Saturday, October 01, 2011

Weber State University Game Day Thread: WSU v. EWU - Updated

We think it's fair to speculate that winless defending national champion EWU will be taking the field this afternoon with serious blood in their eyes

The WSU Wildcats
are back on the road for the second straight week, where they'll be butting heads this afternoon with Big Sky Conference rival Eastern Washington University at Cheney, Washington's ghastly red-turfed Roos Field, at 1:30 p.m. (MT). Yikes!:

Roos Field, Cheney, WA

In addition to the league rivalry, EWU is also the FCS defending national champion, although they've suffered some hard times this year, coming into today's game with a winless 0-4 record. Since another EWU loss would mathematically eliminate EWU from the 2011 playoffs, we think it's fair to speculate that they'll be taking the field this afternoon with blood in their eyes, hoping to put a dent in the Wildcats' perfect 2-0 conference record (and to keep their own playoff hopes alive.)

Just to set the stage with a little pre-game hype, WSU fans can sink their teeth into this week's two Standard-Examiner stories:
And here's a pretty decent pre-game setup from EWU's "home town" newspaper, the Spokane Spokesman-Review:
Once again it looks like there'll be no online streaming video this week, but here's the KZNS internet audio feed:
According to this morning's Standard-Examiner, live game video will be broadcast on the Altitude network (ALT), which is channel 61 on Comcast Cable and channel 410 on the Dish Network.

We'll keep the lower comments section open, of course, for WSU football fans who'd like to chime in before, during or after the game.

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/1/11 6:19 p.m.: Final score: EWU over WSU, 27-21.

Update 10/2/11 7:30 a.m.: The Standard has the post-game story:
WSU's not the only school, by the way, to have been handed their hat by a team from the State of Washington. This morning's Standard also carries the story yesterday's Utah v. Washington debacle, where the U of W cruised to an easy 31-14 victory over the locally vaunted U of U, due to an ugly series of University of Utah miscues (five turnovers). The headline says it all:
Plenty of humble pie to go all around this morning, we guess.


Bob Becker said...

I think McCools at the Ben Lomond will have the game on today.

rudizink said...

Personally, I'd totaly go on the wagon before I'd patronise this charicature of a Real "Irish Pub," i.e, McCool's, even to view a WSU game.

Your best bet, if you want to view today's football game:

Try Brewskis or the KoKoMo.

Bob Becker said...

Well, Rudi, if I lived in Ireland that might bother me. But I don't. I live in Utah. And here, I'll take what I can get.

Besides, it's a restaurant, not a bar [as they will inform you sadness in their voices if you try to order a drink without food].   And some of the food's not bad.  [Offering steamed mussels daily counts for a lot with me, far from a salt coast as I am, especially when they're on special.  Of course, some demented person in the kitchen there thinks Russian dressing belongs on a corned beef sandwich instead of brown mustard like god intended.  But if you speak politely --- but firmly --- you can stop the sacrilege when you order.]

Finally, Rudi, there's what would be a nice bar to sit at running down the length of the place, close to the shuffleboard table [another point in their favor, that], except for the moronic Zion Curtain wall about ten inches from your nose when you sit at it, behind which the bartender makes the drinks to be passed to waitstaff out a window at the end to be served to you from behind.  Gotta tell ya, I have a soft spot in my heart for restaurant /pubs whose ability to make it is crippled by our Legislators'  pious inanity.   Kind of like to patronize such places, within reason. Consider it a minor "take that!" to the Holy Rollers in the House and Senate in Salt Lake City. 

Besides, this Brooklyn boy holds it as a basic tenet of his heritage that there's no bad place to drink.  

rudizink said...

"Besides, this Brooklyn boy holds it as a basic tenet of his heritage that there's no bad place to drink."

Fair enough, Bob.  I can't say I can disagree about that.

Have fun watching football @ McCool's, or wherever.

blackrulon said...

McCools is a close to an Irish pub as 3.2% beer is to real beer.

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