Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Few News Items For WCF Readers Who Aren't Completely Alienated From Ogden City Municipal Election Politics

Interesting election news tidbits which might keep otherwise bored Ogden City political wonks' political interest up... and their heads in the game

For those WCF readers who aren't completely alienated from Ogden City Municipal Election politics by the current Ogden City Mayoral candidate slate, wherein right wing socialist candidate Mike "Tweedle-dum" Caldwell is running for the top O-Town CEO spot against policy -indistinguishable fellow right wing socialist candidate Brandon "Tweedle Dee" (aka "Godfrey Sockpuppet") Stephenson, here are a few interesting election news tidbits which might keep your political interest up... and your heads in the game:

1) 9/22/11 Ogden Mayoral Debate Video. A couple of days ago (last Sunday to be exact), we happily posted a link to the YouTube video of last week's (9/22/11) Post primary Channel 17 debate. Within a day of posting the link, and after a dozen or so WCF readers had the chance to view the video, sadly, the geniuses at Channel 17 removed it from YouTube. Happily again, we now find out that it's back up for public on-demand viewing once again, via this link:
Now that the video's now back up for public examination, there seems to be only one pending question: Is there anybody at Ogden's Channel 17 who has the slightest clue what they're doing? Nevermind. Don't bother answering the question. We already know the answer to that.

2) Channel 17 Council Candidate Forum. Speakin' of Channel17/Boss Godfrey Administration TeeVee Candidate Forums, we learned from one of the council candidates a couple of days ago that Channel 17 (under "ostensible" City Council sponsorship) will be taping a "City Council Candidate Forum" (similar to the above-mentioned "Ogden Mayoral Debate") at the Ogden City Council chambers on October 12, 2011. We've already linked the announcement info in our right sidebar; but to be sure all of our gentle readers are able to reserve ample time on their calenders to make sure they don't miss this important 2011 Ogden City Election event, here are the full particulars:
3) Dark Horse Council Write-in Candidate Emerges From the Past. Last but not least, we just got a hot tip regarding the Ogden City Council - At Large Seat "C" race, wherein that biker guy, Stephen D. Thompson, whose main political issue could realistically boil down to the issue of whether there oughtta be a motorcycle helmet law (or not), was hopelessly outmatched in the primary voting by veteran Ogden City Council juggernaut Amy Wicks.

Adding further interest to the list of losers who've already tried to challenge the highly popular Councilwoman Wicks this year, we've received a report, via a highly-reliable City Government source, that the broken-down former Gang of Six Councilman Comrade Rick Safsten has now entered the Council At-large "C" race, as a write-in candidate.

Seriously though, Gotta say the Ogden City right wing socialists must be feeling pretty confident if they're ready to bring Comrade Rick Safsten outta mothballs, to ultimately try to throw a wrench into Mr. Thompson's already meager council aspirations, no doubt.

That's it from your blogmeister for now.

So who's ready to throw in their own savvy 2¢?


Rosemary Hoffman said...

I wonder if the newly-resurfaced Mayoral debate is the same as the original, or if it has been "enhanced" somehow.

Eric Stine said...

Regarding tidbit#3  Having worked with Mr. Thompson for the last 5 years in ABATE it is obvious that you do not know him. To insinuate that that his  main political issue could realistically boil down to the issue of whether or not there should be a mandatory helmet law shows your ignorance on numerous fronts.

Personally I want my Representatives on both a Local and National Level to fiercely defend my freedom of choice.

However, the helmet issue has nothing to do with Stephens agenda when he becomes the next City Council Member.

Perhaps in the future you could contact the candidate directly rather than to start mudslinging in a Blog.  Mr. Thompson or any ABATE Officer would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on any issue you care to discuss.

Also after following Politics all of my life, never sell a candidate short on their chances. One month is a long time.
Vote Stephen Thompson for City Council

Eric Stine
Education Coordinator
ABATE of Utah

A'hm Confused said...


Ogdennative said...

Yes! I do believe Ogden City should be run by "biker dudes."

Screw the whole concept of making Ogden family friendly.

rudizink said...

I think it's great that you're defending your fellow A.B.A.T.E. club member; but you should know that the "helmet law thingy" wasn't merely something I pulled out of my hat.

In truth, that's all that Mr. Thompson seemed interested in talking about when I first met him personally a little over a year ago at a local political committee meeting.  In fact he wouldn't stop talking about it.  He was ticked at former Leg. District 9 Utah Legislative Rep. Neil Hansen, who'd unsuccessfully run a helmet bil in the previous legislative seassion, as I recall.

And if you'd take a little tour of the articles I've posted here on WCF over the past 6+ years, you'd find that I have a pretty good grasp of what wannabe elective office holders stand for... and what they don't.

BikerBabe said...

Biker Dude = Motorcycle Enthusiast, and FYI there is a group of Latter Day Saints who ride Harleys and others and visit Temple; they are called (who knew ) "The Temple Riders" [google it if you don't believe me] and I'm sure they are all Family Friendly, some may even be in local politics or involved in the PTA ... don't write off folks who ride.

S. Thompson has his heart and head in the right place. He is a family man with a firm grasp on what he wants for this City in which he is raising his kids and grandkids.



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