Monday, September 05, 2011

Breaking: The 9/1/11 Ogden Mayoral Candidate Q&A Session Is Now Up On YouTube

We urge all Emerald City voters to take a good long look

Thanks to a helpful morning tip from sharp-eyed and alert Ogden mayoral candidate Steve Van Wagoner, we're delighted to learn that the full Channel 17 September 1, 2011 Ogden Mayoral Candidate Question and Answer Session is now online and viewable by demand, via Youtube. This is a craftsman-like and informative production, and we urge all Emerald City voters to take a good long look:

Special thanks to Mr. Van Wagoner for supplying the link, (which we've also added to our right sidebar Election Module [Videos]), just in time for our new Ogden Mayoral Candidates Poll #2.


BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

One note to make while considering your vote for the next Ogden City mayor. Who has been "suckling" on the government taxpayer "tit" for many years while rarely, if ever, working for private business and truly understanding what it takes to work with "actual" revenue created by private industry without a backstop of tax payer money?  Check out Mike Caldwell's website, postcard or his work history. A simple case of "people who mean well can still make bad tax decisions" for society.

Spelin Pohleece said...

Who is "Bandon" Stephenson? HAHAHA.

Babyblues said...

I can't see the video beyond minute 17:06. It seems to get stuck there.

Babyblues said...

Oh, forget it. Probably a computer glitch on my end.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Use your imagination and plug in the candidates as mayor and think how they would handle the nearly half million dollar debacle of alleged funds used without proper authorization. This is just one person's take.

Steve VanWagoner - No problem
Brandon Stephenson - No problem
Mike Caldwell - No problem
Johnny Ballard - No problem
Jason Goddard - No problem
Neil Hansen - Not sure
John Thompson - Who cares
Susan VanHooser - Research, shore up and proactively address to insure this "oversight" will not and cannot occur in the future.

This example alone should help all to understand who Ogden needs for the future. More of the same or extreme change.

Seriously, does anyone really think a blimp floating over the city keeping a camera on everyone is freedom? How about floating the blimp just between 20th and 30th and Wall and Harrison where the city is quoted as the highest percentage of crime occurs? I believe the same answers from the candidates above could remain almost the same in regards to the blimp issue.

LibertyinUtah said...

I'd like to see some sort of rule put into place that says that the blimp will make a best effort attempt to align itself with the traffic grid while traveling. 

I think the biggest  issue people have is the evasion of privacy of having an "officer" essentially looking at you when you don't expect it.

As a mental exercise, picture a blimp flying over your back yard with an officer duct taped to the bottom. Aviator glasses and mustache.  Looking at you while you prune your hedges.I'd be startled if I was out grilling and the blimp was all of a sudden over my head.

LibertyinUtah said...

Well, I guess I should clarify, if its responding to something, take the straight route. Just don't bother people when it's just hanging about.

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