Friday, September 16, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Provisional Voters Must Prove Documentation By Monday

Is the 2011 Municipal Election race narrowed down to a choice between a couple of right-wing-socialist, corporo-fascist real estate development strumpets? Or will that veteran, populist mayoral office campaigner, Ms. Van Hooser, re-emerge in the Ogden mayoral race some time very soon?

Although we've been wrapped up with personal business for most of the morning, we'd nevertheless like to briefly highlight at least one Weber County Forum-topical news item appearing this morning in the Standard-Examiner, before the a.m. slips into the afternoon.

Ogden Municipal Election - Provisional Ballots. In a serendipitous response to some discussion in the lower comments sections about the potential implications of a little under two-hundred uncounted provisional ballots, Ace Reporter Schwebke furnishes this on-point story, discussing in a fair amount of detail, the current status of those yet un-tallied "provisional" (and "absentee") votes:
While we recognise that the addition of these ballots to the 2011 Primary Election vote count is unlikely to upset the relative vote tally differential between ertstwhile #2 Mayoral candidate Primary Election finisher Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson and the #3 vote-getter, "Woman of the People" Susan Van Hooser, we'll also note that such upsets are not entirely unprecedented in recent Emerald City political history either. In that connection... lookie here... take a little side tour down memory lane:
Classic quote from the ever-mendacious Friends of Northern Utah Real Estate (FNURE) - (rhymes with 'manure') 2007 Council candidate and later two-year oft-missing-in-action Council Member Blain Johnson:

“We both ran a clean and fair race, and it could have gone either way,” said former City Councilman Johnson (with a completely straight face).

Curiously, this morning's SE article quotes Ogden City Recorder ("WCF's" Ever-Super-hero) Cindi Mansell thusly:

"Mansell said in her 20 years as a clerk-recorder she has seen two recounts but neither changed the outcome of the original results."

Ms. Mansell is probably right about the effect of recounts during her twenty-year tenure, but what about Blain Johnson's 2007 Council race victory, where the "provisionals" "flipped the original vote count (twice)"; and thus made all the difference, we ask?

So what about THAT, Mister Schwebke, hmm...?

Is the 2011 Municipal Election race destined to be narrowed down to a choice between a couple of Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle Dee right-wing-socialist, corporo-fascist real estate development strumpets? Or, despite the heavy odds, will that veteran mayoral office grass-roots campaigner, 'Woman of the People," Ms. Van Hooser, somehow improbably re-emerge in the Ogden mayoral race via an automatic recount some time very soon?

Righteous hope always springs eternal, dunnit?


BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

8 Reasons why Ogden residents should celebrate the mayor primary results and hope the recount proves futile:
1. The FOM's will be exactly the same as the previous administration. No changes here for sure! This makes it easier to transition to the new administration and gives assurance all the same issues will exist.

2. Envision Ogden and FNURE will probably never be addressed, explained or investigated by Mike Caldwell or Brandon Stephenson. Blain Johnson and his cronies who allegedly used illegal campaign funds will ride off into the sunset knowing they may have completely buffaloed the citizens of Ogden and the government of Utah. Yes, another potential black eye for Ogden diverted, avoided and covered up!

3. The golf course, east bench, Malan's Basin and the entire trail system are most likely back in play (possibility for development) with these candidates. Why is this good news? Because we know in advance!

4. Did I mention the FOM's will be exactly the same?

5. "Double Dippers" will be encouraged, supported and will flourish in this "good ole boys" network of elitists. Why is this good news? Because we know in advance!

6. Prepare yourselves for even more back room deals, perks, extra benefits and 1/2 million dollar "oops, forgot to send this through the proper channels for approval" situations. If you are a business owner in Ogden, be sure to contact the new mayor within a couple weeks of his "reign" to insure you are provided a number in line for the sweet deals coming this way. The line will be quite long though, and for the precise length, just check their campaign contributors!

7. John "thanks for nothing" Patterson might be back once he gets word the 1/2 million of unauthorized dollars spent was represented as just another "oops, did we do that?" by the state and the city. He knows the terrain, understands the back office deals and loves to support the decimation of Ogden area foothills for development. Why is this good news? Because we now know it's possible with either of these two parade clowns!

8. Saving the best for last, Susan VanHooser will not have the rapid pack of dogs nipping at her heels for the next four years. The best candidate does not always come out ahead but Ogden will definitely deserve the winner of this election for the next four years.   Two words, GOOD LUCK!

rudizink said...

LOL!  As it stands, the current semi-victory for these Ogden corporo-fascists  foretells a great future for my Weber County Forum Anti-Fascist Blog, which will continue to bitch-slap corporate welfare dumbasses like Stephenson and Caldwell un-mercifully.

Bob Becker said...

Well, this isn't going to be popular, I guess, but what the hell:

I figure any new mayor  -- Mr. Caldwell or Mr. Stephenson in this case -- is entitled to the benefit of the doubt unless or until he shows by his actions in office that he does not deserve it. Whichever one wins starts with a clean slate on day 1 as far as I'm concerned, and we go from there.

I see little benefit to Ogden from greeting a new mayor [any new mayor] with "Now look here you scrofulous little conniving unethical corrupt sleezoid SOB, we've got your number!"  

 Some months in, that attitude might be called for and fully justified.  Or maybe not.   I hope not.

But before he's even sworn in?  No. 

blackrulon said...

Indeed the new mayor might be "entitled to the benedit of the doubt". But there is no really any doubt that either of these mayoral hopeful will continue the shameful practices of the Godfrey administration.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Lets see, who approved tax payer funds for the downtown climbing popsicle? That would be RAMP, directed by Mike Caldwell. Who voted with the mayor 99% of the time? That would be Brandon Stephenson. Bob, call a duck a duck if it quacks, smells and acts like it!

Bob Becker said...

You can call both a duck or a rutabega if u like. what u cant call either until inaug day is "Mayor." they deserved to be judged on what they do in that office which so far is nothing.

blackrulon said...

Doubt and distrust them now. It will save time from having to do it later

rudizink said...


Good one!

Yogi said...

Righteous hope always springs eternal, dunnit?

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Bob Becker said...

What?  No game day thread?  And with WSU playing both its home opener and first conference game?  Kick off at 6 PM.   Hope the weather holds. Not a real fan of watching football in the rain. 

rudizink said...

Ahem, Professor Becker!

Do try to keep up:

Bob Becker said...

Wasnt up when I posted. glad u finally caught up. BTW my WSU ticket says game time is 6 not 7. ???

rudizink said...


I usually wait to post WSU Game Day threads for late afternoon games until after mid-morning, just in case hot fire political articles pop up.

And you're right!  The Big Game starts @ 6:00 p.m. (and Not 7) ; so I've
accordingly corrected the time/date coordinates in today's WSU
Game Day heads up

Thanks, Bob!

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