Monday, September 05, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Eight candidates Want to Put their Stamp on Ogden Politics

Added bonus: Pre Primary Ogden Mayor Poll #2

We'd like to draw our readers' attention this morning to a not-half-bad Scott Schwebke print edition piece, profiling the eight candidates who're in the 2011 Ogden Municipal Election race for Boss Godfrey's soon to be abandoned mayoral seat. Mr. Schwebke does a pretty good job summarizing the candidates' various positions, we think, within the finite limits of ink & paper:
As an added bonus, we'll also utilize this article to serve as a handy springboard for another Mayoral Candidate Poll, a clone of the one we ran earlier this month. Now that there's a little pre-primary campaign water under the bridge, we thought it would be interesting to find out whether there's been any significant movement in our WCF readers' candidate preferences, in the wake of a month of hard campaigning.

Here's a link to the new poll, which we've also placed in the right sidebar:
We got a pretty good response on this the last go-round (135 votes), so we hope you'll all again join in on the interactive fun.

Now howbout a little discussion, folks? Have any of our readers switched candidate preferences during the last month? And if so, why? And what about those of you who've stuck with your original preference? And does anybody want to offer their opinions about which candidates are running the most competent campaigns (and vice-versa)? And what about these candidates' self-branding? Which ones have successfully set themselves apart from Godfrey Administration crony capitalist philosophy... and which ones are merely Godfrey wanna-be's?

Lots to talk about as we stand poised 8 days in advance of the primary election.

The floor's all yours, O Gentle Ones.

(Oh Yeah! And Happy Labor Day!)


Danny said...

I got a  flyer from VanWagoner today.  He says open space is "off limits" for development.  Does he mean the benches?  He doesn't say.

VanHooser says she would oppose further development on the bench.  I have heard nothing from the other candidates on this important subject.

I'll be voting for VanHooser or VanWagoner.

Dan S. said...

You can compare the candidates' positions on foothill development and other environmental issues by reading their Sierra Club questionnaire responses:

OgdenInformedVoter said...

Van Wagoner is a certified gondolist. Do NOT vote for him if you value Ogden's open space!!!


Not that well "informedvoter" the Gondola permit was part of the Robert Earl Holding land swap deal prior to the Olympics. The gondola was permitted to go from Ogden City to Snowbasin. The permit permanently expired in 2009 and the idea is dead. I am not sure how you got "certified gondolist" out of the questions asked by the Sierra Club but as with everyone you are entitled to your opinion, even if its wrong. Voters forget the scare tactics and vote on the facts. Should you decide you would like to talk  further about facts, feel free to call me (801)917-4504

OgdenInformedVoter said...

"Certfied gondolist" comes from your public support for the gondola plan in February 2007, when the plan included sale of the Golf Course and the surrounding open space to Chris Peterson:

Your Sierra Club answers may show that you've grown wiser in your mid-30's, or they may show that you're a flip-flopper who will continue to flip and flop as the political winds change. You've been in town only a few years and you have no record that voters can look at to judge what you really stand for. My advice: spend more time getting to know the town and letting the town get to know you, before you run for mayor.

By the way, your claim that the gondola "was permitted to go from Ogden City to Snowbasin" is a total fabrication. Never heard that one before and not sure where you could have gotten it.

blackrulon said...

I seem to remember Earl Holding, owner of Snow Basin, refusing to support the gondola plan and adamantly refusing to connect the proposed Malan Basin ski resort with the Snow Basin resort.

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