Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ogden City Ward 2 Council Candidate Jennifer Neil Gets Hit By Car While Out Campaigning - Updated

If you'd like to give Ms. Neil a little helping hand while she's unable to get out and raise her own campaign dough, now would be a great time to pitch in

Bad news in the Ogden City Ward 2 City Council General Election race, as we learned yesterday evening that regular WCF poster and Council Candidate Jennifer Neil was hit by a car (inside a cross-walk) while out campaigning yesterday afternoon. We talked with her this morning by phone and she reports that she was taken to the hospital for x-rays and related examination. Fortunately there were apparently no broken bones or serious internal injuries, but she's nevertheless pretty banged up, and most likely will be unable to resume actively campaigning for at least the next couple of weeks.

One of the first witnesses to arrive at the scene of the accident posted a series of situational Facebook updates, including this post, describing Jennifer's circumstances and additionally offering what we deem to be a highly-revealing, candid and entirely off-the-cuff insight into Council Candidate Neil's "core character":
Oh...did I mention my friends name? Her name is Jennifer J Neil & I've been friends with her for many years. Jennifer is running for a seat in The Ogden City Council & was out campaigning when she got hit by the car. It made me realize how unselfish Jennifer is. I think she would be the perfect choice to help make decisions for Ogden. She showed this to me today in the compassion she had for a total stranger that ran her over. I feel lucky to have her as my friend!
Your blogmeister has of course been a friend of Ms. Neil since at least the early nineties, and couldn't possibly be more in agreement with the above assessment. No doubt about it. Above all else, my friend Jennifer Neil is blessed with a legitimate and genuine...
It's in that connection that we'd like to refer you all to Jennifer's 2011 City Council Campaign Blog where you'll find a PayPal donation button prominently displayed in the upper left sidebar.

If you'd like to give Ms. Neil a little campaign finance helping hand whilst she's laid up, and temporarily unable to get up on her feet to raise her own campaign dough, now would be a great time to pitch in, with only 54 days remaining until the November General Election.

Otherwise I guess you can just all sit on your abundant buttoxes, and let that lame and arrogant right wing socialist Godfreyite, Hyer, just take the Ward 2 Council seat by default.

Update 9/16/11 8:00 a.m.: Mr. Schwebke provides further information in re this matter with this morning's Standard-Examiner story:


Googleboy said...

Definitely a bad week for vehicular council candidate crosswalk collisions:




Googleboy said...

Definitely a bad week for city council candidate vehicular crosswalk collisions:

Mug Shot -



Googleboy said...

Definitely a bad week for city council candidate vehicular/pedestrian crosswalk mishaps:


"Dick Hyer said...

I seem to recall this Jennifer Neil person back when I was her ward Bishop. 

Now that I'm Stake President, I command Relieve Society lady Jennifer neit to "stand down."

Brandon Stephenson said...

I have just ordained and blessed Richard Hyer to take over and assume my former Ogden Ward 2 Council Spot.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Pay no attention to Ward2 Council Candidate Jennifer Neil, nor to anyone else who doesn't hold the LDS Priesthood.

I'm ordained by God to be your next Ogden City Mayor.

Whatever you do, my LDS friends, DO NOT SCREW THIS ELECTION UP!

Dorrene Jeske said...

So sorry to hear the news, Jennifer.  How can I get some signs to put up in my neighborhood?  I also have a check for you.  Which hospital are you in or are you home?  Give me a call when you can.

Jennifer Neil said...

Thank you Dorene, I am home and available by phone (which is listed on my blog, latest entry.  You can call before you come to make sure I'm home and I still have signs left.


Bob Becker said...

I'm sitting her picturing TLJ on the drum in this....

hannah2r said...

abundant buttoxes?  that's funny! ..


Biker_Babe3 said...

abundant buttoxes?  that's funny! ..


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