Friday, September 09, 2011

Ogden Ethics Project Mayoral and Council Candidate Forum Video Recordings Now Available For On Demand Online Viewing

With all the good material we've placed in our right sidebar election module, there's no excuse for anyone with a functioning brain and internet connection to arrive at the polls uninformed on Tuesday

Attention Ogden City political wonks. We're delighted to report that both the Ogden Ethic Project's 8/25/11 Mayoral Candidate Forum and 8/31/11 City Council Candidate Forum video recordings have now been posted to YouTube, for your on-demand viewing pleasure:
We've also planted these links in our right sidebar (Videos) for handy future reference.

Pull up your Barcaloungers™ , folks. This is gonna be Way Good.

With the veritable mountain of informative material we've placed in our right Sidebar Election Module, by the way, there's no excuse for anyone with a functioning brain and internet connection to arrive at the polls even slightly uninformed about the crucial issues concerning Tuesday's Primary Election balloting.

That's out take; and we're stickin' with it. So what say our gentle readers about all this?

Update 9/10/11 9:15 a.m.: The OEP webmaster has uploaded a new set of Council Candidate Forum videos this morning; and the sound quality is greatly improved. Your Weber County Forum Blogmeister believes this is verrry cool.


Jennifer Neil said...

I dislike watching myself on video ... but this is pretty good overall.


Dan S. said...

We're hoping to have a better version of the council videos in another day or two. Had a technical glitch with the footage from the closer camera but it's now resolved...

rudizink said...

That's good to hear Dan.  Volume seems to be then main problem with the Council Forum Tapes. As an old US Army artilleryman, my hearing ain't so hot. Hopefully the enhanced videos will help out.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...


It seems Mike Caldwell is learning from the current administration about PR and the value of staying in the headlines. Today he is pictured in a Standard Examiner "photo op" with Lance Armstrong, obviously the most recognizable cyclist in US history. Unfortunately, Lance brings with him the dark cloud of alleged doping, cheating and lying about it as most of his teammates have now thrown him under the bus and several have been suspended themselves for doping. Armstrong's method of operation is ironically similar to the current city administration by playing by their own set of rules, allegedly spending unauthorized monies, raising suspect campaign funds and continuing to carry around a dark cloud of incidents unbecoming of their positions. "Winning at all costs" seems to be the norm these days with no disregard for "it's how you play the game". Why did Armstrong come in unannounced and anonymously and why is this his first "appearance" since he retired? Why do Pete Rose, Bobby Bonds and Roger Clemens fly under the radar now?

It would be an absolute TRAGEDY if Lance Armstrong made this appearance at the XTERRA and took the headlines away from the real champion here, Conrad Stultz, who is having another stellar season, and all without suspicion of doping or cheating.

Yes Mike, as you said in the article "If people think I have the pull to get him here for a mayoral bid, that's absolutely hilarious" but using this PR stunt just before the primaries is as transparent and obvious as your views about where to take this city.

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

Let me get this straight...

Caldwell was instrumental in initially landing and race directing an XTERRA Points Series race in our area several years ago. He was instrumental in convincing the XTERRA organizing body to consider our area as a stop for the XTERRA Mountain Region Championships (moving it from Colorado), and was similarly instrumental in working with the Utah Sports Commission to relocate the XTERRA USA Championships from Nevada to our area. Moreover, Caldwell has been one of the key organizers and producers of LOTOJA (one of the most prestigious and quick-to-sell-out cycling events in the USA). So when Team Unlimited, LLC wanted to show a world-renowned cyclist around the area, they gave Caldwell the call.

All of that is beyond dispute.

But from that, you link Caldwell to alleged doping in cycling, any misdeed in the city of Ogden AND steroid use in major league baseball?

I’ll bet you kick ass in your own version of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” since you can arbitrarily connect things like that.

“Clark Gable was in Serpico with Lucille Ball who was in Star Wars with Marlon Brando who was in E.T. with Gary Coleman who was in True Grit with Kevin Bacon.”

By the way,’s Conrad STOLTZ.

Bob Becker said...


Danny said...

It's interesting how energetically and seemingly, convincingly, people rush to defend Mike Caldwell.

It's just like it used to be, all those years ago, with another crony tool, the blessed one, Mayor Godfrey.

But no more, and not for some time.  The crony propaganda mill left the Little Lord to twist in the wind some time ago.

But they're BAACK!  It's just like old times.  Who, one wonders, will be Caldwell's version of Rupert Hitzig, Gadi Leshem, and Bob Geiger should he be elected?

And how many degrees of being screwed will there be with Mike Caldwell?

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Try this one on for size "Defender of Mike Caldwell":
Alleged campaign fund fraud = illegally financed city council wins = sockpuppets = greased businessmen = seats at the table = jumping ship and saving themselves
Stretch or no?

googlegirl said...

C. Jon White Radio Interview

googlegirl said...

Mental Self Defense Interview with Jake Shannon

rudizink said...


googlegirl said...

C. Jon White Radio Interview

Bob Becker said...

Thanks for the link GG.  

Bob Becker said...

So, the very fact that Mr. Caldwell's supporters jump to his defense when he is attacked on a blog is, according to you, evidence that he must be  a Godfrey clone because when Godfrey was attacked, his people jumped to his defense?  


And then you argue that the fact that those defending Caldwell are doing so "seemingly" convincingly is evidence that he's a Godfrey clone, because Godfrey's defenders defended him "seemingly" convincingly?

Getting pretty close to tin foil hat territory, guys. Getting downright funny. 

Danny said...

Curm, uh, Bob,

"Seemingly convincingly" is not the same thing as "convincingly", oh English professor.

The supporting arguments for Caldwell are typically not what one would expect from a citizen, but appear to be written by paid lawyers, based on the style of writing, oh English professor.

Look at "six degrees" post above, and tell me it was written off the cuff, by a voter, or whether it was written by a paid supporter of Caldwell, credentials in hand, guns loaded and ready to fire.

The more time passes, the more Caldwell stinks.

You need to be able to change your mind, once you've made it.

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

Wanting to reply to Danny above, but being forced to do so here.

Help me out here, Danny...

If an argument supporting Caldwell utilizes logic, truth, proper spelling and grammar, it is most likely not from a citizen, but a paid lawyer? And why couldn’t it have been written quickly or off the cuff by a voter? Are all voters illogical? Inept? Incoherent? Illiterate?

Is it not possible that a person could know both Mike Caldwell AND the English language, thereby enabling him to quickly type a response that points out the absurdity of lumping Caldwell with alleged professional cycling dopers, Matt Godfrey and major league baseball’s less-than-reputable players?

Would my credibility increase with you if I misnamed Barry Bonds, calling him Bobby, like “BlameJohnsonNotMe” did? No citizen could possibly know that Conrad Stolz is a four-time XTERRA World Champion AND know how to spell his name properly unless he was in Caldwell’s employ!

Damn that Mike Caldwell! His supporters are reasonably educated, logical and fair! We can’t have that sort of thing around here!

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

PS, Danny....

Of all the things you said, the most offensive was suggesting that I am a lawyer! :)

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

The purpose of mentioning Mike Caldwell in the same sentence with Lance Armstrong was to point out he knows how to use the press to his advantage. Who contacted the Standard Examiner? Who was being compensated for riding their bike? Who made sure they were in the picture but was quoted as saying he had nothing to do with it? Who knows how to use the government system and the tax payers money to their advantage? MIKE CALDWELL!

No one said Mike was not a good guy, was using performance enhancing drugs or was purposefully affiliating with those who do. "Six Degrees" has made a lot of ASSumptions.

Danny said...

Hey, surprise, surprise,

There's six degrees, right on cue.

Seems somebody said something about six degrees being paid, sitting there with guns loaded. 

And BANG.  Off he goes.

You hired guns are so predictable.

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

I honestly don’t know who contacted the Standard-Examiner. I’m guessing if you were honest, you wouldn’t know either. My best guess is probably someone from the Ogden-Weber CVB, Snowbasin or, most likely, Team Unlimited, LLC (the organizers of XTERRA). Every one of those entities has more to gain with Lance Armstrong publicity than a guy who is forced to say, “I had nothing to do with this.”

And if you lined up 100 passionate cyclists and gave them the chance to take a ride with the guy that you, yourself called “obviously the most recognizable cyclist in US history” then asked them if they wanted their picture taken with Armstrong, my guess is that all 100 would jump at the chance whether they believe his former teammates’ allegations or not. I have a picture of myself with Floyd Landis taken at the Tour of Utah a few years ago. Landis is an admitted doper who left the sport in disgrace. Doesn’t mean I was looking to work the PR machine. It means I found myself next to a famous cyclist and had someone shoot a pic.

So...I’m willing to say “I don’t know who contacted the Standard.” Are you willing to do the same? No. You ASSume that it was Caldwell and spout off with that ASSumption. All I did was point out some of your absurdities.

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

You've got it all figured out, don't you Danny? :)

Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell said...

I'd like to sit here and play with you guys some more, but I've got college football to watch, so let me see if I can sum up:

1. Anyone who is able to raise campaign funding is Matt Godfrey.
2. Anyone who gets any sort of press coverage is Matt Godfrey.
3. Anyone who has defenders is Matt Godfrey.


Four years ago Susan VanHooser seemed to run on a single platform: “I’m not Matt Godfrey.” To her credit, it almost earned her the mayor’s seat. Almost. One election cycle later, VanHooser supporters are attempting to secure her election in the primary by attacking her opponents with a similar, but weaker, approach: “Anyone who is not Susan VanHooser is Matt Godfrey.”

Don’t get me wrong. I have respect for Ms. VanHooser. She seems to be running an above-board, straight forward campaign. It’s some of her more fringe supporters that need help.

Frank Hando said...

As usual, Danny is the only poster on this board with brains. Cadwell is a shill. Does the fact that Patterson donated to his campaign mean anything to you? Does the fact that he supports Godfrey mean anything? I guess he"s better than Brandon Crybaby Fat Stephenson-Godfrey, but he's bought and sold. Susie is the only candidate whose positions are and have always been solid> i hope you idiots get what you wish for.

BlameJohnsonNotMe said...

Yes "Six Degrees of Mike Caldwell", and the other "100 would jump" cyclists are not running for Ogden City mayor, correct? Thank you for making my point. The "Matt and Mike" SPIN MACHINE is already in progress.

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