Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big City Council Candidate Forum Set For Tonight

A must-see event for Ogden City political wonks

We're delighted to issue a reminder of tonight's Council Candidate Forum, which will be "will be held at 7:00 pm. [this evening, 10/12/11] in the Ogden City Council Chambers at 2549 Washington Boulevard ." Check out this 10/5/11 Council News Advisory for the full particulars:
Tonight's event is most significant inasmuch as it's the first (and perhaps the last) General Municipal Election council candidate showcase event for the very important contested races for At-Large Seat "C" and Municipal Ward 2. Thus, this is a must-see event for true Ogden City political wonks, we believe.

We'll leave the lower comments section open, of course, for any WCF readers who'd like to offer their comments before, during or after this event. A little live blogging would be "to kill for," of course ... (hint, hint, hint).

Update 10/13/11 4:00 a.m.: Finding no takers upon our readership request to report on last night's City Council Candidate event, we'll dutifully link and rely upon this morning's all too brief Scott Schwebke story instead:
We'd still love to hear from any WCF readers who attended last night's council candidate forum, however.

Update 10/13/11 4:15 a.m.: Oops! Looks like we were a mite hasty in our observation that none of our WCF readers have offered their own reports on last night's event, inasmuch as we've just now stumbled upon this Facebook link, taking us to this partial report by none other than frequent WCF contributor and Ward 2 Council Candidate Jennifer Neil herself:
Pretty good stuff, indeed!


rudizink said...

What a bummer!  There are plenty of  Ogden City Idiots who still believe the this idiots heated "Aggressive GOP BULLSHIT!

BikerBabe said...

seriously what in the world does this have to do with the Post Topic?


blackrulon said...

A 1920s washer? Was that your first step up from cleaning your clothes on a rock down by the river?

rudizink said...

Consider it a ploy to get a little WCF conversation going, during a period of disturbing post-Godfrey reader apathy.

rudizink said...

I suppose that might have been the original case when this washer was first hauled into the basement of my house, which was also built in 1920.  Check out this elegant machine:

Maytag Model 70

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