Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 22 Mayoral Candidate Debate Available For Viewing Via YouTube - Updated

Ooops!... no it's not... Hey waitaminute.... now it's up again!

For those readers with a little extra free time on their hands, we're delighted to embed below the full video of Thursday's (September 22, 2011) Mayoral Candidate Debate, which has now been uploaded by Ogden's Channel 17 to YouTube, for your viewing pleasure :

Regular Weber County Forum readers are gonna love the first question...

We've also added this video to our Election Sidebar Module (Videos) for your convenient future reference.

Update 9/26/11 7:48 a.m.: For reasons unknown, Ogden's Channel 17 has suddenly removed the above video from YouTube. Looks like the event is still being broadcast on regular TV cable, however. We'll accordingly invite our gentle readers to speculate about the Godfrey Propaganda Channel's rationale for this removing the video from YouTube and yet retaining it in its cable broadcast.

Update 9/27/11 5:00 p.m.: Okay... it's now inexplicably up again! Looks like poor ole CH17 station manager Bill Francis is havin' a hard time makin'his mind up. Go figure.


blackrulon said...

I would like to ask this questions of the candidates. What role, if any, do you envision for Matthew Godfrey in your administration?

BikerBabe said...

this one seems to keep coming up, but not getting asked ... or answered ...


Dan S. said...

Neither candidate is willing to name a single way in which his administration will differ from Godfrey's. Caldwell even dodged the question twice. Most discouraging.

Bob Becker said...

Yup.  He did duck and dodge.  I'd have liked him to have exempted from the "all department heads" he said he wouldn't replace at least any who may have  already retired from the job they were then reappointed to. 

But he didn't. Since he seems to be the only  candidate representing at least something possibly different than we have now, it'd be nice to have, before election day,  some idea of what that difference would involve. 

Danny said...

Faint heart ne'er won fair office

I want to give him a 3G farewell:  Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance.

I too have written four figure checks to candidates.  Of course, two of the digits were to the right of the decimal point.

These are Curm (Bob Becker) quotes.  Thanks to Curm and others for the interesting and fun posts.

Donk9 said...

I have always felt that anything involving G was speculative. A normal human being has little if any chance of figuring out what the little fellow has wallowing around in that cranial abcess we might otherwise refer to as a brain.

That takes care of my vent for today. I hope I can come up with another vent tomorrow.  

Jennifer Neil said...

you may certainly address one of those 4-digit checks my way -- seein's how I'm laid up with a blown ACL -- I need to get the mailers out!


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