Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carl Wimmer. Utah's New Mr. Big?

The picture kind of says it all

Via Mike Ridgway:

This picture kind of says it all, when it comes to how redistricting is done in Utah, (via the Salt Lake Tribune):

Carl Wimmer: Utah's New Mr. Big?

Big guy with finger on map, Carl Wimmer. Smaller guy being read the riot act, Chris Herrod.

Any questions?


Bob Becker said...

Hey, Rudi, c'mon.... right wing gas bags are bringing Utah ink around the world. Here's a passage from a recent article in "The Guardian"  [London]:

 In Utah, meanwhile, Mike Noel, a Republican member of the Utah state legislature called on the state university to sack a physicist who had criticised climate science doubters.
The university rejected Noel's demand, but the physicist, Robert Davies said such actions had had a chilling effect on the state of climate science. "We do have very accomplished scientists in this state who are quite fearful of retribution from lawmakers, and who consequently refuse to speak up on this very important topic. And the loser is the public," Davies said in an email.
"By employing these intimidation tactics, these policymakers are, in fact, successful in censoring the message coming from the very institutions whose expertise we need."

With Wimmer in Congress, just think how famous 'round the world Utah could be!
Here's a link to the full Guardian article which reports that every scientist who took part in a State of Texas financed study about global climate change and its impact on Texas has demanded his name be removed from the study because Gov. Perry's office altered the report and struck out even facts [not disputed conclusions] such as the measured rate of water rising in Galvaston Bay over time.  [Notice: this is a big story in London.  But not in the US.]http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/oct/14/rick-perry-texas-censorship-environment-report?CMP=twt_gu

Mike Ridgway said...

Thanks, Rudi.  

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