Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Great Editorial in the Standard-Examiner This Morning

Do your part! Send the Godfreyite right wing socialist Richard Hyer Packing!

We'd like to belatedly note one great editorial in the Standard-Examiner this morning:
Mr. Gibson's editorial mentions Friday's Ogden Municipal Ward 2 disaster, where the only remaining fiscal conservative in THAT race, the WSU economics and math-master grad Jennifer Neil got mowed down Thursday while legally crossing a friggin' crosswalk.

Jennifer will definitely be out of action for a while now; but don't write her off, inasmuch as she's repeatedly demonstrated over the years that she's tougher than nails.
Sympathetic Ward 2 voters should navigate to Jennifer's blogsite, and click the PayPal button which is lodged in the upper left sidebar:
Send the Godfreyite right wing socialist Richard Hyer Packing! (Please and thank you!)

That's it for now, O Gentle Ones. We'll let this suffice until we get the final Emerald City Election vote counts, including counts on the 200 or so provisional ballots which are still inexplicably gumming up the works in re this matter.

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