state's Democratic Party, however, calls it "blatant gerrymandering" designed to protect the senators who now sit in those seats.

"I am outraged at what they have done in Ogden," said state Democratic Chairman Jim Dabakis. "Reid's (Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden) explanation is the most preposterous thing I've seen in my life. That's ridiculous, and people in Ogden are smart enough to smell that for what it is. It's incumbent protection."

Senator Reid, however, (who seldom makes a decision without getting the opinion of Boss Godfrey), advances the argument that a redistricting plan, which would water down Ogden's Democratic Party-inclining demographic with the far more GOP-oriented elements of adjacent outlying rural areas, would net a big benefit in the Utah Senate, i.e., drastically increased political clout:
Reid said Weber's three senators -- himself, Sen. Scott Jenkins, R-Plain City, and Sen. Allen Christensen, R-North Ogden, "all have a piece of Ogden city, and we'll also have rural, so we've tried to represent in this design both the urban and rural interests, and for Ogden city, I felt it was very important to draw the lines so Ogden had as many representatives as it could, as many senators as it could represent its interests in the Senate and the House."

Reid said he checked with Mayor Matthew Godfrey and said he agreed "it's clearly in the best interests of the city to have as many senators as you can representing your interests, especially Ogden, which in the past has been pretty much a stepchild."
So what about it, O Gentle Ones? Is GOP Senator Reid right in this instance? Does it make sense to slice and dice Ogden's neighborhoods into three State Senate Districts (which string off into Utah's rural areas)? Or is Demo Party Chair Jim Dabakis's concept correct? Should Ogden be ideally represented by a single senator, whose major focus is upon Ogden's specific interests?

That's it for now, WCF readers.

Who'll be the first to chime in with their own take on this issue?


Bob Becker said...

Ogden will not have three senators.  It will have no senators of its own, and a fraction of three senators.   For those who think   Ogden voters will trump the non-Ogden voters when the three senators make policy decisions, I am pleased to inform you that I have just acquired full title to the Brooklyn Bridge, shares in which I am willing to sell you at a very reasonable price [small unmarked bills only please.]

OneWhoKnows2 said...

What a crock from such an outstanding member from our community!  The very thought of Stuart Reid or Matthew Godfrey makes me puke.  CYA

Jason said...

WOW! Did you see the photos of those simian ape marvels who now "represent"  Northern Utahns" in the senate?

What is it in the top of Utah, people? 

"Planet of the Apes?"

Curt said...

Ogden is not alone in receiving the benefit of being represented by 3 state senators. Both Provo and Orem are being split 3 ways rather than than having a single senate seat entirely within their respective boundaries. Provo's population of about 112,0000 and Orem's of about 88,000 could have resulted in 1 senate district primarily in each city. Instead, we agreed with Senator Ried's approach and believe that each city will be better represented with 3 districts rather than 1.

rudizink said...

"Curt", as in Curt Bramble?  I'll tell ya's what folks,  I have every reason to believe 'Curt" is actually  Senator Curt Bramble, (a good political friend of mine, btw) who just today chimed in with the above post.

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