Thursday, October 20, 2011

Standard-Examiner Mayoral Candidate Interview Videos

A challenge to the loyal followers of the Caldwell and Stephenson camps, respectively (and a possible public service to the heretofore otherwise mystified voters of Ogden)

Good news for Ogden City political wonks. The Standard's 2011 Ogden City Municipal Election mayoral candidate interview videos have just now been uploaded to the SE site, and are now available for your critical analysis:
We'll keep the lower comments section open for anyone who like to offer their comparisons or contrasts between these two "lackluster" (shall we say) candidates and their platforms. Extra credit will go to any WCF reader who can point out a dime's worth of difference between these two mayoral candidates' views... Let's call it a challenge to the loyal followers of the Caldwell and Stephenson camps, respectively (and a possible public service to the heretofore otherwise mystified voters of Ogden City).

Thanks in advance.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


Tim said...

It's fairly clear that we need to eradicate the last vestiges of the Godfrey Administration in this election.  For my own part, I'll argue that it's time for Ogden Voters to throw overboard Godfrey's #1 "yes man" over the last eight years (Stephenson).

What say you, Rudi?

Which of these two mayoral candidates will you endorse?

Anon1 said...

I say neither! It's like do you want to be shot or hung.

Tricai said...

With Caldwell,  we get a "cool" mayor for a change after that  lame-assed church-lady Godfrey, as his handlers doubtless remarked,  after they rammed through their boy Caldwell's pre-election raise.

Shocked Tea Bagger said...

Utah Corporate Fascist Senator Mike Lee is co-sponsoring a bill with uber liberal NY Senator Charles Schumer to hand out resident visas to people if they buy a HOUSE in the US.

They can buy one $500,000 house, or they can buy a $250,000 house and dump the rest into a rental, and you get a free residence visa!  Great deal huh?

Nice work, Tea Party.  I betcha that's what you were hoping for when you elected that realtor funded scum bag Mike Lee!

Hair Is Good said...

Here's an important distinction between these otherwise indistinguishable mayoral candidates... Caldwell has more hair... on his head, at least

Reader said...

Caldwell is staggeringly boring.  Stephenson is more like Godfrey - animated and dumb.

This blog should hope Stephenson wins.  He would be easier to make fun of.  Caldwell is just just the establishment crony hack from Dullsville.

Bob Becker said...

I am going, I think, to vote Caldwell, on the general grounds that Ogden needs an end to the toxic relations between the Mayor's office and the Council that has prevailed for several years now.  I think the responsibility for that can be laid at Godfrey's door, based on his arrant contempt for the Council expressed many times [e.g. his announcing he would ignore the Council over-ride of his veto; his lackeys berating the Council for daring to ask who the administration wanted to sell city property to, and telling the Council it had no right to even ask; and more and more and more.]

Putting into the Mayor's office Mr. Stephenson would, I think, be more likely to continue that state of affairs, since he'd come into office with his alliances, dislikes long established from his years of being the Administration's chief water carrier on the Council. And vice versa in re: Council members who opposed the Administration on key issues.  Caldwell has not been in city government for the past eight years, and that fact alone I think gives us a greater probability of some substantive change for the better in Administration/Council council relations and their joint ability to work for the common good. 

However, it is also true that since the primary, Mr. Caldwell has been pretty indistinguishable from Mr. Stephenson when he talks public policy and his plans if he wins.   That's been disappointing. If he represents change in some significant way, seems to me he ought to be giving voters a clear idea about what that change would look like in a Caldwell administration.  He hasn't.   

I suspect this may be attributable to his putting his election in the hands of campaign managers out of Salt Lake, who let us remember convinced him to run a push poll early in the campaign. [That, happily, has stopped.]  I suspect they may be telling him "you're the front runner.  Don't go beyond bromides. Don't say anything substantive because whatever you say will tick off somebody.  Bland and plain vanilla is the way to go."

Maybe.   But another political truism is "somethin' beats nothin'.  Every time."    If Mr. Caldwell's handlers have convinced him that playing Tweedle Dee to Mr. Stephenson's Tweedle Dum, he may see his frontrunner status start to erode. 

After all, if he manages to convince many of the people who voted for him first time round that there really is no difference between him and Mr. Stephenson, that it really won't make any difference who wins, what reason have they to take the trouble to turn out on election day?

blackrulon said...

I received a robo call last evening from the Caldwell campaign. It was a cleverly disguised push poll asking questions towards a predeterminated outcome. The question seems to be -vote for Stephenson who will continue the tried and true methods of screwing Ogden or vote for Caldwell and get screwed in new innovated methods.

Bob Becker said...

Was it just a robo call or did it ask fo responses from you?

Ogden Lover said...

I'll vote for Caldwell because I'm afraid that Stephenson might find a place in his administration for Godfrey.  That would be a disaster.  Besides, I think it would be fun to have a non-LDS mayor. I am so sick of Godfrey imposing his "morality" on all of us.

OgdenInformedVoter said...

Caldwell has more enthusiasm and more to say, but it still comes out "blah blah blah unique blah blah blah unique blah blah blah unique unique unique".

Iheartutah said...

I got the same call. Perhaps we need to revisit what a push poll is.

It was nothing like a "push" poll.  It was a straight up "who do you support?" followed by what I thought were the most important issues for Ogden.

Nothing "push" about that.

Bob Becker said...

I got the same call I think you did. It was not a push poll in any way.  Sponsor of the poll indicated at the end of the call. And the questions were not loaded.  [Do you intend to vote in the mayor's election?  If so, who do you intend to vote for?   Which of the following issues do you consider the most important for Ogden [seven listed].  Etc.

But BR may have gotten a robo campaign call, touting Mr. Caldwell's election in no uncertain terms. That's a straight campaign call, not a push poll.  Nothing wrong with campaign robo calls [provided they don't engage in dishonesty about the candidate or his opponent].

Not that I listen to them. I find robo calls annoying and hand up on them as soon as it's clear what they are. So does Mah Woman.  Doesn't matter from what candidate or what party.  Not interesting in talking to a machine. 

I wonder sometimes if robo calls are effective as political consultants seem to think they are.

Iheartutah said...

I could not agree more. Straight up robo calls for messaging purposes are pointless and ineffective. If it's going to be worth telling me, tell me in person.

This race seems to have that figured out. I've yet to have a robo phone call tell me why I should vote for X. But, with over 2 weeks to go the campaign is still young.

OgdenInformedVoter said...

This may already have been reported here, but Safsten did a robocall for Stephenson just before the primary.

BikerBabe said...

Godfrey? morals? he picks them up at the Church house door as he enters, leaves them when he exits.


rudizink said...

Sad to see these two sad-sacks proceeding to the 1//8/11 Muni election.

Ogden City can do better.

rudizink said...

I say both Godfrey and his mindless political lack ies Stephenson and Safsten should be  hacked up with (political) chainsaws, and then politically-dumped without life-jackets in Ogden Bay!

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Too bad Godfrey & His Gang can't be hunted down and held accountable like Gadhafi.  Now we know the true purpose of His Drone Blimp.  Crafty little bastard!

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