Sunday, October 23, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: Two "Kinetic" Candidates Vie for Mayor’s Seat in Ogden

An invitation to all WCF readers to lodge their remarks and observations about how well The Salt Lake Trib's new "Ogden political beat" reporter has performed on his reportorial "maiden cruise."

We'll put the spotlight a Weber County Forum-topical story this morning, wherein Salt Lake Tribune reporter Christopher Smart provides a 700-word writeup, adding grist to the 2011 Ogden City Municipal Election discussion mill, with profiles of the Ogden mayoral candidates, Caldwell and Stephenson:
For those WCF readers who were unaware, by the way, Mr. Smart has been recently assigned by the Tribune editors to the "Ogden political beat," inasmuch as ever-savvy veteran SLTrib reporter Cathy McKitrick has been moved over to the "business beat."

This is Mr. Smart's first contribution under his new assignment, so we'll invite all WCF readers to lodge their remarks and observations about how well he's performed on his reportorial "maiden cruise."

The floor's open for your comments. Who'll be the first to offer their compliments or critiques?

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.


althepal said...

"Kinetic" isn't a description that leaps to mind, it seems to me, for these two candidates who immediately induce my "napping reflex."

BikerBabe said...

Doesn't Kinetic have something to do with motion?  Let's ask Dan S. (I was thinking more of BS than MC)



BAT_girl said...

I have heard a few OGDEN CITY VOTERS comment that Mayor Caldwell has not run a BUSINESS and OC is a BUSINESS.

I  will also note that Mayor Godfrey was able to find John Patterson to be his CFO, without stressing too much. I suspect that lots of people in the MAYOR CALDWELL CAMP have already decided who will be Mayor Caldwell's CFO and I am not worried either.

Lots of DAYS between NOV 1 VOTE DAY and JAN 1 2012.

BikerBabe said...

Municipality of Ogden is not a business.


rudizink said...

Definition of KINETIC per Merriam-Webster online:

a : active, lively
b : dynamic, energizing a kinetic performer

Wishing4thecommongood said...

"Municipality of Ogden is not a business."


Thanks for making the clarification and would that more people understood the difference.  

Grandmomb said...

It is too bad they are sending in someone with little experience watching Ogden. "Kinetic" is both inappropriate and unconnected to the candidates - unless you mean "dodging" issues and talking in big circles. PLEASE send Kathy back so we can have thoughtful news reported coming up to our election.

BikerBabe said...

um, Rudi? I looked it up too -- hence my question?


Bob Becker said...

Generally, reporters do not write the headlines on their stories.  Mr. Smart's word was "energetic."  The headline writer morphed it into "kinetic" presumably for reasons of space.  Not a particularly wise substitution, I agree, but writing good headlines is tough.  Sort of like programming complex operations using only C/PM. 

Want to wrangle with Mr. Smart over "energetic," have at it. But not over "kinetic," since it almost certainly was not his choice. 

OgdenInformedVoter said...

The term "kinetic" seems appropriate for Caldwell, given his impressive background in recreation and event planning. Stephenson has his strengths too, but for the life of me I can't see how anyone could call him "kinetic".

grandmomb said...

Oh, I thought that the headline and the words following it were all part of the same article - regardless of who cobbles them together. 

Doh! How silly of me not to stop with the headline. I read the rest of the article and then commented. Thanks for the head smack, Herr Professor. Next time I WILL fill in all the blanks so you won't misconscrew me.I still want Kathy back.

rudizink said...


BikerBabe said...

HAH! Even our very own MG can be labeled "Kinetic" -- due to his frequent knee-jerk reactions and outbursts and tantrums that caused rippled effect in the Administration & Council these last years.  Not to mention jumping up in order to be seen over the regular sized grown ups in the room ...



Dan S. said...

My understanding is that "kinetic" comes from the Greek word for motion.

blackrulon said...

While i believe that Mr. Smart is a fine reporter I have concerns. Will he cover Ogden on a regular basis or just report during crisis or crime wave. Regular reporting would be fine but only reporting during sensational events will not be much help to the city. Let the SL Tribune establish Ogden as a regular newpaper beat.

rudizink said...

Regardless of how well Mr. Smart may perform as he settles into his new "Ogden Political Beat" assignment, the depth of Ms. Kitrick's depth of background knowledge, accumulated during the time she worked the same beat as a Standard-Examiner reporter for several years, is something that we'll no doubt sorely miss.

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