Friday, September 23, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: There Won't Be a Recount In O-Town

High time to start drawing the lines and differentiating the positions of the two remaining Ogden City mayoral candidates, wethinks

Here's the link to this afternoon's Salt Lake Trib blockbuster story (thanks to sharp-eyed reader Dan S.) , wherein veteran SLTrib "Ogden Beat" reporter, Cathy McKitrick reveals that Ogden mayoral candidate Susan "Susie" Van Hooser has decided to throw in the towel:
With a mere 46 days remaining until the November 8 O-Town Municipal Election polling date, it's therefore high time to start drawing the lines and differentiating the positions of the two remaining heretofore indistinguishable Ogden City mayoral candidates, dontcha thinks?

So when are we all gonna get started on this?

Howbout now? Ferris? Jason?

Update 9/24/11 9:30 a.m.: The Standard is carrying the story too this morning, but weirdly enough it doesn't seem to be available online, except for the SE Digital Edition:


Blackrulon said...

Who to vote for? Stephenson, who will fully continue Godfreys reign of
error or Caldwell, who will find new ways to screw Ogden.

Bob Becker said...

Way WAY off topic:  lots of empty seats at LE Stadium tonite.   Are the faithful losing faith in the team?

rudizink said...

LE Stadium? Like in Lavell Edwards Stadium? The same Provo stadium where
BYU is suffering a 10-3 beatdown from some team from nowhere called
"Central Florida?" 

Never heard of it, hahahahaha.

Did ESPN screw up by writing a big contract for broadcasting BYU games?


BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Do you want to be like Mike?  (Caldwell)  Read below about a person who appears to be one of his heroes and the most popular name he has consistently dropped during his mayoral campaign.  (Newspaper constantly and in the recent debate)  Yes Mike, this is what Lance Armstrong will be bringing to the Ogden area event.  Pete Rose, BARRY Bonds and Roger Clemens are all enjoying Lance Armstrong's absolute disharmony.  (It takes focus off them!)

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