Saturday, September 24, 2011

WSU Game Day Thread: Wildcats Square Off Against NCU Bears

No online streaming video this week, but the game will be broadcast live on Cable TeeVee

The WSU Wildcats
are back on the road this afternoon, where they'll face Northern Colorado University in Greely, Colorado's Nottingham Field at 1:30 p.m.

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner:
The Bears' home town paper, the Tribune, has a few words on this topic too. With WSU coming off last week's 49-17 win over Sac State, and the Bears recovering from last week's 50-20 loss to Idaho State, we won't say the mood in Greely is gloomy, but it comes close:
There'll be no online streaming video this week, but here's the KZNS internet audio feed:
And good news for WSU fans with TV cable service... the game will be broadcast live via Comcast Channel 61 (ALT), "Miracle of Mracles, we say!!!.

Sit back and enjoy the game, Wildcat fans. And please don't hesitate to throw in your own two cents, if you so choose.

And so what do you all expect of this game? A WSU Blowout? An evenly-fought game? A UNC blowout?

Gotta say your blogmeister truly loves the nuances of WSU Football.

Update 9/24/11 4:56 p.m: Final... WSU 45, UNC, 21.

Update 9/25/11 7:30 a.m.: The Standard's Roy Burton provides the post-game story:


rudizink said...

Speaking of all things Weber State, how's this for a truly class act?

Millner to donate her raise for scholarships, other programs

Bob Becker said...

Fortunately, the WSU game was out of the wood bef0re the kick off of today's Big Game.   And  the Badgers prevailed yet again in another pre-season exhibition game, this time against South Dakota.  The season, and the Run for the Roses begins next week.  

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